Was The Stone Cased Biased?

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the Roger Stone case, because as I researched it when it was happening, I found Stone to be pretty much a snake in the grass, and I know there are several Republicans and conservatives that have pretty much said the same thing. So, it was no surprise to me that he got convicted of that ubiquitous “Obstruction of Justice” charge and of course, lying to federal prosecutors and the FBI. Well, it turns out there may have been more to that story than was originally reported.

According to Fox News, and backed up by CNN, a former Memphis City Schools Board President by the name of Tomeka Hart was the foreperson on that jury. And according to what has been found out about her since the trial, she’s a huge Democrat, and has been, shall we politely call her an “activist” for the liberal side of things? And she’s a self-avowed “Never Trumper”.

Now wait a doggone minute here.

Apparently, there were several on the jury that were biased against any Republican administration officials. In fact, there was a former Obama press official that was on that jury. Stone’s defense team moved to strike the person because of their bias, and the judge, Amy Berman Jackson denied the request. So, I guess the question becomes, did this “snake in the grass” get a fair trial? And with all of the hollering that’s going on from the left over the Department of Justice’s decision to reduce the sentencing that they are asking for, I have the question…is there justice being done, or was Stone hung out to dry before the trial even started?

I’m not saying that the guy was innocent. I’m not saying he shouldn’t go to prison. I am however, wondering about the politics that played in to what should have been an fair and unbiased trial. Which brings me to the point of begging the question why the left seems hell bent on jumping all over Attorney General, William Barr’s case on this one for trying to lower a nine year sentence request from Justice. When you take into account that there could be a very real possibility that the jury, and possibly the judge in the case were biased against the defense, how could you whine about the actual sentencing…which Jackson is going to perform herself.

Is this yet another left-wing attempt to slant the system their way? Is it yet another futile attempt to get Donald Trump impeached for a second time? Adam Schiff was very quick to rush to the first microphone he found to declare that Trump was once again, abusing his power by trying to influencing the DOJ. Apparently that doesn’t hold water since the decision to seek a lower sentence for Stone was reached hours before Trump tweeted his thoughts.

And while we’re on the subject of “biased Attorney Generals”, can I bring up a couple of names? What about Janet “Branch Dividian” Reno? Are you telling me she wasn’t biased? How about in more recent times, Eric “Contempt Of Congress” Holder? You’re saying he played it right down the middle? And what about Loretta “Meet you on the tarmac” Lynch? Oh, there wasn’t any bias there, right?

When the left decides to get serious with their own Attorneys General about bias, I will start listening to them about William Barr. Until then,

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

IG Report: Absolutely Everything/Nothing Done Right

Did you really expect anything different in this hyper-charged environment? In case you didn’t take the time to watch the news, and I’m sure most if not all of you didn’t read the entire IG report on the FBI investigation into the whole Russian Collusion/hoax thing of Donald Trump. So, here is a summary:

The IG said that while the FBI made several key mistakes, none of it was really all that bad. Yeah, they screwed up but they had a basis to proceed as if they didn’t screw up.

Meanwhile the AG (that’s Attorney General, William Barr) said that he found the report to say that there was massive screw ups in the FBI in the way they investigated the Trump campaign team. And US Attorney, John Durham in Connecticut said that the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz’ report did not line up with his.

As I felt all along, there would be something in this for everyone. Well, everyone except possibly James Comey. The former head of the FBI appeared to be the fall guy. He was chastised for not informing his superiors of his decision in July of 2016 of his news conference where he basically exonerated Hillary Clinton, and excoriated her as well. Comey was slapped around for that, and his late October letter to Congress in which he basically re-opened the investigation just days prior to the presidential election because of material found on former Representative, Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Horowitz said that it was an “ad hoc” move and “a serious error in judgement”.

Meanwhile, Horowitz found that after a million documents and 100 witnesses, he could find nothing that would show that the FBI “rigged the case to clear Clinton.”

This is differing greatly from what William Barr has said publicly, and what John Durham has said about his criminal investigation. Both Barr and Durham say there was a lot more going on at the FBI and at Justice than what Horowitz has said.

So in the end, it’s a moot point. At least THIS investigation is. I thought all along there would be something in it for everybody and nobody would go away happy. That certainly appears to be the case. And being just an Inspector General’s report, this isn’t the one that’s going to have the teeth anyway. Durham’s findings in Connecticut is going to have criminal charges attached…at least for some people.

As far as the 2016 election is concerned, it’s over. Donald Trump won, and yes, it was a dirty election. Both sides can point fingers at the other side, and probably both sides engaged in dirty tactics to some degree. The sad news is that the one person that has been proven to have violated federal law in all of this is going to skate, and not face any charges. That one person is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Same Guy, Different Tune

It was only seven years ago that there was this guy that was totally upset with the way the Republicans on Capitol Hill, and more specifically, the US House of Representatives were acting toward the Attorney General. Back then, the AG was a guy by the name of Eric Holder. And the Republican led House found him in Contempt of Congress. The reason? Well, Holder refused to provide any information at all to Congress on what became known as the Fast & Furious Scandal, in which guns were walked across the Mexican border, sold to Mexican drug lords, and which were found at the scene of the murder of Border Agent, Brian Terry. The president at the time, a guy that went by the name of Barack Obama, had all of the information sealed and kept from Congress because it was of “National Security”. At least that was his story, and he was sticking to it.

As we learned yesterday, “Contempt of Congress” is a charge against anyone that gets in the way of Congress or one of their committees for doing their job. And Eric Holder was found in Contempt of Congress for his refusal to provide any information at all on the actions along the border. What happened to him? Absolutely nothing.

But along the way, there was a tweet that is making a reappearance these days. It was from a Democrat Representative from New York…a guy by the name of Jerrold Nadler. Yes, the same Jerrold Nadler that just the other day found current Attorney General, William Barr in Contempt of Congress for his refusal to testify before Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee. Here was Nadler’s tweet from seven years ago:

Just joined the #walkout of the House chamber to protest the shameful, politically-motivated GOP vote holding AG Holder in contempt of congress. 1,7232:06 PM – Jun 28, 2012

How is it that just a scant seven years ago, finding an Attorney General in Contempt of Congress could be such a “shameful, politically-motivated” action, and yet, Nadler actually led the charge against William Barr…AFTER Barr released the Mueller Report (something he didn’t have to do by law, by the way), even though it was 92% free of redactions…gave a report that was 98% free of redactions to Congress to look at, and told them why he was redacting it. He also testified a total of three times before Congress to give them a timeline as to the release of the report and what was in it. Could Nadler be playing politics over this? I mean, I have to ask the question because everyone else is…and the funny thing is, his office in DC won’t answer that question. I called yesterday morning to ask the question what had changed from seven years ago to today. I was hung up on. I was polite and respectful when I asked my question, so I guess we had a bad connection.

Or maybe Jerry Nadler is a political hack.

Democrats need to realize that the American public sees through this type of nonsense, and doesn’t like it very much. In fact, if Nadler and his clown car wants to continue down this road, it’s a very likely possibility he won’t have to worry about finding Barr or anyone else in Contempt of Congress because he won’t be a committee chair any longer. See, that’s what happens when you lose control of the House. You lose your committee chairmanships.

The very least Jerry Nadler should do is explain what has changed in seven years, besides the party in power. Why was it a tragedy and a farce back then when it was Eric Holder in the AG’s seat, but when William Barr is sitting there, it’s okay to hold him in contempt? Is it a black thing? Is it a total secrecy thing vs. I tried to work with you, but you changed the rules of the game thing? I don’t know.

I guess we’re learning there are some people in Congress that are so politically stuck in partisanship that they really don’t understand what they are there to do anymore. Maybe it’s time we remove them all from office and start again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Nadler Losing It?

I can understand that the Democrats on Capitol Hill are upset and angry. After all, for two years they’ve been screaming that Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians, and that was the reason Queen Hillary lost the 2016 presidential election. And then the Mueller Report got dropped on them and blew that out of the water. Oh, it kept the case of “obstruction of justice” alive, but let’s be honest…there isn’t a person alive that couldn’t be found guilty of obstruction of justice. It’s so loosely defined that you and I are probably guilty.

So, I get it that Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was upset when he asked Attorney General, William Barr to come and testify before his House Judiciary Committee yesterday. And Barr, decided not to. He was, as they say, a no-show. And that pissed off Nadler and his crew to the point that one of the Democrat members of the committee left a bucket of chicken at the empty chair that had Barr’s name on it.

See, it’s the same crap that both sides deal with. Remember back with the last administration? Remember how Eric Holder treated the Republicans that held sway over that committee during the Obama administration? He was as snarky and nasty as could be. Loretta Lynch was at least a little more professional. This type of thing has gone on for decades, with both sides of the aisle screaming how the AG was corrupt. In essence, it depends which side of the fence you’re on as to which side you think is corrupt.

But let’s face it. All of the caterwaling and screaming and threats don’t mean anything. Yes, Jerry Nadler can find William Barr “in contempt of Congress”. Do you know what happens then? Just ask Eric Holder. He was found in contempt of Congress during his term. What happened? Absolutely nothing. There is no teeth to being found in contempt. And what can Congress do about it? Well they can censure you. That’s like a slap on the wrist. Or, yes…the House can impeach you. Of course, that requires a trial in front of the Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans, which is going to lead to no conviction, which means it’s also a slap on the wrist.

The Democrats are at a point where they realize they are a minority. They don’t have control of the Senate, nor do they hold the White House, and as of this year, they don’t have enough Justices sitting on the Supreme Court to make a difference either. And there is nothing funnier to watch than a liberal out of power. They love to scream, and kick and tell you that the sky is falling, when in actuality, it’s not.

Look, I don’t know if Trump “obstructed justice” or not. I know based on a poll I saw on msn.com, 60% of the people voting said he didn’t. Well over 50% said Congress was wasting time carrying on with this stuff, and most believed that Barr was telling the truth. In fact, just as an aside, most people, like 65% said Congress shouldn’t even look into Trump’s finances. They need to just get on with life. And it’s not like Microsoft Network is run by a bunch of conservatives. That’s about as liberal of a group as you’re going to find anywhere.

In the end, Trump is going to stall, Democrats are going to cry and nothing is going to get done. And you and I are going to end up paying each of these numbnuts $174,000 a year each. For those of you that aren’t mathematically skilled, or don’t have a calculator handy, that’s $75,690,000 a year we pay just for the people in the House of Representatives. Isn’t it nice to know we’re throwing that much money away year after year on something that has been tried four separate times by three separate bodies and shows not a shred of evidence? Talk about your proverbial waste of time and money!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Illegals To Remain In Detention

Finally, someone in Washington gets it. I can’t tell you how many times out here in the desert southwest, illegal aliens break into our country by crossing the border illegally, then they proceed to turn themselves in to authorities claiming that if they get deported, they’re afraid for their lives. Now, that may or may not be true, but overwhelmingly, those folks are then released pending a court hearing on their status. You know what happens then, right? They don’t show up. They’ve disappeared into a sea of 330,000,000 people and the next time a court of law sees these guys again will most likely be when they’ve done something illegal. They’ll never be back to go to a hearing on why they broke into this country illegally in the first place.

That’s all about to change.

Attorney General William Barr has issued an order that detainees who claim they fear for their lives if they get deported will have to have their bonds cancelled and be detained until their hearings. Of course, that got the ire of every liberal snowflake group up saying that these folks “constitutional rights” were being violated. The ACLU has promised to sue on those grounds. Of course, these folks don’t have “constitutional rights” since they aren’t constitutionally bound to the United States. They are illegal aliens who broke the law to get here. Barr’s legal interpretation, and I’m not an attorney, but any idiot attorney couldn’t disagree, is that if you fear for your life, fine. We will hear you. But your fellow aliens’ actions of disappearing when they have their initial plea has ruined it for the rest of you. You’ll stay detained in a holding cell until you go to your hearing.

This is actually not the best case scenario, but it’s close. The best thing that would happen to these folks at this point is that they plead their case that they’re afraid for their lives if they are deported, then they be given a date and time to reappear at the border crossing for their hearing, and be dropped off back in Mexico. Where they go, where they stay, what they eat, all of that stuff isn’t any of our business unless and until it’s determined they truly have reason to be afraid and really shouldn’t be deported because of what would happen to them. And of course, if they were smart, we’d limit the number of these immigrants to a certain number per year. When we’ve admitted that number, sorry folks, border is closed until next year. Try again!

Look, I’m not a monster when it comes to people that are in trouble. But I don’t think living in poverty necessarily means you fear for your life. Now, the folks from Venezuela, I weep for. I truly feel sorry for them. They’re leadership has abandoned them and really needs to be overthrown. And those folks need some special treatment. But let’s face it. The vast majority of these folks aren’t vetted, we can’t be sure of who they are or what they’re all about and we need to be able to verify.

Now, liberal snowflakes will argue that we are forgetting that way back in the early 20th century, we let a whole bunch of folks in from Europe who didn’t know the language, couldn’t communicate their name, were here without any money and any hope. They were looking for new lives too, but we let them in, so why not let the folks from South America in?

The reason for the difference is, if you go back to Ellis Island, there weren’t terrorists trying to kill Americans any way they could. Today, we have a bunch of people that want to get here any way they can to do us harm. Totally different situation, and needs to be handled in a totally different way.

So, I applaud William Barr, and the Trump administration for at least having the cajones to stand up to terrorism, unlike the preceding administration. At least these guys are trying. And what would really solve this whole immigration problem?

If Congress would do their job and reform immigration. It IS after all, their responsibility to write laws. Or did we forget that?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dem’s Just Can’t Accept Loss

So, Attorney General William Barr mentioned this past week that he felt that there may have been some spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. And of course, the left, who was already upset at him that a) he didn’t release an unredacted version of the Mueller Report and b) he isn’t kowtowing to the left’s demands went into full attack mode. Oh, it wasn’t just a disagreement. It sent shockwaves through Capitol Hill as Representative after Representative and Senator after Senator had to go to whatever microphone they could find, and tell the world that they thought William Barr was just a political hack. He was just trying to protect the president.

Of course, had he come out and said that he felt the FBI had done a stellar job during the period, a whole new narrative would have been sung. But the left needs a win very badly right now because quite honestly everything they’ve been touting for the past two and a half years has been wrong. And the guy they “trust” most right now, Robert Mueller, has basically agreed with Barr on most every issue.

So, what’s the big deal that Barr is going to look into spying on the Trump campaign? Well, if it were a fact that nothing really went on during that time, then what’s the left got to worry about? Donald Trump went through over two years of a witch hunt, and yes…he was proven to be right about calling it a witch hunt. Why would the left be at all upset if the AG decided that he needs to look at the Obama Administration’s policies of how they handled the FBI during that time period, and whether or not there was spying going on.

By the way…Barr did say he felt spying was going on…but then later during the hearing clarified it, “I am not saying that improper surveillance occurred; I’m saying that I am concerned about it and looking into it, that’s all.”

Still, people like Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff all came out screaming and crying like a two year old that’s just had their bare bottom spanked. How DARE the Attorney General even think that a Democrat could do something illegal or untoward! Talk about cry babies!

So now, let’s hope the Attorney General does do a deep dive, not only into the spying allegation that he’s made, but also into other allegations. Let’s talk about the phony Trump Dossier that Christopher Steele wrote and the Clinton Campaign paid for. Let’s talk about an email server scandal that has yet to be fully investigated. Let’s talk about pay to play while Clinton was Secretary of State and her hubby was running around the world making hundreds of millions of dollars speaking in front of groups that were later granted special favors by the State Department. Let’s talk about Lois Lerner and the IRS Scandal. Let’s talk about Eric Holder and Fast & Furious. Let’s talk about Loretta Lynch and the meeting she had on the tarmac with Bill Clinton. Shall I keep going? That’s only the tip of the iceberg of some of the scandals that occurred during Barack Obama’s watch. Of course, he’s said publicly in the last two weeks that HIS administration never had a scandal. Hmm…still must be smoking that weed, huh Bobo?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Barr Tries To Dumb It Down

Sometimes when you’re explaining something to somebody that isn’t quite as, well, shall we say, “experienced” at what it is you’re explaining, you have to choose a more mainstream vernacular. You can’t go in throwing around difficult jargon because those people may not understand what it is you’re talking about. I imagine Attorney General, William Barr felt that way when he was testifying before the Senate Appropriations Committee. Earlier, Barr testified before a House subcommittee on Appropriations. He had to dumb it down for Democrats both times.

Part of the reason I say that is that the Mueller Report, which by the way, Democrats had hung their entire careers on the outcome of, showed that Donald Trump did not collude with any Russians, much to the chagrin of people like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and Elijah Cummings. The report also said that there wasn’t enough evidence against Trump to file charges of Obstruction of Justice. The end analysis was that the Democrats were left with a big fat zero.

Unfortunately for the left, they couldn’t just let it go. That would have meant that they had made a mistake for the past two years. They can’t admit that! So, they hauled Barr in before the House subcommittee to read him the riot act. They wanted to know why he had missed a Jerry Nadler instilled deadline of turning over the “unredacted” Mueller Report to Congress. That’s the only way Congress would be happy. Of course, that isn’t happening. Barr had been in contact with Mueller prior to issuing his four page briefing on Muller’s Report, to make sure that Mueller agreed with him on it. Mueller’s response? “I don’t need to be contacted for approval on that”.

Apparently the left felt he did. They didn’t like the fact there were redactions, even though the author of the report sat right next to William Barr during the process to help him determine which things could be given to congress, and which items couldn’t. After all, the law does state that the Attorney General is the person that decides what’s done with these reports and who can see them. There’s nothing in the law that says Congress MUST see everything.

Now, let’s just assume that Barr released an unredacted version of the Mueller Report to Congress. Do you think that would satisfy them? No, it would not. Then they would want to see the Grand Jury testimony. They would want to see the witness list and the witness interviews from the 500 people that Mueller interviewed. They would want to see anything that would drag this charade out any further. The reason for that is simple. They cannot fathom the day that Donald Trump played by the rules and still beat Queen Hillary! There’s just no way that could happen, and if by some unforeseen, unlikely, unGodly chance it did actually happen, they need to change the way they elect our leaders. Whether it’s letting current convicts vote, or illegal aliens vote, or whether it’s doing away with the Electoral College, or appointing Electors to the college that actually follow the national popular vote (which interestingly enough is only being done in states that already vote Democrat!)

So, William Barr had to dumb it down for Congress in his testimony this week. Do you think they finally got it? Nope. Adam Schiff still believes there was collusion. Maxine Waters is still screaming, “Impeach 45!”, and Jerry Nadler can’t bring himself to believe that there was nothing untoward when it came to the 2016 presidential election. It’s called “SLS” and that stands for “Sore Loser Syndrome”. I understand the medical community wants it covered under Obamacare.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!