Is Violating Free Speech A Crime?

Interesting thought as I saw that Twitter came out and admitted that they were liberal and had a bias in their world. First of all, I respect the fact that Twitter is being truthful. Thank you for not hiding your bias. Second, that also raises the question when it comes to free speech, is it a crime to deny someone’s free speech because of your (or their) political views?

I only on occasion agree with Bill Maher. I think he’s pompous, over-blown, very unimportant, and basically an ass. But he’s right on this occasion. I recently blogged about how all of the social media is basically banning Alex Jones from speaking. Maher said that Jones should be allowed to speak his piece, and he’s 100% right. Now the FCC got involved when they shut down his pirated radio station. That part I can understand. A pirated radio station is being run illegally, and the FCC took steps to make sure it was within the confines of their rules and regulations. It wasn’t. The social media thing didn’t do that (there’s no law against posting stuff on Facebook or Twitter…just a company policy.

So, in the case of Alex Jones, I’m wondering whether he can sue those social media giants for denying him his first amendment rights? I would think he could…even if they are as inflammatory as what Jones says. The first amendment doesn’t say anything about not being an ass when you speak. And yes, the Supreme Court has said that you can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but does that extend to political speak?

There’s also nothing in the first amendment that says you have to be correct when you make a statement. If that were the case, both our current president and his opponent in the last election should be in jail for violating the first amendment. You can most certainly be wrong, especially when you’re dealing with politics.

This is one of those, “hold your nose as you back somebody” moments. I don’t like Alex Jones. I think he’s an idiot gone off the rails, but he has a first amendment right to be that idiot, and I will support his right to be an idiot with my dying breath. Facebook, Twitter, Google (who owns YouTube), and the rest are dead wrong for taking him down. My hunch is, if Alex Jones were smart (and I’m not sure he is), he’d be getting his lawyer to file a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against those companies for denying him his first amendment rights. No company policy against saying “hateful” things can violate the Constitution. And when you drag public political figures into the mix, all bets are off!

Alex Jones is wrong in what he says. I think 98% of Americans would agree with that. But the fact that he doesn’t even get the chance to say it? That’s 100% wrong! These social media giants should be made to pay for their liberalism, and failure to follow the US Constitution.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Revoking Clearances?

I could never figure out why in the world when one regime leaves power in Washington and another one from a different party takes over, top secret clearances weren’t automatically revoked. Oh, I get the fact that the incoming administration may need some explanation as to why something was done, or some advice given on a certain topic, but if that were the case, you can always have the president declassify something for that purpose for that person. It doesn’t have to be a blanket clearance.

So, I wonder why it’s such a big deal that John Brennan had his clearance revoked. And I wonder why he believes that Donald Trump is taking away his First Amendment right to free speech? He is all over the news, he’s writing OpEd’s in newspapers all over the country. I’m hearing more from this guy after his clearance was revoked than I did when he was Director of the CIA!

I’m sure Donald Trump is going to take out more security clearances. I mean, tell me what use James Comey, or James Clapper, or Sally Yates actually need with security clearance with the Trump administration? Do you think any of them are actually going to sit down and talk with Donald Trump about anything?

Look, when you serve your time in DC, that’s great. I think it’s super that you’ve served your country. That should be it. There shouldn’t be any pension. There shouldn’t be any long-term security clearance. You should be out of government after that and finished. No lobbying job. No more job on TV analyzing what the current folks in power are doing wrong (I’m looking at you Marie Harf and Jason Chavitz!). And no more free healthcare, or other perks that current folks in Congress get. You’ve done your time, you’re finished.

Somehow though, those in power seem to want to hang on to it longer than they are alive. And that’s just plain wrong. Look, if James Comey somehow gets reappointed to the head of the FBI by some Democrat up the road, fine. Let him be confirmed by the Senate again, and let it play out. But there isn’t any need for clearance for him now. It’s not necessary, and I bet there would be a savings to the country by revoking the clearance.

It just doesn’t make sense to have these guys hanging around doing absolutely nothing but bad mouthing the administration. And that’s another thing…when you leave DC, you’re done. No tell-all book, no bad-mouthing the next administration, none of that. Yes, it’s a slap at the “freedom of speech” thing, but you are the one that accepted that job in the first place, and if you don’t want that hanging over you at the end, you shouldn’t accept the job.

People in Washington need to wake up before they are woken up. There is an unrestful roiling in this country that is going to create a backlash to those in power, on both sides of the aisle. As Thomas Jefferson once said…”I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cuomo Needs To Resign

The Governor of New York either needs to apologize for comments he made during a bill signing the other day, or he needs to resign. Taking a swipe at Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”, Andrew Cuomo mentioned that “America was never all that great”.


Obviously, the Governor of one of the most populous states in the union has some mental issues. America was “never” that great? Really? So, when we basically rebuilt Europe after World War II, it wasn’t that great? When we gave millions of Jews a homeland (I know…the UN did it, but the US was behind it), that wasn’t great? It wasn’t great that we built the world’s biggest economy? We have the world’s largest armed forces to the point that when our allies need help, we drop what we’re doing and rush in to save the day at a moment’s notice. That’s not being great?

Look, I get that Cuomo and other snowflake liberals out there have this disdain of Donald Trump because he’s a neophyte politician who beat supposedly the smartest woman in the world and the heir to the Oval Office. Well, it turns out that instead of being angry at Trump, Cuomo and all of these other snowflakes…and you can read some of their inane and verbose comments here…need to look at themselves. They don’t even have the good sense to blame themselves for not electing the person they felt should win. Instead, they want to blame the winner and call him illegitimate. Well, that’s just hogwash.

See, it’s this overblown attitude that they are the smartest people in the world and we are idiots that can’t choose our own leaders with any ability that just riles them. They can’t believe that someone like Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. They couldn’t believe it when George W. Bush beat Al Gore. And I’m sure going forward, they won’t believe it the next time a Republican gets elected president.

What Andrew Cuomo said is wrong. He needs to apologize not only to the millions of New Yorkers (who by the way, couldn’t believe he said it), but to all Americans. Either that or he needs to resign his office and get the hell out of this “not so great” country. And the Republicans should probably make damn sure they send him a thank you card for giving them one hell of a campaign commercial come 2020. Cuomo has said he wants to explore running for President against Trump. That’ll be one fine commercial, I assure you!

I’m really getting sick and tired of these idiot liberals that want to trash every single thing Republicans do. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are in that mix. If Jesus Christ himself descended to earth and proclaimed himself to be a Republican, these people would probably want to crucify him all over again.

Frankly, I don’t agree with much going on in the Democrat party these days, but they aren’t totally without good ideas. Every once in a while, they come up with one. The last one actually was with Obamacare. Well, let me rephrase that. It was the elimination of the “pre-existing condition” part of Obamacare. The rest of the bill sucked. But these guys are so hepped up to think they’re are the solution to every problem in America, they can’t see straight. Ask a Democrat what good is going on in the country today and they won’t be able to tell you the economy is great, that actually the tariffs that Trump has proposed are indeed leveling the playing field and are having the desired effect.

That’s why they are snowflakes. Let’s just hope they melt before election day. THAT is what would make America great again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End Of Media As We Know It

Picture a world that has no media. Oh, there are still ways to get information. But it’s nothing like it is today. Picture a world where there are no newspapers, no television stations in your town (or nearby), and local radio stations are a thing of the past.

It’s happening even as we speak.

Facebook exec Campbell Brown met with a bunch of Australian news organizations recently, and told them basically, that they could work with her and her company, or they could die. In fact I think her actual quote was, “We will help you revitalize journalism … in a few years the reverse looks like I’ll be holding your hands with your dying ­business like in a hospice.”

Well, she’s right.

But it goes much further than just Facebook playing bully with a bunch of foreign news organizations. It has come to the point where censorship is beginning to rear its ugly head into the mainstream, and that is a very dangerous occurrence. Do you remember George Orwell’s classic, “1984”? Remember how whenever something happened that the government didn’t like, they just re-wrote history to have it fit their narrative? Isn’t that what’s happening today?

We are not even two years removed from Barrack Obama, and yet the left hails him as this incredible savior of our country’s economy. The truth is, Barrack Obama elongated the nasty recession that occurred because of the Bush-era banking issues. Actually, to be truthful, it was Dodd-Frank that was the cause of that, making banks lend money to people that couldn’t afford it so they could buy houses…but that’s another blog altogether.

Another even more alarming issue is what’s happening to Alex Jones. Now, before we get too far into this, let me say Alex Jones at InfoWars is an idiot. He gives every conservative in America a bad name, and is himself the epitome of fake news. He makes stuff up under the guise of “free speech”, and so no one has stopped him. Until now.

Facebook has nixed his account. YouTube, I heard took down his videos, and now Twitter has eighty-sixed his account. So, if I’m so anti-Jones on this one, why am I pissed about this?

Simple. It’s a violation of freedom of speech. And I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you have a right to it. As much as I rail against the fake news spewed by the mainstream media, I’ve never said they should be out of business. I mean, they will be eventually, but I’m not calling for it. And if you’re happy that Alex Jones is getting treated this way, wait until someone on the other side decides whatever YOU believe is wrong, and you get censored.

The First Amendment is under attack by the liberal tech community because they don’t know how to handle it. And they don’t want to be over-regulated by the federal government. But guess what? That is going to happen. It’s a foregone conclusion. They need to realize that they are going to put their own existence in jeopardy if they keep this up!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


I was horrified with what I heard about the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania the other day. It was more than disgusting. It was beneath contempt, utterly immoral, and about as “unChristian” as anyone can get. And for the Catholic Church to try to sweep it under the rug is just plain inexcusable.

In case you missed the story, in Pennsylvania, they’ve released a report that claimed that over 300 priests and bishops molested over 1,000 kids over a period of 70 years. Both boys and girls were molested.

The Church persuaded kids and their parents not to report it, that the Church would handle it. That is about as low as you get. The report by the way said that its very likely that there were thousands more kids that never reported it, and may now come forward.

Wanna hear the absolute worst of it? Because most (I think I read all but a handful) of priests and bishops are now dead, and also because the statute of limitations in most cases has run out, charges can only be filed against two members of the clergy.

Look, it’s been 15 years since this first surfaced in Boston. The Catholic Church has paid out literally billions of dollars in settlements to claimants whose story has been verified. But this is inexcusable. I’m a religious man, and for a man of the cloth to be so vile as to sexually abuse kids is just plain worse than sin. Talk about needing to burn in hell!

The Catholic Church should be stripped of all of their property, have to relinquish all of their assets and have those assets sold and divided up among the members of this class that was abused. Yes, I know the Church does good deeds, but I also know they’ve covered up this atrocity at the highest level. THAT is deserving of the worst punishment available. And since the statute of limitations has expired, it should be thrust upon the Church to do something else to compensate these poor kids (now adults) for their being so violated.

I’m totally disgusted by this. Nothing would be more fitting than to see those two clergy thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. Nothing would be more fitting than to have Catholic schools and universities as well as their cathedrals and churches closed. This type of activity in a place of God, where you should always feel safe just smacks of total bastardization of religion in all forms. Can you start to get it that I’m really pissed about this?

I thank the good people in Pennsylvania who compiled this report. And while I’m sure there are many good priests and bishops in the Catholic Church throughout history, it’s a shining example that it only takes a few (in this case 300 or so) to ruin a good thing for an entire organization. It’s time the Church be made to pay and suffer the consequences of it’s actions, and I’m not talking about the Pope talking tough about it but doing nothing. The guilty all should hang. And if the good ones knew about it and did nothing, they’re just as guilty.

Carry on world…if you can…you’re dismissed!

It’s About Time!

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were fired from the FBI on Friday. The story was basically held over to Monday before it was released, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of crazy idiots than these two.

Strzok maintained during his testimony to Congress that he never, ever, not even once let his personal feelings interfere with his investigations that he conducted at the FBI. Of course, he couldn’t answer why he didn’t pursue Hillary Clinton and her email scandal any harder than he did. And he couldn’t answer as to why he told Page that he’d never let Donald Trump become President. How in the world does someone at the FBI do such a thing? I didn’t know the FBI had the power to deny someone the elected position of President. Did I miss something in Civics class?

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were dyed in the wool liberals. There’s nothing illegal about that, and they certainly had the right and the ability to get jobs at the FBI. I’m sure both are smart people in their own rights. But when you plot against someone in government, you most likely are going to have to pay the penalty at some point up the road. That was exactly what happened to Strzok and Page.

Imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had actually won. Yeah, I know. I shuddered at that one as well. But they would have gotten away with this attempted coup. That’s what it was, you know, right? It was their lame attempt to overthrow a democratically elected President of the United States on the basis that they felt the wrong person won and that they didn’t think he was “qualified” to be President. Well, I guess I would say the same thing on several fronts. Was Jesse Ventura qualified to be the Governor of Minnesota?

Was Sonny Bono qualified to be a Representative from California? How about Fred Grandy? He played Gopher on The Love Boat, and he ended up being elected to Congress as well. So did baseball pitcher Jim Bunning, who served in both chambers of the US Congress from Kentucky. And was Ronald Reagan qualified to be Governor of California? Was Arnold Schwarzenegger?

No, Strzok and Page are lucky they just got fired. They should have been arrested for treason for their tweets were certainly that. They both could have been tried on that charge and at least jailed for the rest of their lives, or at worst put to death. Instead, we are finally free of that cockroach and his illicit girlfriend.

The house cleaning has begun. Hopefully it will continue until the swamp is drained of all of these liberal losers.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Omarosa’s Continued Loss Of Credibility

I’ve never been a fan of Omarosa. I missed the first season of The Apprentice that she was on, but caught some of her antics later on. I don’t mind she was brash and bold. I didn’t like the fact she was a liar and a cheat. That has seemed to permeate into her life at the White House.

Omarosa of course, had to write a tell-all book because she needs attention. She probably also needs the money. And the tell-all book will be a big seller with the left. But, as it seems most people at the White House agree, it’s all based on her imagination. She released audio tapes she secretly recorded of her getting fired with John Kelly, and her subsequent telephone conversation with Donald Trump. Kelly was professional as can be, telling Omarosa that there was to be no negotiations in this meeting, and that if she left on good graces, she could always say she worked in the White House and that her reputation would be unsullied.

Her conversation with Trump seemed to indicate Trump didn’t know about her firing. Actually, I’m sure that he did. He was playing president, and said he didn’t know. Omarosa, by actually recording those conversations in secret showed the world she was indeed a very disgruntled employee. Why else would she secretly record them? The answer is only to use them against the administration later. If those were the two biggest bombshells in her book, there will be a lot of yawning going on and this story will die very quickly.

Most of the pundits I’ve seen discussing this have agreed. Left and right seem to come together on this that this lady is a lightweight, and isn’t to be trusted with the most basic information and that’s why she was fired. Anyone that had any contact with her while she was in Washington this time around (she was also in the Clinton White House for a short time), agrees with that. Not too sure about the Clinton era.

People like Omarosa will always exist. They are the people that need to have attention heaped on them. They are attention freaks. If they don’t get it, they fabricate some silly little thing to have it foisted upon them. They can never be content to be in the room, they have to hold the room hostage. And that was exactly what Omarosa wanted during her time in Washington. There was only one problem with that, and anyone that has ever watched the West Wing knows exactly what that problem is. She served at the pleasure of the President of the United States and HE is the only person in that building who matters. HE is the only person that holds the room hostage when he enters. And HE is the only person the Marine Corp Band plays Hail To The Chief for when he walks into the room. They never did that with Omarosa, and they never will.

She’s a sniveling little cry baby that has mastered the art of remaining calm outside while she’s roiling inside. She will always be a non-credible source for anything that happens in life. Oh, there are always going to be people that hire her. But she will never be a success. That’s what happens to information hounds. They always fail in the end.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!