Manchin To The Rescue?

Joe Manchin (D-WVa) appears to be the lone guy (well, sometimes with Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who is fighting for his constituents rather than his party. At least that’s the short end of the story on the surface. Manchin came out this past weekend and said that he was going to be voting against S-1, the sweeping Voting Rights Act that basically would create havoc for anyone not a Democrat trying to get elected.

S-1, better known as the “For The People Act”, is the Democrats’ attempt to insure that voting by mail (which has lead to massive voter fraud in the past) along with automatically registering everyone of age to vote (again, leading to massive voter fraud), and “increasing access to the ballot box” for everyone (see above two topics), is heading to a vote in the Senate. Now, normally, if people were voting on party lines, this would pass 50-50 with Kamala Harris voting in favor as the tie breaker. But this isn’t normal times, and apparently, Joe Manchin is thinking with his head, not with his wallet.

The problem with S-1 is that, while it allows for early voting, and insures that those that Democrats claim are being disenfranchised with their vote can get to the polls, it does add several layers of concern besides those outlined above. The main reason for this bill is simple. It’s to make sure that Democrats are the only ones elected to Congress and the White House for the foreseeable future. And it does so, because of the fact it allows for voter fraud.

Now, I’ve said many, many times on this blog and elsewhere that in 2020 there was indeed voter fraud. Yes, I do believe that. I don’t believe there was enough voter fraud to overturn the election. Joe Biden won the election. There was never any proof given in any courtroom in this country that signified otherwise. I’ve read the transcripts. The arguments that people like Rudy Giuliani gave in public and the arguments that he gave in the courtroom where he could be slapped with a perjury charge were incredibly different. Why? If Giuliani had what he claimed to the media that he had, why didn’t he produce it in a court of law?

This act, however, isn’t the answer. If you’re looking at fair and unbiased elections, and I really do believe that MOST Americans are in agreement with that, you don’t want S-1 to pass. It doesn’t insure fair and unbiased elections. It insures biased, rigged elections at almost every turn. There is a very simple solution.

You make people vote in person. You make election day the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and leave it at that. You do not allow absentee voting unless there is a medical reason why a person of voting age, and registered to vote cannot get to the polls. And you make Election Day a federal holiday. Nobody works. You make it illegal to campaign or stand within 100 yards of anybody standing in line to vote, or harass anybody in line to vote. When you vote, you receive a purple ink spot on your thumb that wears off after 2 weeks. Nothing else can get it off. And once the voting is over, the machines, with a paper trail, are confiscated and taken to a secure place guarded by armed guards. There they are counted and reported immediately, and the tallies sent to a central location.

After those tallies are sent to a central location, the results are final and there is no allowing for any extra ballots to be counted. This insures that no one “finds” a bunch of absentee ballots hidden in a closet somewhere as has happened several times. Or that someone in the middle of the night drives up and delivers boxes of absentee ballots as was alleged that happened in Wayne County, Michigan in November.

Anyone caught tampering with voting is locked away for the rest of their lives with no chance for parole. If you make the punishment severe enough, you will see voter fraud disappear. It’s that simple.

S-1 is a bad idea. It’s not American. It’s foisted by people who want to control you in ever avenue of your life while they are held above the law. And we can all thank Joe Manchin for deciding it’s not what the United States Senate needs to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Nastiness Of H.R. 1

You may not have seen or heard about this one yet…but you probably will. Now, I’ll say, I’m all for fair and balanced elections, but HR 1 that has been introduced in the House of Representatives isn’t it. It basically is set up to insure that pretty much anyone living or dead, legal or illegal in terms of their citizenship is allowed to a) register to vote without showing proper documentation and b) never, ever be taken off the voter rolls.

They’ve tried in the past to get this bill through, but it died in the Senate which at the time was controlled by Republicans. Basically in a nutshell, what this bill will do is enable anyone to register to register to vote online, and just in case that’s not easy enough for you, you will be automatically registered to vote when you turn of legal voting age. That means that even if you never intended to vote, someone, somewhere can vote in your place. How?

Pretty simple actually.

Another provision of this bill allows for expansion of mail-in voting. Basically, it means that no state can limit the use of mail-in balloting. So, the chances for fraud have increased greatly. I know my Democrat friends believe that fraud doesn’t exist in any great amount, but the prospect of fraud will be greatly increased by the passage of this bill. All a person has to do is request the name of anyone over the age of 18 to receive a mail-in ballot. That ballot can then be commandeered (an easy process), voted, and returned without the actual person the ballot was meant for ever knowing that they had been sent a ballot.

Don’t think it can’t happen? It already does.

There were indeed thousands of fraudulent votes that were cast in the presidential election in just this manner. Now, I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I don’t personally believe that it was enough to change the results of the election. But as I have said before and I’ll say again, there was semi-rampant voter fraud in certain precincts usually in and around major cities. Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia do come to mind.

If this bill passes, Democrats have legalized fraudulent voting. They call it getting rid of “disenfranchisement”. It’s a fancy term that they cooked up because they don’t feel you as a person (legal or not in this country) should have to go through any steps what-so-ever in order to vote. You shouldn’t have to show identification, you shouldn’t have to register, you shouldn’t have to do anything. Just vote…preferably by mail. In truth there are fewer people actually disenfranchised in the election process than there are illegal and fraudulent ballots.

The left has been working on this one for years. What you saw in the 2020 presidential election, if this bill passes, could be expanded not to five states, but to all fifty states. It can be expanded not to just the presidential election, but to ALL elections. In short, it’s a coup d’etat of the government through legislative fiat. And the reason it didn’t pass in 2019 when it was introduced was the Republican Senate killed it.

Of course, the Supreme Court may have something to say about it. Let’s just hope more intelligent minds prevail. Otherwise you can welcome socialism in this country with open arms because you won’t have another choice. You WILL become socialist!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Is It With Trump And Phone Calls?

I get it that Democrats want to twist the knife in Trump’s back right up to and probably after he’s left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I can understand that. What I really can’t understand is why he helps them do it. He did it again over the weekend with an extremely stupid phone call to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. I mean, I get it that Trump isn’t a politician. That’s part of the reason he was elected in 2016 in the first place, but c’mon. This call was just plain stupid.

In case you missed it, and if you have it’s out there for you to listen to (it might help to get your favorite adult beverage to sip on while you listen), Trump called Raffensperger and basically at one point asked him to find some 11,000 votes. Now, there was an awful lot more in the phone call as it went on for over an hour. But the part the media is intently focused on is Trump’s asking Raffensperger to “find the votes because we won the state”.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not going to try and play one here. What I am going to say is, this is an extremely stupid move on Donald Trump’s part and shows very clearly, if you listen to the whole call, the disjointed ramblings of a guy that is so consumed by his loss in November, he can’t see straight. You wonder why he is out there campaigning in Georgia, supposedly for two Senate candidates on Monday night, and then spending a great deal of time talking about voter fraud? That’s why. He can’t accept the fact he lost an election to Joe Biden.

Historians will at some point write the “why” to the incident of the 2020 Presidential Election. Oh, there’ll be all sorts of reasons why Trump lost. It could have been Coronavirus, it could have been the fact that he was very unpresidential. It could have been a lot of things. But I don’t have a clue why Trump would be so unsavvy as to make it so easy not only to unceremoniously bounce him from the White House, but also sway the Georgia Runoffs. Why he would even consider doing something so inane that could cost the Republicans the last bastion of any control of Congress is beyond me.

Of course, the media certainly helped the Democrats out with this. If you listen to the entire phone conversation, it’s disjointed, it’s rambling, and it’s really not indicative of someone you would think of as “the most powerful man in the world”. So, even though media bias chose probably the most damning part of the phone call to hone in on, Trump didn’t do anything to help himself.

We are about two weeks away from this mess being over. And it is a mess. But there are published reports that Trump may not even be in the country to watch the change of power. Reports have surfaced that he may be in Scotland on January 20th at his Trump Turnberry Resort and Golf Course. The White House hasn’t commented on where Trump will be or what he will be doing on inauguration day, but it wouldn’t be surprising to have him playing golf at one of his resorts. It would be a fitting end to what’s been a very weird couple of months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time To Come Clean (Round 2)

With all of the protest and taking over the Capitol that we saw yesterday, it hit me. Who is really to blame for all of this? There is only one person that is to blame for all of this, and this is going to anger some of you. To you I say put your big boys pants on. It’s time to grow up and be an adult.

Donald Trump is to blame.

The reason Trump is to blame for what happened at the US Capitol yesterday is simple. Instead of being conciliatory, instead of being an adult, he was a petulant child. He refused to concede an election that he lost. Over 42 different courts of law, at all levels (including the United States Supreme Court which has three Trump appointees) found that there was no “theft” of election as Trump intimated. Judges from four different presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump) all turned away the lawsuits that Rudy Giuliani filed. They did so for one reason. There was no proof. And I haven’t spoken to anyone…not one person, who has been able to show proof. Oh, they have bought into conspiracy theories, they have felt they were robbed. And the reason they felt that way? Donald Trump. Not only did he say so after the election, he primed the pump leading up to the election. Trump said as early as March that we had to be vigilant, or Democrats would steal the election.

So, my question is, with eight months of a head start, are you telling me the most powerful man in the world can’t prepare his country to have a free and fair election? Because if you are, I submit to you he isn’t the most powerful man in the world, and probably shouldn’t be sitting in the Oval Office to begin with.

Trump said after the election he was going to win lawsuits. He lost them. He said the Supreme Court was going to find in favor of him. They didn’t see enough evidence to even hear the case. Trump said that if the Electoral College voted for Joe Biden for president, that he would concede. The Electoral College voted for Joe Biden for president. Trump stayed silent. He’s had two months to concede. The truth be told, he’s known for about a month and a half that he lost. But his ego won’t let him admit it in public. And all that did was fuel the fire of his base. That’s what you saw yesterday. And unless and until Donald Trump decides that elections DO matter in this country, and he lost his because he was the second worst candidate in US Presidential history (Hillary Clinton was the worst), he does nothing but fan the flames of these conspiracy theorists.

You don’t have to agree with this if you’re an ardent Trump supporter. You certainly have the right to disagree. And yes, you have the right to be wrong…just like Donald Trump is. But the actions we saw yesterday at the US Capitol were a direct result of a megalomanic that can’t check his ego. Had Trump been mature enough, smart enough, and a true leader, he would have conceded when he had the chance. Instead, he will always be remembered as the president who cried for months after losing an election he could very easily have won. It wasn’t stolen. It was lost. And it was lost because he was a terrible candidate. That’s too bad because he actually did do some good for this country.

Oh. And as an aside…if you want to disagree with this, fine. But keep the comments to yourself. I won’t be posting them. It’s time to move on. It’s time for Trump to move on, and it’s time for his base to move on. We’ve seen enough immature behavior for quite a while.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s Over!

Well, I said this weeks ago. I’ve always hoped that Donald Trump would win reelection against Joe Biden, but it became clear pretty early on to me that wasn’t going to be the case. Yesterday afternoon (in Arizona time), the Supreme Court of the United States decided not to listen to the argument from
Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton that the four states in contention, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, had violated Texas’ rights to hold a fair election because they refused to follow their own state’s constitution.

The high court turned down the petition of 18 of the states that said that because of the four states’ failure to follow their own states’ constitutions. 25 states had filed petitions with the Supreme Court stating that they were in favor of the four states. As I have said in many previous blogs, courts are very hesitant to actually take points off of the scoreboard, and that was the case here. The result means that on Monday, the states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin, will have their Electors meet and cast their vote in the Electoral College. Those votes will be certified by Congress the first week in January. Donald Trump has said publicly that if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, he will indeed concede the election. We will wait to see if he keeps his word on that one.

Of course, for the Trumpers that felt that there was voter fraud, it will live in their craw, probably forever. I don’t expect them to automatically accept the Supreme Court’s decision. After all, I told them weeks ago that this would be the finale to the entire process. But several of those folks, including some 170 members of the House of Representatives refused to believe it. That’s pretty much exactly what has played out. On Monday, officially, it will be over, unless the Democrat majority in the House decides to throw out their ballots (very unlikely) and give Trump the victory.

The lesson here is, while there was certainly voter fraud in many states, all but one of the courts have found that there wasn’t enough voter fraud to overturn the election as it stands, and that Joe
Biden, as much as it hurts, is the president-elect, and will be inaugurated on January 20th.

The rest is all conversation and nothing more. It’s over.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Supreme Court Squashes Trump’s Major Bid

The US Supreme Court decided this past Tuesday not to hear Pennsylvania Representative, Mike Kelly’s request to have the mail-in ballots thrown out, thus ending Donald Trump’s case to win the Keystone State. For all intents and purposes, that one is over.

The order was plain and simple: “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”

And with that, you can pretty much stick a fork in Donald Trump’s chances to get the election overturned.

It takes four justices to agree to hear a case. If four justices don’t agree to hear a case, this is exactly what happens. The court refuses to hear the case, the lower court order, in this case the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, stands, and the matter is considered closed.

Now, the big question is, what does the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the Pennsylvania case from Kelly have to do with the other four states that Trump professed had major fraudulent voting? It basically means that as with Florida in 2000, the Supreme Court has signaled, “Enough is enough”. Remember, the high court back two decades ago did not actually rule in favor of George W. Bush. They actually halted all of the hanging-chad recounts that were going on in Florida. And while this court did so in a very terse way, the results are pretty much the same. Unless someone can come up with a more convincing argument that shows actual facts and not hearsay that there was fraud on the scale that Trump has decried since the election, this election is basically over. The Supreme Court has ultimately ruled that they’re not going to waste their time on it.

The time for Donald Trump to concede is now upon us. If Trump is serious about wanting to run for President again in 2024, he needs to realize that from this point on he is only going to hurt his chances for winning not only the White House, but the Republican nomination as well. And there will be a plethora of Republicans looking to unseat either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris depending on which scenario you choose to believe.

I have said all along that this would be the end result. Courts are not willing to take points off the board, and haven’t done so very often. Having “re-do”s as was done in North Carolina in 2018 are extremely rare, and haven’t been done on a presidential level ever. Regardless what the most fervent Trump supporters may think about an election being stolen, and again, I’m not saying there wasn’t fraud…I’m saying there wasn’t enough fraud to overturn the election, it’s done. And apparently, the highest court in the land, with six of the nine justices being conservative in nature, have agreed.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The REAL Fraud From This Election

Donald Trump released a video, calling it “the most important speech I’ve ever made”, this past week. In it he blasted pretty much everybody on Twitter and Facebook calling the election a sham and a fraud. Saying, “If we are right about the fraud, Joe Biden can’t be president. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of votes. We’re talking numbers like nobody has ever seen before.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is looking in the wrong place.

The real fraud from this election came from the mainstream media. For the past four years, this group of “journalists” threw all of their integrity aside to try and carpet bomb the President of the United States. They withheld stories that they should have run, simply because it would have either made Trump look good, or would have made Joe Biden look bad. Need an example?

Project Veritas, which specializes in doing hidden microphone interviews with people revealed that CNN purposely axed any stories on Hunter Biden leading up to the election because they feared it would damage Joe Biden’s chances of winning if the American public knew the truth. THAT was the real fraud in this election!

Let’s understand one thing, and I come from a rather experienced place on this one. The media’s job is to REPORT what is going on. It’s not their job to slant the news. It’s not their job to be partial, or to root for one side or the other. They are the beacons of truth in our society…or at least they should be. And on that account, they failed. Forget for a moment Trump’s accusation (again, without any real proof of it…or at least proof that any court would uphold) that there was massive voter fraud, I’m saying the fraud perpetrated by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS was actually worse. It was a conspiracy among liberal media elites to throw the election to Biden. You want to talk about fraud? THAT was the fraud in this election.

No one can begin to tell me that Morning Joe and his wife, or Jim Acosta, or the myriad of little girl reporters out to make a name for themselves by badgering the President of the United States were objectively reporting on anything. Every single news outlet in this country, except maybe the New York Post (and yes, I’m including Fox News in that one!) were guilty and slanted news, just as CNN did. Not one major news outlet gave the Hunter Biden story originally published in the NY Post the time of day except Fox News. And while they may still be king of the hill in terms of cable news, they still don’t hold a candle to what the broadcast networks pull in on a nightly basis.

Until someone, and it would most likely have to be the Supreme Court, comes up with a way to define what “press” is in “freedom of the press”, we are going to continually have this badgering of right of center candidates and ideas. That’s not what they were founded and protected for. They were founded and protected for one simple thing. To shine a light on any stench they see coming from the government, REGARDLESS which political party stinks, and both parties have had a really bad stench for a long time.

So, you can continue to believe that Trump lost because there was “massive voter fraud”, or you can actually learn the truth. Trump lost because 97% of the news stories about him from April of this year until Election Day, were slanted and negative. Now, I’m not saying he didn’t deserve some of the negative news, and I’ve written blogs that weren’t complimentary toward him when I think he was wrong. He’s wrong on this one. He lost the election because the media convinced enough people that he was bad for them…or at least Joe Biden wouldn’t be as bad for them. And it was pre-meditated, and it was fraudulent. And the proof DOES exist on that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Reality Is Different From Conspiracy Theories

I’ve had a number of people, both on this blog and in “real life” tell me that in the end, Trump will be crowned as the victor of this election because of voter fraud. Let’s set the record straight…and you conspiracy theorists out there that want to make the case it ain’t gonna happen, please keep it to yourself. I’ve heard enough blather for one lifetime.

The odds of Donald Trump overturning the number of states he needs to overturn in order to win the election is infinitesimally small. Do you realize never in our country’s history have five states overturned election results? Do you realize courts have never taken so many votes off the board and changed the election results? And do you realize that all of the YouTubers out there that are screaming about how Sydney Powell is right, in the end it isn’t going to matter.

True, until the Electors from the Electoral College gather to vote on December 14th, there is no real presidential winner. And yes, there is a scintilla of hope that maybe just maybe that Donald Trump can pull off a quintilla of court wins (or a major Supreme Court win) that would overturn the election results. However, I wouldn’t bet a paper clip on that happening. In reality, you’re going to see that isn’t going to happen. Here’s why.

Trump’s legal team has lost 28 of the 29 lawsuits that have been filed so far. The most compelling reason for the losses? There hasn’t been any evidence given in court that Trump’s legal team is right. In fact, they’ve recently dropped a lawsuit in Pennsylvania claiming that 682,479 mail in ballots were illegal and shouldn’t have been counted. And unless Rudy Giuliani has been hiding something, or is waiting for appeals to the Supreme Court, it doesn’t look as if the legal challenges are going to amount to squat. Sydney Powell, who was at one point named by Trump in a tweet as a part of his legal team, apparently got bounced off of that squad when she swore that votes were being shipped to Venezuela to be counted.

Now, Powell still believes that she is in the right, and she still has evidence. But telling the world that isn’t the same thing as winning that argument in court. I would have thought we Americans learned that lesson listening to Adam Schiff over the past four years. After all, he had incontrovertible proof that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. But when push came to shove and people were under oath, we found that to be nothing more than a “Schiff lie”. I’m not calling Powell or Giuliani liars, but they have yet to provide evidence in court. Otherwise, you would have seen different outcomes in the 28 times they’ve lost so far.

We are basically two weeks away from them having to convince somebody…anybody with authority to do anything about the election to change their minds, and change the election. Trump said this past week that if the Electoral College votes for Biden, he’d begrudgingly concede…though it was something he didn’t want to do. So, we have two more weeks of conspiracy theories and it will be over.

My point is (and always has been) clear. If there is proof, why haven’t they provided it in court? If they have, and it’s as damning as they say, why haven’t they won? The answers are clear. You can believe that this is the biggest coup d’etat in American history, or you can believe that Trump ran a campaign that was worse than the one he ran four years ago (which he did). I’ve already outlined why he should have lost, and no one has been able to refute any of the points made.

You can believe in conspiracy theories if you want, or you can believe in reality. And if you want to do that, you’re more than free to do that. You probably also believe that Roswell holds the bodies of aliens from outer space, or that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy. Reality says Joe Biden won, and yes, there was some fraud…but Joe Biden still would have won even if there wasn’t fraud. Time to wake up and realize reality is real. The rest is gossimer.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time To Give It Up

I’ve never been a fan of long, drawn out elections. I remember in 2000, when Florida came down to about 500 votes and George W. Bush ended up beating Al (cry me a river) Gore. Actually, when the Supreme Court stepped in, my wife and I were on a cruise in the middle of the Caribbean. But I thought it was odd that a country that could put a man on the moon, a country that was technologically supposed to be superior, couldn’t figure out a way to count votes better.

I’m thinking the same thing this year.

Look, do I believe there was voter fraud perpetrated by the Democrats. Absolutely I do. I believe that there were hundreds of folks out there that saw what they claimed they saw. And I believe the Democrats do defraud elections any chance they can (watch it, Georgia!). But I’m pretty sure they didn’t do it to the point where it would have changed the outcome of the election. There were five states in contention; Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona (and some say Nevada). In order for Donald Trump to be re-elected, he would have to win each of those states (except Nevada). The odds of that happening, even if there was some voter fraud in Michigan, or in Pennsylvania, and knowing Philadelphia, I’m sure that happened, I doubt it was done to the degree that would change the election.

Donald Trump needs to concede and let the country move forward.

I also have a firm belief, and those of you that read this blog regularly have heard me say time and time again, the wheels of justice move slowly, but very fine. That’s true too. And IF the Democrats pulled a fast one on the country just to get rid of Donald Trump, they will eventually pay for their misdeeds. Donald Trump’s behavior in all of this, while I get he doesn’t like to lose, especially when he kept saying in his rallies, “Can you imagine if I lost to this guy?”, but it appears more and more likely that it happened. It’s time to move on, Donald. Lick your wounds and move to Florida.

In my humble opinion, Trump lost this election because he lost control of the message. He let Joe Biden define the whole COVID thing as his fault, and his failure. It cratered the economy for a time, but we knew it would. But Biden was able to play to the millions of people still without a job and blame Trump for it. I don’t have a shred of doubt that regardless who was sitting in the White House would have been blamed for it. Was it fair? No. But it was the tactic the Democrats chose to use. You could say the same thing for the House of Representatives…that it was Nancy Pelosi’s fault that the federal government didn’t come to the rescue, and sat on it’s hands.

Trump also didn’t run a very smart campaign. He ran the same campaign he ran in 2016, which was to bash his opponent anytime he could. That’s the wrong attitude for a sitting president to take. He needed to talk about his accomplishments, which is something he’s not shy of doing. He needed to talk about his plans for the future, not smash a guy to scared to come out of his basement.

I have not a doubt in the world that when the history books are written, Donald Trump will end up being a much better president than Joe Biden. That much I know for sure. But for now, he’s starting to act like the spoiled child that doesn’t want to go to bed even though it’s past his bed time. Time to go to sleep little Donald!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Re-working The Elections

Back from a fresh week off. I have to tell you, I didn’t watch much news on TV (though I think I’ve booted Fox News to the curb for good), and stayed away from my news sites on the internet. It was a rather refreshing week, and a good time to reset. But now back to business!

As I was off, I thought there was some stuff that needed to happen to make sure that the fiasco that was the elections this year never happens again. And frankly, as I look at it all, I blame the media. Yes, I do believe that the Democrats tried to defraud the election…that their hatred for Donald Trump was bigger than life itself. But in the end, We The People, have given over too much power, too much of our lives to the broadcast and cable news channels that we depend on to tell us what’s going on in the world, and they have ruined their own credibility.

For one, a news show/talk show/cable news channel, should NEVER be about bad mouthing any candidate or office holder. Their job is to present the news, and yes, I understand these idiots like Chris Cuomo will tell you he’s a talk show host, not a journalist. That’s hogwash. If you’re on a news channel, you’re a journalist. There’s no place for the type of immature, hate-filled, bigotry that went on this election. So, first off, cut off the editorializing. If your channel gives the news, you shouldn’t be editorializing. It’s just plain wrong. That takes care of about 25% of the problem right there.

The second thing we need to do is make sure that these same media outlets (and I’m including newsprint and radio in them as well) is that news reporters need to go back to finding news, not asking “gotcha questions”, and yes, I’m looking at you Jim Acosta. Too many of today’s “journalists” want to make a name for themselves rather than bring us what’s happening. It’s sad. It’s unprofessional and it’s just plain wrong. These people need to find a different occupation.

Third, on election night, We The People need to realize that the Board of Elections in the states call the elections, not seven or eight media outlets. And it ain’t over until the Boards of Elections say it’s over. So, no more calling the different states. No more “decision desks” that end up calling states either way too early, or way too late, just to get people to stay tuned in to them. I know enough about media having spent my life in that industry to know that was a HUGE part of what happened. Why did Fox News not call Florida for 90 minutes? Because they wanted you tuned in for that hour and a half. The longer they can draw things out, the longer you stay tuned.

As far as the news channels and broadcast channels are concerned, the conservatives in this country need to realize that we have a very large voice. And we never use it. WE need to tell these outlets that we’re going to start monitoring their advertisers. We’re going to go to the advertisers and demand that they pull their ads in the newspapers or on radio, or on TV, or we’re going to stop patronizing them until they do. Oh, they’ll get the message…just like Nike got the message with Black Lives Matter. You don’t think they did that on their own do you? We just have to have enough spine to do it.

As far as the Democrats wanting to throw the election with fraud, I’m sure there were fraudulent ballots thrown this year, particularly because it was so easy because of Coronavirus. It’s too easy to defraud something in the mail than it is when you vote in person. You have a better shot of actually having a true election if you do things over the internet. We do that here locally, and it works great. We have bank-encryption style protections in place. People have an account, they log in, place their votes, and log out. Once they’ve voted, they aren’t able to see the voting tab again. Now, it doesn’t stop people from going next door and using a different account, but that’s rare. Certainly a lot rarer than what we watched in this presidential election. And you don’t have ballots showing up late. And you never have to leave your house. Talk about the best way to vote! The results are automatically tabulated when the polls close and you get the results in mere seconds, not days or weeks. And because it’s a computer doing it, you don’t have to worry about recounts.

Just something to think about moving forward.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!