What Happens When Liberals Run Cities

If you want to look at what life under liberalism would look like, just take a look at most American cities. I’m talking places like New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Toledo Ohio, and Los Angeles. They’ve been run by liberals (not necessarily Democrats), for decades. In every single instance, the cities have major problems stemming not from the fact they are large (or in Toledo’s case…medium sized) cities, but because liberal politics have ruined them.

We can now add another to the list, and it’s a long-time liberal bastion…Seattle, Washington. Seattle, along with it’s sister-liberal city, Portland, Oregon are shining examples of what happens when you let liberals lead. Now the Seattle City Council has decided that renting an apartment in that community is something it should have sole control over. So, they are putting a one-year moratorium on leasing apartments, or even looking for apartments on websites that specialize in that. Apparently, they say those sites inflate housing prices, and may be illegal.

Of course, they’ve forgotten about the First Amendment, something liberals love to throw in your face if you are telling them to shut up because they sound stupid. However, if you disagree with them, they don’t have a problem shutting you down and ignoring it. That’s just what is happening in the Great Northwest.

Here’s the problem. Liberals feel that they need to constantly protect us from ourselves. They have this undying need to play “mother” to us, and tell us what we should and shouldn’t do. The funny thing is, some of the things they allow us to do (like buy recreational marijuana in Washington state) aren’t exactly things your mother would probably approve of. I know mine wouldn’t. Yet, when it comes to something like finding an apartment, you’re too stupid to do it for yourself. You need liberal’s help to make sure you’re not taken advantage of by greedy landlords!

And that is one of the over-riding problems of liberalism. They have this consistent and constant need to over-step their boundaries and to try and expand their powers. They say that they are doing it to protect the weakest of us, yet they don’t give us any credit for being stronger and yes, smarter than they are in a lot of cases. Such is the latest example in Seattle.

So, the city of Seattle is going to be fighting a hugely expensive legal battle over this one. Independent landlords have gotten together to sue the city on a First Amendment issue. And on the surface (though I’m no attorney and don’t ever want to be one), the city is clearly in the wrong here. Oh, they say they are just “pausing” the ability to use websites, but please, somebody show me in the Constitution when “pausing” your First Amendment rights is ok. I doubt even the vaunted federal government can do that!

Sorry Seattle, you’ve now joined the list of cities that are run by liberals and suck. And the list keeps growing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “What Happens When Liberals Run Cities

  1. Another good one! Did we ever think we would agree on so much as we aged But then, I think we have pretty much always agreed on the big issues!

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