Why Biden’s Border Plan Sucks

Let’s get one thing clear, Joe Biden did not come up with his border plan to stem the tide of illegals flowing into this country on his own. There is no way the guy that doesn’t realize what state he’s in half the time could develop an app that allows for illegals to come into this country. It has to be his puppet master pulling his strings…again.

Simply put, it’s too technologically advanced for Joe Biden to grasp.

The plan is genius when you really stop and think about it. Ask yourself the question, what is the most damning thing to the Democrats by having an open southern border? Is it the fact that Fox News, and now the rest of the media is cramming the airwaves with lines of illegal aliens streaming into the country? Is it the chases that Border Patrol has in hunting down the human smugglers once they get across the border in all of those car chases? Or is it the fact that members of your own party, like Eric Adams in New York, Muriel Bowser in Washington DC, Jim Kenney in Philadelphia, or Lori Lightfoot in Chicago are all coming down on the Biden administration because of the bussing of illegals that get dumped at their doorsteps? Or is it the fentanyl getting confiscated and 300 people a day dying needlessly from over-dosing on the drug?

Actually, it’s all of it put together.

Anyone would have to admit that the video of any of those things happening is terrible optics for an administration that claims to “love the people”. So, something has to be done, especially if Biden is hoping to have a second term in 2024.

In case you missed the plan, it’s really genius at getting the crisis off of the cable news channels. Biden’s team has developed an app that people in Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela can use to basically claim asylum over their smartphones and send it to Homeland Security. There, they are supposed to be able to vet the person, investigate their claim of asylum, and determine whether or not they have a legitimate claim. If they do, they are sent a court date, and ordered to fly to the United States, present themselves to customs as an asylum seeker, and get whisked off to their court date to determine their status. If they get caught sneaking across the border at all, they are ineligible to go through this process and are returned to their country and can’t ever claim asylum again. So far, that sounds great doesn’t it?

Biden has also said that he’s limiting the influx from those four countries to 30,000 asylum seekers per month. That’s a far cry from the 2.7 million people that have crossed illegally into this country this past year! I mean, that’s only 360,000! Of course, there are more than four countries coming across the border. But the part that nobody thinks about is coming up.

Biden needs to stop the optics if he wants to be reelected in 2024, right? So, what do you do? You take the very public crossing of the border, and make it private. You turn it into a behind the scenes application between the illegal alien and the folks at Homeland Security. And you let them decide, while the person is still in their home country, if they can fly to the US or not. You’ve now taken the top news story for some of these outlets right away from them. They’ll have no idea how many people are trying to get into the country. And they’ll have no idea if there are 30,000 people a month or 300,000 people a month actually coming to the US.

The mere fact that Biden is asking them to fly into the United States (in a lot of cases, these are dirt poor people, remember!) is to be able to spread them out across the country. So, while some may come into New York, or Philadelphia, they also may come in to San Francisco, and Denver, and Phoenix, and Tulsa. There will be no need to bus the folks for Governors Abbott and DeSantis any longer. They won’t even know what’s going on. And anyone trying to cross illegally is sent back, so Border Patrol won’t be screaming that they are sorely under-staffed and their morale is down to zero.

And for Biden and the Democrats, the stream of illegals continues, without the prying eye of the press watching. Pure genius.

I’m just waiting for the Republicans to catch on to what’s happening and see what they will do about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Kicking The Can

I think it was two months ago that Joe Biden first came up with the fact that his administration needed to get involved with the pending rail strike in this country that effected some 12 different unions. I remember him saying that he was set to help both sides come to an amicable agreement. We’re two months down the road, and there are still differences. Big differences. In fact, the Biden administration has admitted that they can’t solve the impass. So what’s Joe to do?

Kick the can to Congress and tell them it’s their problem now!

This is just like Biden. If you look over the last two years of his presidency, he has time and time again taken the real heavy lifting topics, like the rail strike, and kicked it to someone else so he wouldn’t do the lifting. After all, the guy is 80 years old now! He could easily throw out his back.

He first kicked a can K-baby Harris’ way on the southern border crisis. Of course, she’s been trying to find someone to kick the can to ever since. He kicked a can to Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg on the supply chain problem, which got in the way of Buttigieg’s personal vacation time and family leave time. Very little has been done there. He’s kicked a can to Europe when it came to the climate. Oh, I know he talks a good game, but he doesn’t follow through with it, allowing Chevron, as I said yesterday, to drill for oil in Venezuela. And it goes on and on. The man wants to be Teflon coated, but he’s not.

Biden originally said he was going to tackle this problem. Oops. Or did he. Well, he did, and according to his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre said time and time again that Biden was “personally involved” in the negotiations. That came as a surprise to Biden, who over the Thanksgiving weekend, while vacationing in Nantucket, said he had not personally gotten involved in the dispute at that point. Someone is missing some facts somewhere!

Now, Biden is kicking the can on the potential for a rail strike to Congress, telling a lame-duck session of the Legislative Body to come up with a solution. It’s not like they don’t already have enough on their plate with the budget running out on December 16th, and the debt ceiling about to be breached. And now Congress needs to act quickly to get this done by December 9th. And actually sooner because the rail lines will stop hauling hazardous material on December 5th. Of course, Congress is expected to start voting on this as early as today.

This is the latest example of the leadership style of a weak president. Are you telling me that someone like an Abraham Lincoln or a George Washington, or even an FDR would sit around and complain about not being able to get a deal on a rail strike and then kick it to Congress to do with less than a week to do it in? Biden’s had two months and couldn’t make progress. What makes anyone with a sense of honesty in their soul feel that Congress, that monolith body that takes forever to decide what to order for lunch can do in five days? Especially do so in a fair manner whereby both management and the unions get a fair shake. It’s upset the unions, and they aren’t sure they are going to be able to go along with it.

If the GOP isn’t busy already making commercials for 2024 highlighting the foolishness of this president, they are doomed to lose yet another election to the Democrats. If you’re telling me that the Republicans cannot find someone, ANYONE to defeat Joe Biden after the miserable two years he’s had and the mistakes he’s made, then we deserve to be a socialist country. Hell, you or I could run for president and defeat Joe Biden. I think the only person that says he’s a Republican that probably could and would lose to Biden is Donald Trump. But that’s the topic for yet another blog.

Both Republicans and Democrats on the Hill say that they can come together to solve this problem. And the problem is, is it going to be something that the unions and management will both agree to? Now to be sure, Congress can and has done this before. In fact, back in 1991, Congress voted to have union workers end a strike that had started just hours before and get back to work. So, this is nothing new for folks on the Hill. The problem for Biden is what that’s going to look like to the union heads, and will he still be the most union-friendly president in history? I think not.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Venezuela Can, US Cannot!

So, let me understand if I get the picture coming out of Joe Biden these days. It’s fine and OK if Chevron can go to Venezuela to drill for oil, but here in the US, there’s (and I’m quoting Biden here) “No more drilling!” Is that right?

I know Biden is this climate change geek that thinks that everything has to be electric without realizing how electricity in this country is actually created. I realize that Biden has a love affair with the electric vehicles and wants to see the US do away with fossil fuels as soon as possible. But please, someone tell me that he’s not stupid enough to think that it’s absolutely OK if a country other than the US creates what in his mind is pollution that destroys the entire planet, and it’s still not OK for the US to do likewise. Is that just about the gist of it?

For those of you that are still in your Thanksgiving haze, Joe Biden’s administration has worked out a deal with Nicolas Maduro, the dictator in Venezuela. Basically speaking, it gives Chevron the ability to drill for oil in Venezuela (which has a ton of it just like the US), and then load that oil on tankers and ship it to the US for refining. But it’s not OK for the US to drill for oil in this country.

Now, the administration says that there are like 9,000 open drilling permits that are out there and are currently being unused. John Kirby, the NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, called on the oil companies in this country to get those permits and start drilling! That’s a huge turn-about from Biden’s call on November 7th, when he spouted, “No more drilling!”. Ah, but what Kirby doesn’t tell you is the real story.

See, drilling permits aren’t oil permits. Drilling permits could be issued for your backyard. That doesn’t mean geologists have been over to your house and have determined that there is oil there. In fact, a lot of the 9,000 permits are in fact dry. Geologists from the various oil companies have indeed looked at the areas of the permit and decided it’s not worth drilling there. Drilling permits are the first step in finding oil. Then geologists have to determine if oil actually exists under the ground. Then they have to build the actual oil drilling rig. Then they have to add in the entire above ground infrastructure. They have to build the pads the oil rigs sit on. They have to build the roads leading up to rig because they don’t use ATV’s to carry the oil out of there! That process can take years. Then they can finally drill. Then comes the cementing and the testing. Then the well is completed and pumped. And then the fracking starts. Finally, there’s the well abandonment and land restoring to get the land back to the way it was before they started drilling. It’s a whole process. John Kirby, as smart as he thinks he is, obviously doesn’t know two cents about oil well drilling. I don’t either and I know enough to realize that I just said is the process!

So, we have a situation where Joe Biden goes off to Saudi Arabia, hat in hand, and begs the Saudi’s to drill for more oil. They refuse for the very simple reason that they are already at like 96% capacity. They can’t drill for more oil. Biden, or more probably, his staff realizes they just can’t shut off oil. It wouldn’t be prudent. So, now they need to find more oil to bridge the gap. They don’t want to drill here. They don’t want Canadian oil because then they’d probably lose the argument for stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. So, they go to Venezuela. And the reasons are funny really.

The reason the administration goes to Venezuela and tells Nicolas Maduro that they are going to lift some sanctions on his country is because Venezuela owes Chevron some money. Well, more than some money. Many many monies. I think it’s in the hundreds of millions, but don’t quote me. And the Biden folks think that squares things. But doesn’t it still do damage to the environment? I mean, if it hurts the earth, it hurts the earth, right? So what if it’s in Venezuela or the US?

Biden’s problem here is he has to come clean and explain the reason. It was about oil, whether he likes it or not. Biden does not care about whether an oil company is owed money from a foreign government because he wants to shut down the oil companies. So, he has to come up with a reason, and that reason is as flimsy as a well-used paper straw. There are 9,000 drilling permits sitting there in DC waiting to be bid on. And he thinks no one knows that’s not going to solve the problem.

And now you know better!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! First The Saudis, Now The Mexicans?

It would appear that’s the case. I’m referring to countries that are turning their nose up to accepting invitations, or phone calls from the President of the United States. It’s been well documented that the Saudis won’t accept telephone calls from Joe Biden, and that when he wants to communicate with the kingdom, he has to do this circuitous dance through several countries in order to get his message through.

Now, Mexico is balking at meeting with Biden.

It all started because Joe wanted to hold a “Summit of the Americas”. But whoops. Joe didn’t invite Cuba, Nicaragua, or Venezuela to the event. Why? Because he wanted to invite only countries that upheld “democratic principles”. That got Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador all bent out of shape.

Obrador, who is slated to meet with Biden in July anyway, said he’s going to skip this week’s summit, because if your intent is to “unify the region”, you should be inviting everybody. And when Biden snubbed those three rather socialist countries, Obrador got his nose out of joint over it. But he does have a point.

We’ve seen this before from Biden. Remember back during the campaign? He said HE was the candidate that could bring America together. Well, he kind of did, but not in the way he was thinking of. He was trying to tell Americans that he could work with Republicans. Instead, he has basically united America against Joe Biden, as poll after poll show Biden losing more and more approval in the things he’s doing. He’s now solidly in the 30% range, and White House officials are worried that he will be compared to Jimmy Carter as one of the worst presidents ever.

And now we see that Biden wants to “unify the Americas”, but only those countries that hold democratic principles. That means that if your country isn’t a democracy, if you are a socialist country like Cuba, or Venezuela, or Nicaragua, you’re not invited! That has to really upset the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and AOC’s Wackjob 5!

Once again, a Biden flub turns into an international event that is going to take all the gumption of the White House staff to walk back, make apologies to, and hopefully not be too damaged over. But as Obrador said yesterday, “There cannot be a summit if all countries are not invited.”

Whether you like Mexico’s president or not, you have to give they guy credit for standing up to what he believes in…and he’s got a point. What is the sense of holding a unifying event if the only ones you’re going to invite to the party are people that you agree with? Another great moment in a Biden presidency!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Socialism: It’s Already Failed

Most of the Democrat candidates for president have described themselves as “Socialist Democrats”. They are falling in line with Bernie Sanders’ ideology that was popularized in his 2016 presidential run. There are four freshmen Congresswomen, known as the WhackJob 4 that are avowed socialists. And when asked about it, Millennials think that socialism is great. In fact, 40% of them embrace some sort of socialism (most of it dealing with either free college tuition or getting rid of their student debts).

Alas, what these idiot snowflakes don’t seem to understand is that socialism has already been tried countless times…and it’s never succeeded. The most recent collapse is in Venezuela, where two decades under Hugo Chavez, the country was the wealthiest country on the South American continent. Today, it’s one of the poorest. It’s people can’t find food to eat, housing is short, and even gasoline, which had been almost free under government subsidies has skyrocketed in price to about 38 cents per gallon. Actually, if you have a US dollar, you can buy 925,000 gallons of gas. The problem is getting it back to the US! A single “bolivar” (their monetary unit) will get you a liter of 91 octane gasoline (US regular is 87 octane). A single egg by comparison costs 200,000 bolivars.

Here in this country, we tried a form of socialism earlier this century. The whole sub-prime mortgage fiasco that caused the 2008 banking collapse was a socialist move that Congress foisted on the banking industry. Wanting to give every American, regardless of their ability to pay a loan back, the right to buy a house, Congress passed a bill requiring banks to issue sub-prime mortgages to people that had no means to repay the loans. When those loans started going into default, the banks had no recourse other than to foreclose on their loans. That meant that banks (which make money by the spread between what they loan money for and what they pay you in interest for keeping your money there), all of a sudden because large owners in real estate. And they couldn’t unload the properties fast enough to avoid a crisis. It took trillions of dollars and eight years of Democrat ineptitude to try and get out of it.

And yet, Millennials and liberals don’t think twice about wanting to get something for nothing…not realizing that anytime the government gives you anything, there is a price tag that has to be paid for up the road. This can be blamed on a terrible education system that has systematically dumbed down American school children. In the end, following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, the liberal snowflakes have learned that to keep Americans uneducated, unable to travel, and unsophisticated, they are more likely to be able to implement socialist policies. By that time, it’ll be too late.

So, socialism has already been tried in this country, and countless other countries around the world. It’s never succeeded because it always runs into the same problem. It never finds enough money to succeed. The governments are always too generous in handing out money to win the hearts and minds of the citizens. And, at some point, the balance tips and the bill becomes due. Then you have protests and riots in the streets as the proletariat protest and look to overthrow the government. IF the Bernie Sanders’ wing of the Democrats are ever successful enough to win more than a Senate seat or two, it’ll happen in this country as well. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and vote for the Democrat in 2020. See what happens in 20 years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Politics of Socialism

Quick. Name a socialist country that’s thriving right now. Can you do it? You may have said “Cuba” because they are one closest to the US who seems to be doing ok, but they still don’t have our standard of living.

Actually there are 35 countries listed by Wikipedia as being “socialist”. That would include the Marxist-Leninist countries, and those that are run by dictators, as well as those with multi-party socialistic governments, like Mexico, and most of Central America.

Out of all of those 35 countries though, there is one that would be considered a “world power” of sorts, and that’s China. I doubt anyone reading this would like to turn in your standard of living for the average Chinese citizen though.

If I said which country illustrates the impossibility of socialism to survive long-term, which country of the 35 would you choose? I think most people at this point would say Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is teetering on the brink of destruction, both for himself, and for the nation. There have been riots in the streets, and the opposition party has recently sworn in their own president.

And yet, in this country we have politicians like Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are deemed the darlings of the left because of their socialistic views. They see nothing wrong with taxing you and me 70% on income, giving cradle to grave benefits such as lifetime free education, a universal wage for everyone whether you are working or not, free healthcare for all, and a myriad of other benefits that would bankrupt this country in ten years or less (and we’re close now!)

So, why are these guys so popular with Millennials? In my mind it’s because they are offering something for free, and that particular age group has yet to learn, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. At the beginning everybody loves the promises of socialism. The problem is, it doesn’t work. It can’t work because you eventually run out of money. The rich decide to go elsewhere, or stop working altogether (think Atlas Shrugged), and the rest of society then collapses.

And the experiment goes badly awry…there are riots in the streets, and the politicians who proclaimed this to be the end all, be all of political activism end up slithering away, just as Maduro is getting ready to do in Venezuela. Long-term, socialism has never worked. There have been another 35 countries in the world that had been socialist, but had to change their political structure because it didn’t work. And there were another 52 countries that started to try socialism but failed before it really became implemented.

So, let Sanders, and Warrent, and AOC carp about how bad we are here. At least we don’t fall into the likes of Laos, Bangladesh, Guyana, North Korea, or Sri Lanka!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!