Venezuela Can, US Cannot!

So, let me understand if I get the picture coming out of Joe Biden these days. It’s fine and OK if Chevron can go to Venezuela to drill for oil, but here in the US, there’s (and I’m quoting Biden here) “No more drilling!” Is that right?

I know Biden is this climate change geek that thinks that everything has to be electric without realizing how electricity in this country is actually created. I realize that Biden has a love affair with the electric vehicles and wants to see the US do away with fossil fuels as soon as possible. But please, someone tell me that he’s not stupid enough to think that it’s absolutely OK if a country other than the US creates what in his mind is pollution that destroys the entire planet, and it’s still not OK for the US to do likewise. Is that just about the gist of it?

For those of you that are still in your Thanksgiving haze, Joe Biden’s administration has worked out a deal with Nicolas Maduro, the dictator in Venezuela. Basically speaking, it gives Chevron the ability to drill for oil in Venezuela (which has a ton of it just like the US), and then load that oil on tankers and ship it to the US for refining. But it’s not OK for the US to drill for oil in this country.

Now, the administration says that there are like 9,000 open drilling permits that are out there and are currently being unused. John Kirby, the NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, called on the oil companies in this country to get those permits and start drilling! That’s a huge turn-about from Biden’s call on November 7th, when he spouted, “No more drilling!”. Ah, but what Kirby doesn’t tell you is the real story.

See, drilling permits aren’t oil permits. Drilling permits could be issued for your backyard. That doesn’t mean geologists have been over to your house and have determined that there is oil there. In fact, a lot of the 9,000 permits are in fact dry. Geologists from the various oil companies have indeed looked at the areas of the permit and decided it’s not worth drilling there. Drilling permits are the first step in finding oil. Then geologists have to determine if oil actually exists under the ground. Then they have to build the actual oil drilling rig. Then they have to add in the entire above ground infrastructure. They have to build the pads the oil rigs sit on. They have to build the roads leading up to rig because they don’t use ATV’s to carry the oil out of there! That process can take years. Then they can finally drill. Then comes the cementing and the testing. Then the well is completed and pumped. And then the fracking starts. Finally, there’s the well abandonment and land restoring to get the land back to the way it was before they started drilling. It’s a whole process. John Kirby, as smart as he thinks he is, obviously doesn’t know two cents about oil well drilling. I don’t either and I know enough to realize that I just said is the process!

So, we have a situation where Joe Biden goes off to Saudi Arabia, hat in hand, and begs the Saudi’s to drill for more oil. They refuse for the very simple reason that they are already at like 96% capacity. They can’t drill for more oil. Biden, or more probably, his staff realizes they just can’t shut off oil. It wouldn’t be prudent. So, now they need to find more oil to bridge the gap. They don’t want to drill here. They don’t want Canadian oil because then they’d probably lose the argument for stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. So, they go to Venezuela. And the reasons are funny really.

The reason the administration goes to Venezuela and tells Nicolas Maduro that they are going to lift some sanctions on his country is because Venezuela owes Chevron some money. Well, more than some money. Many many monies. I think it’s in the hundreds of millions, but don’t quote me. And the Biden folks think that squares things. But doesn’t it still do damage to the environment? I mean, if it hurts the earth, it hurts the earth, right? So what if it’s in Venezuela or the US?

Biden’s problem here is he has to come clean and explain the reason. It was about oil, whether he likes it or not. Biden does not care about whether an oil company is owed money from a foreign government because he wants to shut down the oil companies. So, he has to come up with a reason, and that reason is as flimsy as a well-used paper straw. There are 9,000 drilling permits sitting there in DC waiting to be bid on. And he thinks no one knows that’s not going to solve the problem.

And now you know better!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Latest Pickle

Joe Biden is in trouble. Oh, it may not seem like it, but to a few million college students, and graduates who have outstanding student loan debt, they are feeling the heat a little bit today.

Biden has promised them that he would “forgive” about $10,000 of student loan debt to each of them ($20,000 if they qualified) because of the emergency of the pandemic that he has said is over. He’s using an artificially devised reason to point to powers he doesn’t have to transfer the debt from the students and graduates to the rest of us. It hasn’t flown in court so far as judge after judge has told Biden that he doesn’t have the authority to wipe off the debt from the students. That would be Congress’ job. The case is now in front of the Supreme Court.

So, with Biden promising that he would make good on wiping out the debt for the students, and not being able to officially do so, he has had to do the next best thing. He has postponed the repayment of the debt for the third time. Now, this goes against what Biden said back on August 25th when he announced the second such delay in payment citing the “student loan payments pause is going to end.” Biden’s reason was that his administration had “wound down pandemic relief programs like the ones for unemployment insurance and small businesses. It’s time we do the same thing for student loans. It’s time for the payments to resume.”

And now, Biden has come out and said that well, maybe not resume anytime soon. Since he won’t accept the fact that he’s been slapped down by every court he’s been in front of in order to keep his promise, he has the need of delaying the start of repayment. He’s done so again, going back on the August 25th statement by now delaying the repayment start up date until the end of June, 2023. That, by the way, would coincide with when the Supreme Court would be issuing it’s decision on whether or not Biden has the authority to transfer the debt to the taxpayers.

My question is, what is Biden going to do come the end of June when the conservative court slaps him down for the final time stating that it’s Congress’ job to approve tax increases (which in essence is what this is). Is he going to drag this out even further? Or, is he going to blame it on the Republicans that he can’t fulfill his promise to the millions of students who took out huge student loans, knowing full well when they did that at some point they’d have to repay them, but now they find that having a degree in Art History, or Women’s Studies doesn’t pay the rent, much less the student loan. Either way, Biden is going to emerge with egg on his face. And the promise that he made to the students is as empty as the Strategic Oil Reserves that he has drained dry.

I will say one thing. At the very least, Joe Biden has been able to maintain a consistent presence in the White House. He hasn’t hit on one decent issue yet. And it looks like the Biden record of failure will continue with the student loan bailout!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Coming Clean On Huntergate

Well, it’s official. CBS News has officially handed over their mantle as “The Tiffany Network”. It originated network news as we know it today. It was the home of such mega stars as Douglas Edwards, Edward R. Murrow, and yes, Walter Cronkite himself. Back in the day, what CBS said went. They were trusted. They were honest. They covered news with authority and without bias. You never knew who those three men, and the reporters that worked at CBS voted for. Nor did you care. You wanted to get the facts from a news story and you got it with CBS. That mantle has long been tarnished, first with Dan Rather, and then with the roaming cast of third-stringers that occupied Cronkite’s seat over the years, but could never rise to his level of objectivity.

The fall from grace has been a long time coming, but we can now consider it complete.

Back in 2020, CBS News wanted to believe that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a non-starter at best. They did their best to wipe the legitimacy from their airwaves citing it to be a hoax, a fraud, and not worthy of mention. People like Norah O’Donnell were tabbed to discredit the whole laptop story during the presidential elections.

Now, CBS News has come clean.

In a move that one can only describe as “too little, too late”, CBS has declared to the world that yes, Virginia, the Hunter Biden laptop is indeed real, and does contain enough damage to seriously damage the Biden family business of scarfing as much money from far away countries as Ukraine and China as is humanly possible.

The move only deflates what shred of credibility that CBS News had. Certainly in the past 41 years, since Cronkite retired, the honesty and integrity that people like Edwards and Murrow brought to the news game diminished. Names like Dan Rather, Connie Chung, Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric, Scott Pelley, Jeff Glor, and O’Donnell came and went but none could match Cronkite in tenure or ranking.

For CBS News to come out two years late and now say that yes, the Hunter Biden laptop is actually legitimate, and does have a place for discussion in the newsrooms around the world is a joke. As long as their guy won the 2020 election, CBS was willing to sacrifice it’s own credibility and honesty and trade in the ethics that those early network pioneers forged for what? Joe Biden? Really? I would think that if you’re going to trade in the honesty and integrity of a Douglas Edwards, a Walter Cronkite or an Edward R. Murrow, you’re at the very least going to do it to save the country. But CBS saw fit to piss away that good name in order to give Joe Biden the White House, and two years of freedom to pass whatever he could to advance a socialist agenda.

Whether or not Biden is going to be able to escape the upcoming investigations, the rumored deals with “the Big Guy” raking in 10% of the millions that were invested in Biden Inc. remains to be seen. What is crystal clear however, is that television’s version of “The Gray Lady” as the New York Times was called prior to losing their credibility, is now ranked as another scant version of TMZ. CBS CEO, George Cheeks should join the long list of anchors that have come and gone over the recent years. It’s embarrassing. I can only imagine what Walter Cronkite is thinking about now.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why KJP Fails Miserably At Her Job

Karine Jean-Pierre has faced a lot of criticism since taking over the podium as Press Secretary from Jen Psaki. And there’s good reason.

She sucks at her job.

The Biden administration wanted to make the appointment of KJP based, not on her ability to be a cogent and respected Press Secretary, but on being black, female, and gay. And this is what they got! They got a woman that isn’t very competent in dealing with the hungry monsters called the media in the daily press briefings.

Jean-Pierre continues to astound people with how unprepared she is on the simplest of topics. Rather than come into the briefings with a knowledge of the things she knows she will be asked, she refers to her over-bulging question-outline book she takes with her like someone in dire need of oxygen holds on to their oxygen canister. Without it, she stammers and stumbles like she’s in a drunken stupor. It’s embarrassing to watch.

The latest escapade that serves as a perfect example came on Tuesday this past week. KJP was taking questions from the media on the subject de jour, which happened to be Anthony Fauci. He’s scheduled to leave his post and retire sometime in December. The White House COVID Response Team was giving their assessment as to where the pandemic that isn’t anymore currently stands. During the Q&A session that followed, Daily Caller reporter, Diana Glebova asked Jean-Pierre what Fauci had done to investigate the origins of COVID. Instead of answering the question, KJP decided to obfuscate and redirect a barrage of salvo’s at Glebova. She said, “We have a process here. I’m not calling out on people who yell. And you’re being … disrespectful to your colleagues, and you’re being disrespectful to our guest, I will not call on you if you yell, and also you’re taking time off the clock because Dr. Fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes.”

Of course, that set off a firestorm. And when Glebova objected saying she was just asking the question that was on every reporters’ mind, she got the now famous retort, “I’m done!” from the Press Secretary.

Here’s the deal. If you’re going to be a Press Secretary in the White House, or any place in government for that matter, you’re going to get tough questions and you need to formulate your answer based on a logical and honest response, not based on garbage. Jen Psaki, who I believe wasn’t ever considered the best Press Secretary available, knew how to handle the press. Jean-Pierre is afraid of them. So, she lashes out when she can’t think of anything else to say. She turns the argument back on the reporter asking the question, even though it’s a fair question and she hasn’t given a reasonable response.

Compare KJP’s outburst with that of someone that was considered probably the best Press Secretary in the last 40 years, Tony Snow. He would often joke with the press on hard issues, and leave them with a pithy comment or two, but he always answered their questions. He respected their questions because he was one of them. It’s a rare occasion when you have the ability to understand what the reporter is going through and try to help them out while making sure you put the best spin on it for the White House. Jean-Pierre doesn’t understand that. I doubt she ever will.

The country (and the reporters in the room) need to be able to withstand poor Press Secretaries from time to time. And while KJP is undoubtedly the worst we’ve seen at the podium in quite some time, she does have some company. Marie Harf who was a spokesperson at the State Department after Jen Psaki moved to the White House during the Obama administration was also bad. Her saving grace was that she wasn’t featured on the national evening newscasts fumbling around quite as much as Karine, and thus came off smelling a little better.

At some point, Jean-Pierre is going to leave her post. Either she will be replaced by Joe Biden, or she will reach the point where she has had enough of those “savage reporters” and will quit, hoping to become a “contributor” at CNN or MSNBC. We can only hope that day comes sooner rather than later!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Whole Ticketmaster Thing…

Disclaimer: I think I may have purchased tickets through Ticketmaster one time. I can’t remember, but I think it was probably 15 years ago. I don’t go to many concerts anymore. They’re too friggin’ expensive, and let’s face it. I’ve probably already seen all of the acts that I’d want to see anyway. I mean, who wants to hear 75 and 80 year old musicians like those in Chicago, or the Doobie Brothers? I had the chance to see Sinatra when he was in his late 70’s. I turned it down because that’s not the Frank Sinatra I remember. I’m glad I did. I heard he sucked.

But that said, apparently the whole ticket buying experience, whether you’re buying tickets for sporting events, or concerts, or events has basically come before one group and that’s Ticketmaster. They’re owned by a group called Live Nation. I used to work for a company called Clear Channel (now IHeartMedia), and we started Live Nation several years ago. It got sold off a long time ago and morphed into what it is today. And in case you aren’t up to speed with what happened this past week or 10 days, let me catch you up.

Taylor Swift is set to do a concert tour next year. It’s supposed to be this big thing. Now, I’m not a Taylor Swift fan. In fact, I’m not much of a fan of any musical act anymore. But she apparently has tiers of fans. If you want to be a “Swiftie”, you have to pay to join this elite group. It gives you benefits like early access to concert tickets. And that’s where the problem came in. Ticketmaster was to handle the sales of her concert tour tickets (like they do with pretty much every musical act these days). They told Swift that they could handle the millions of people that she told them would line up for the early ticket sales. They couldn’t. I guess there were ten times the number of people trying to buy tickets. Ticketmaster said that they could fill 900 stadiums of 45,000 each with the number of people wanting tickets.

In short, the website crashed.

Some Swifties were able to get tickets, but millions of others weren’t. They were kept in a queue for hours and then unceremoniously dumped, empty handed. The next day, Ticketmaster said they were cancelling the sale of the regular ticket sale and wouldn’t be offering the tickets at all. That means that scalpers now control the pricing. Wanna see Taylor Swift? I can get you seats behind the stage where you won’t be able to see anything for $376 each. If you want to be close to the stage, like 50 rows back, it’ll cost you $3,870. Those tickets are in Glendale, Arizona on March 18th at State Farm Arena (where next year’s Super Bowl is played).

OK, that’s the back story. So, now, there is a move afoot to investigate and breakup Ticketmaster because of their “monopoly” on ticket sales for concert events. It begs the question: If a company, any company, gets to be “too big”, is it right to knock them down to size and break them up? I know that’s called “anti-trust”, but it’s happened throughout our history. I guess one of the more recent ones was the breakup of AT&T, remember? They developed a bunch of “Baby Bells” with names like Nynex and such. Now, AT&T is still around today, but nowhere near the monolith that they were back in the day. But is it right, in a country that professes to be market-driven, to punish someone if they get to be too big? Even if they do it through tactics like Google and Facebook use, buying out their competition or ruining them? You see it with major airlines. They see some start up that is eating into their profits and they make those routes unprofitable for a time, and drive the competitor out of business. That’s basically what Ticketmaster has done.

And then you get an incident like what happened with the Swifties and it shines a big ol’ spotlight on the mess. Now, everybody clamors about it and swears they need to do something. My guess is if that sale had gone off without a hitch, you’d never have heard a word about Ticketmaster. And yes, based on what I’ve heard, they probably DO charge way too much in fees to buy tickets through them. Hell, growing up if I wanted to see a band in concert, I had to drive to the venue and buy tickets. That was the only way to do it. People used to stand in line for hours sometimes to get seats. Nowadays, they’re spoiled. Nowadays they have to wait at home in a “queue”. No camping out. No driving half way across the state, no being dirty and tired and hungry just to see some band.

I’m not sure what the answer is, or what the way these companies should be treated is…but I AM sure we’re going to see some regulation coming out of Washington going forward. It’s one more thing distracting those that supposedly represent us from being focused on the issues that really matter in this country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Be Thankful!

It is that time to be thankful. After the last couple of years, I know it can be challenging, but we DO have a lot to be thankful for. Even this year.

We have lived through a time that has been fraught with all sorts of trials and tribulations. We’ve lived through political turmoil, out of control crime rates, a recession (albeit a short one), out of control inflation, a southern border crisis with no end in sight, a Congress and president that seem hell-bent on destroying America, and influences from a cast of bad characters from around the world that threaten our very existence.

And yet, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Today, I’m thankful because once again this year, my entire family is here. My kids have flown in with their families from back east. We even got my son’s mother-in-law coming this year! We have been able to spend all of this week together, which is my favorite week of the year. And today, we top it off with what we were meant to do. Eat a dinner fit for a king, watch football until we are sick of the sport, and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m thankful that I was blessed with a lady to spend my life with that is so great. I can’t believe how we have been able to almost have a mind-meld (look it up non-Star Trek fans!) and think each other’s thoughts. She has been my best friend and my rock for lo- these last 44 years.

I’m thankful for being able to spend this holiday, and plenty of other holidays (and regular days) with my mother. She’s 88 years old and I wasn’t able to spend the time with her that I wanted when I was working. But now that I live down the street from her, I can pop in for a cup of coffee, and I’m there if she needs help with anything. It kind of makes up for the 30 years or so that I couldn’t.

I really grateful that I live in a country where I can spout off like I do, and not be arrested for it (yet). There are more than a few places where I would be in chains right now, probably on a rock pile somewhere if I said in those countries what I say in this one. Never take “Freedom of Speech” for granted.

This one is probably a lot lower on the list than I make it out to be, but I’m thankful that I don’t have to deal with snow. It’s one of the really nice things about living in a desert. I did had to deal with it earlier this year, when I went back east to see one of my granddaughters in a play…and it SNOWED our last day there. It was the first time in 11 years I had actually seen the stuff…and I was worried our flight would be delayed or cancelled. Then I remembered that it was only a couple of inches, and I used to drive to ballgames in feet of snow, not inches!

I’m grateful that I get to go to Florida in a couple of months and see my brother and his family, that I really don’t get a chance to see all that often. I’m not a big fan of the state of Florida…the weather is way too unpredictable for me, the bugs are outrageous and the humidity kills my sinuses every time I go down there. But spending time with him is really a joy and I miss it!

And I’m thankful that all of you have chosen to take time out of your holiday weekend, and read my rants. You know, I started this whole thing eleven years ago because I was sick and tired of Obamacare. I did it more as a release and never thought it would be seen by the thousands of you that have this at your disposal across so many different sources. I’m also grateful for all of the people that consistently re-blog what I write. I wonder sometimes if it’s worthy of that, but I’m very happy they do it. I never did this for fame or fortune, and would never think of doing it for either. I do it because I enjoy it. And like anything else in my life, the minute it stops being fun and enjoyable, that’s the time I say it’s time to quit.

And I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this holiday means to you what it means to me!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Revolution Has Already Been Fought!

I hate to say this, but there are several of the people that read this blog that believe the only way to “fix” our system is to have a revolution. For the right to take on the left in a revolution. Thomas Jefferson said,  “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” And I know I’ve traded comments with several of you regarding an “upcoming revolution”. But I have news for you…

The Revolution has already been fought. And we lost.

I know that’s not what anybody wants to hear, but I can point to some stark differences between the right and the left and show you that it’s already happened.

First of all, I point to the Whackjob group headed up by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It started out in 2018 with her and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. They were joined shortly by Ayanna Pressley. In 2018 they added a couple others, most notably Cori Bush. Now, in 2022, four more have joined the ranks. Granted, up to 10 people in a body that holds 435 isn’t what I would call a major shift, but you have to look at the way the right does things versus the way the left does things.

When the conservatives take charge, they set to work undoing all of the programs, or as many as they can, that the liberals put in play. They may cut taxes, or relax some regulations, but that’s about it. When the liberals are in charge, they take steps. Oh, they may not achieve their goals during their term, and they are OK with that. They take a step this time. They’ll add to it next time until WHAM! You have Obamacare. Remember? That started back in the 1950’s when disability was added to Social Security. Slowly Medicare and Medicaid came into being. That started to get expanded in 1992 with Hillary Clinton. Then it failed quickly. Did the liberals give up? Nope. They bided their time. They waited. It took 17 years before they were about to pass Obamacare. And conservatives haven’t been able to do anything to unwrap it.

The same thing will happen over and over again in any number of areas. It’ll happen in economics. It’ll happen in tax and spend. It’ll happen with the border crisis and criminal reform.They will get their way. Conservatives want to have something healed today. Liberals don’t care if they get it this cycle or 20 years from now. As long as they get it, that’s all that matters.

And there is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives play the short game and try to “fix” what’s wrong thanks to the liberals’ mis-steps. Liberals keep plugging away at whatever it is they want to accomplish. Well, there’s that and the fact that when conservatives lose, they accept it and move on. When liberals lose, they cry and moan about it until they have the numbers to fix it their way. Of course, the other big difference, and I can’t emphasize this enough. When conservatives usually implement something, it’s pretty good policy. When liberals do, most of the time it’s going to cost us all a lot of money.

And that is why, even though we all feel that there is a revolution coming, it’s not. We’re wrong. The revolution has been fought. The fact that AOC’s clan has basically doubled in size in four years ought to be very concerning to everyone out there, even, and especially the Democrats. If you’re a modern Democrat in today’s society, you’re a dinosaur. You’re dead man walking. And it won’t be long before they swallow you up and spit you out, just like they’ve been doing for the past four years. The time to fight is now. The time to fight dirty is now. Because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up one day and realize that you’ve already lost the war. That’s something none of us want to have happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump’s Mistake?

Well, I don’t care what party or political belief structure you own up to, you didn’t get much of a break. We just learned that the GOP will indeed take over the House of Representatives next year, BUT FIRST… had to endure Donald Trump announcing that he’s going to be running for president again in 2024. So, we haven’t even finished the midterm cycle, and we’ve begun with the presidential cycle.

And it was a big mistake.

Now, it will be interesting to see what happens somewhere in the summer of 2024, but Rasmussen has just come out with a poll stating that a whopping 60% of American voters have said they don’t want Donald Trump to run. 32% thought it was a good idea.

Most of the respondents to the poll said they would opt for Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis over Trump if it came to that. I would tend to agree and have said so here. I think that in Trump’s running for the nomination speech we are looking at the same thing as we did in 2016 with Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush trying for the nomination. People were tired of Bushes and Clintons in the Oval Office. After all, those two families held sway in this country for a total of 20 years! And if look at the present situation, you’ve had eight years of Bobo, four years of The Donald, and four more years of Bobo’s VP. That’s 16 years with two different administrations. America isn’t ready for another four of that!

I think there are several clues that point to this being a huge mistake. The most telling comes from Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka, who is going to sit this one out. The second was the fact that in the tight “need to win Senate races” of Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, Trump’s endorsed candidates lost all four. And he lost several key Governor’s races including Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Donald Trump gave us a booming economy when he ran things. I certainly don’t have a problem with that. He made history both in a good way, and in a bad way. He had the lowest minority unemployment rate in history. He had a huge financial win-fall for people of all colors in wage growth, all while keeping inflation at an average of 1.5%. And he managed to lower taxes for most people through 2026! You couldn’t ask for more economically than what he gave us.

Unfortunately, there was a bad side to Trump. The incessant tweets in the middle of the night, the name-calling of people he didn’t agree with for some of the lamest reasons out there. If you weren’t on board with him on every issue, you were against him. That may be one way to run a real estate empire, but it’s not a way to govern the best country in the world.

What I find interesting is the fact that the people that were closest to him during his time in the White House, people like his Vice President, people like his Secretary of State, people like two of his Chief of Staffs, all have come out and said, “We can probably do better than Donald Trump in 2024”. These people were the closest to him, and they aren’t backing him. Who is? Kari Lake. The loser in the Arizona Governor’s race to Katie Hobbs was the first to endorse his candidacy. Now think about that for a minute. Someone that lost their race for Governor, and is no more than an ordinary citizen, was the first to endorse Trump? That’s like saying I’m endorsing Ron DeSantis, or Barry Flippits (whoever that is). It doesn’t matter. Lake’s endorsement means nothing. It means one vote. Period.

So, Trump has decided to run again. Now, the best thing that can happen once the Georgia runoff gets sorted out, and all of the remaining House races are decided, is that the cable news networks, the broadcast networks, the talk radio stations, all ignore the fact Trump has declared a whopping two years before the election, and move on to the other things that America cares about.

Yes, if it were Trump v. Biden round two, I’d hold my nose. I don’t give up my right to vote for anybody. I would (and have) voted for the lesser of two evils. I just hope it doesn’t come to that! America is better than that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s Up To McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy has waited a LONG time to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. He finally gets his chance now, but he’s got a lot of work to do between now and the actual vote that takes place on the House floor in January.

McCarthy took the leadership mantle on Tuesday of this past week, beating out Arizona Representative, Andy Biggs for Speaker of the House in the GOP Caucus. The vote was 188-31. But McCarthy needs to get moving to secure the nomination and turn it into a job. He needs a plurality of votes when the whole House votes come January. And that’s going to be a tough row to hoe with the Democrats totally against him. Add up the numbers from the vote on Tuesday, and you’ll see, there were only 219 votes cast. That means McCarthy can only afford to lose one person from the GOP side.

In 2020 in the most recent election, Nancy Pelosi only beat Kevin McCarthy 216-209 to secure the seat. That means only four Democrats bolted from her. McCarthy can only afford one or two at the most.

So, what’s the problem with McCarthy? It’s simply the Freedom Caucus, which Andy Biggs chairs. These are a group of folks that a farther to the right of McCarthy, that think the GOP needs to take it to the Democrats on a number of issues. These are the guys and gals that want the House to impeach Joe Biden, investigate Hunter Biden, impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, look into the riots of 2020 and bring those that burned federal buildings to justice. They’d also love to figure out how they could punish people like Nancy Pelosi, or AOC and the rest of the Whackjob clan she’s a part of. They will most assuredly boycott anything that gets sent to the Hill by Joe Biden, or passed by a Chuck Schumer led Senate.

And where Pelosi has had her hands full dealing with the progressives and socialists of her party over the last four years, McCarthy is going to have the same problem with those who are farther to the right than he is. It’s not going to be easy, especially with a margin of victory that makes the Democrats’ current lead look like miles of open water.

It won’t be the first time someone from the Republican side has had problems either. John Boehner had his hands full to the point he was basically recalled from his post and forced to retire. Then you had Paul Ryan, which proved to be too much of a job for him, and he retreated to the safety of his family life. Let’s face it…the days of having a Speaker that sits in that chair for more than four terms like a Sam Rayburn, Henry Clay, or Tip O’Neill are long gone. The party’s are too fractured to allow that to happen.

McCarthy is going to have to learn to swim with the sharks and he doesn’t have a lot of time for a ton of lessons between now and then. Somehow I don’t Pelosi is going to be there to give him advice either. It’ll be up to the California native to figure this one out on his own. I can tell you this…other than Clay, who served as speaker in the 1820’s, the longest serving Republican in that spot was none other than…wait for it…Dennis Hastert in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Somehow, the guys in the GOP just don’t stick around too long. I doubt McCarthy will either.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Has Trump’s Time Come and Gone?

Donald Trump wants to run for president again. That in and of itself shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s got an ego as big as all of outdoors, and he doesn’t like to lose. When he does, it’s always somebody else’s fault. He’s quick to turn on anyone, even his most ardent supporters if he feels they’ve betrayed him in any way. And for a politician, that’s not a good thing. Because politicians know that they aren’t going to win every time out. And the guy that voted against your proposal today is the guy that could help drag you across the finish line tomorrow.

Donald Trump has become a dinosaur.

The one bright shining spot from this midterm election was Florida, and Ron DeSantis. DeSantis cemented himself as the leader of the Republican party if he wants it. And I for one certainly hope he does. You hear people saying all the time that we need to get past Biden, we need to get past Trump. Well, DeSantis is a very good option for getting past Donald Trump. He has all of the positives that Trump brought to the table. He has the policies that work and are good for America. He has the ability to communicate them and sell them to the voters in such a way that they are on his side, even the Democrats! And he has very little of the baggage that Donald Trump amassed over the years.

The only question is, what are the Democrats going to try and do to thwart him if he decides to run for the White House? And you know, they’ll try to come up with something!

What I find to be the most refreshing thing here is that we are on the cusp of having a true Reaganesque leader in DeSantis. We haven’t had that in the Republican party since Reagan. Trump probably came the closest, but fell apart when he had to tweet constantly and name called with impunity. Had Trump been less Trump and more Reagan in his behavior (hell, had he been more Obama in his behavior), he’d still be president today!

I hope DeSantis thinks it over and decides that it’s time to run for president and put Donald Trump out to pasture. DeSantis already did that with Charlie Crist. There’s no reason he couldn’t do it with Trump. Trump is already scared of him and you can tell that by the fact that when DeSantis was busy preparing for Hurricane Nicole, and helping Floridians get ready for the storm, Trump was out calling him “a fair governor”. Sorry Donald. He beat everything you did politically, and did it with class.

I really think the time has come for Donald Trump to retire, enjoy life at Mar a Lago, and play golf. He’s certainly earned that mantle. He doesn’t need another bout of campaigning, though I know it feeds his ego to have thousands of people cheering him. It doesn’t do anything positive for America. Especially when you consider that some 56% of the population have a negative view of him, and wouldn’t vote for him if he were the only candidate running. Hell, even Republicans don’t want him to run.

And as I think about it, didn’t we have the same type of thing going on just six years ago? Remember 2016? I saw more than one sign that said, “No more Clintons, No more Bush’s”. Well, we face the same thing today with Trump and Biden. Neither are the future of America. Both need to step aside for the next generation and let them fight it out!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!