Have you wasted any of your time this week watching the impeachment trial? I’ve tried to maintain a “normal” schedule, but keep watching from time to time. There has been something that has made me very irate, and I’m sure my physician would be upset because I’m positive my blood pressure is through the roof.

I’m tired of the Democrats’ lying!

Adam Schiff, that convicted compulsive liar from California, has been the best at it so far. He has claimed that we cannot adjudicate changing a president at the ballot box. I thought that was precisely HOW we adjudicated changing a president. But he’s convinced that with their current crop of candidates, none of which would hold a candle to Donald Trump, that the Republicans would win the election, allowing him to call “Foul!” and claim that the election, regardless of how one sided the results were, was stolen.

Schiff needs to realize that it’s HIS party that steals elections. Here’s a quick quiz. Which party has dead people voting in Chicago? Which party had more people voting in Detroit than had residents? Which party did Joe Kennedy purchase an election for in 1960? Which party has had countless violations of voter fraud, “found” ballots after the election in some closet, or otherwise been able to manipulate vote totals AFTER the original vote was taken?

In case you didn’t answer “Democrat” for all of those responses, you’re missing the boat.

Democrats have been lying, mis-characterizing, distorting, and cheating this entire impeachment sham. They have taken a very well known and Constitutionally sound practice known as “Executive Privilege” that has been used by every president since George Washington, and said that it’s “obstruction of Congress”. Actually, no. It’s not. And I’m not even close to being a lawyer and I’ve got that one figured out.

Democrats are playing to five total Senators on the Republican side that may sway their vote when it comes to hearing witnesses…that’s what this is all about. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee are all possible of going for witnesses. That’s the Democrats only hope to get any Republicans to swing over on the actual conviction vote. Only four of the five are needed to allow witnesses. Basically, I’d look for Collins to make a lot of noise but fall in line. Murkowski will probably vote for witnesses because she’s pretty much brain dead. Romney probably will too because he’s very anti-Trump. Gardner faces re-election issues in an every-growing blue state, so he’s a possiblity, and Lamar Alexander, who is retiring this year has expressed a need for a “thorough trial”.

Other than that, and only on the vote for witnesses, Democrats are well aware that they are losing the game in the end. That’s why Schiff is calling this something that can’t be decided at the ballot box… because he’s hinting at the next play in the book…regardless of Trump’s victory in November, the call will be that there was voter fraud, Russian interference, Ukrainian interference, whatever. Democrats will once again, not be able to accept the fact they’ve acted like a bunch of two year olds, and are being punished by their actions!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Maxine’s At It Again!

You don’t have to have a good memory at all to remember Maxine Waters (D-CA) screaming, “Impeach 45!” at the top of her lungs to anyone that would listen even before Donald Trump took office. You haven’t heard much from Maxine lately. Probably because there were many more people that actually had a command of the English language that they could talk to.

But Waters is back.

She did an interview earlier this week with MSNBC. Bascially, Waters said, “We did what we thought was absolutely necessary to inform the American public about this dishonorable president and what he has done. Yes, he blocked, he intimidated, and he made sure that those people (she’s talking about Bolton and Mulvaney here) that had information about him and what he has done did not come before the Congress of the United States and testify. And so, he basically, obstructed justice. He obstructed the Congress of the United States of America and he worked very hard to keep those with information from coming before us. Why would he do that? Only a guilty person would do that!”

Well, Maxine, you’re wrong again. She certainly knows that the Constitution gives Congress the right to determine what an “impeachable crime” is, but she has no idea what “Executive Privilege” is. Donald Trump, as President, has a right to keep things that he has discussed in his branch of government from other branches, the same way the Supreme Court can hold non-public, in-private meetings, and the same way Congress can hold private, non-public meetings. Each branch of government is allowed to do that. Apparently, Maxine needs a primer in the Constitution! Every single president since George Washington has followed exactly what Donald Trump is doing. What makes Trump different? He won the presidency against someone Maxine felt should have been president. Period.

Waters was then asked if the GOP should be allowed to call Hunter Biden, or even Joe Biden as a witness during the impeachment trial itself. Here’s her response:

“They can call whomever they want to. We know that uh, should they call Biden, they’re tempted to distract attention away from what this president is being accused of. Absolutely we should have Mulvaney. Absolutely we should have Pompino (I think she meant Pompeo). Absolutely we should have those who absolutely know and participated in what was going on. This little of uh, his friends and members, and uh, people in his cabinet are have basically created a criminal enterprise in the White House. Yes, we want to hear from them, they should be witnesses. They can try and call whomever they want to call as a witness. I feel comfortable, uh, that we uh, are on the right track, uh, that we are doing what is, uh, necessary to do uh, as uh, responsible members of the Congress of the United States when the president of the United States has put us in a position of not being secure.”

OK…whew! To parse that fully could take the entire impeachment trial. Let’s suffice it to say that most Democrats don’t want Hunter or Joe Biden called because of the evidence that could be uncovered. It could blow Joe Biden’s chances out of the water of becoming the nominee of the party, and ruin Democrats’ chances of winning back the White House. Second, you’re never going to be able to get people like Mick Mulvaney, or Mike Pompeo or anyone else on the President’s staff to come forward. Again, it’s Executive Privilege. Maxine really needs to go back and take a high school civics class. Suffice to say, witnesses may or may not be called, but if the Democrats don’t allow for the Biden’s to be called, you won’t be getting witnesses. That’s fair!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Idea Of Witnesses

I have a problem with Democrats calling for witnesses to appear at the impeachment trial coming up this next week. It’s primarily because it seemed it was good enough for them during the Clinton impeachment, and some of the very same people clamoring for witnesses now, were against it back then. It was then, as it is now, partisan politics. That’s all it was and all it is. And it smells like rotten fish.

So, I would agree with in principle with what Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) said. If the Democrats want to talk to John Bolton (and it’s allowed by the President), then the President’s defense team gets to call one witness of their choice. It could be Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, anybody they want. If the Democrats want to call a second witness, fine. So do the Republicans. And, if Bolton doesn’t appear, Biden doesn’t appear. If Bolton shows up and Biden doesn’t, the Democrats lose all further witnesses, but the GOP can call all they want. But I’m not at all in favor of witnesses in the first place.

This whole impeachment thing has degraded into a bunch of three year olds fighting in the sandbox. Frankly, I think America is getting tired of it. And frankly I can’t see the true need for witnesses at all. If the Democrats were so interested in John Bolton before, when the House was actually doing the inquiry, why didn’t they subpoena him? I know the story that it was because they didn’t want to drag it through the courts because it was “of major importance to the nation” that this be adjudicated quickly. But if that was the case, why did Nancy Pelosi not turn over the actual articles of impeachment for a friggin’ month? Seems to me Democrats shot themselves in the foot on that one.

No, the more I think about it, the more I think that the Democrats had their shot at making their case. For them to want to come back now, as the trial is starting and say that want to include more witnesses, and they want to include more information is bogus. They feel they don’t have a good argument and now they’re just trying to puff up their side. The whole fact of the matter is, Democrats obviously did a very poor job making the case for impeachment in the first place. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler failed once again at showing the American public there was anything there. Now, they want a do-over.

America is yawning. America has already lost interest. And Democrats realize that they’ve shot their wad and once again, come up empty. They need to finish up this charade and get back to doing the work we the people elected them to do…which wasn’t to impeach a president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!