Trump Must Have Read My Blog…

Last night was the second and final debate of the presidential campaign. The first debate was a miserable display by both Donald Trump and Joe Biden about how schoolyard politics can sometimes become. But last night was a lot more of what most Americans were looking for.

Frank Lutz, the Republican pollster who continually monitors these things said prior to the debate that his focus groups have continually said that if Donald Trump comes out swinging and interrupting and acting the bully as he did in the first debates that he would lose their votes and would lose the election. Conversely, Lutz added that if Joe Biden didn’t come clean with what was happening with the whole Hunter Biden laptop issue, and didn’t offer more of an explanation on court-packing than he was going to have a commission look into it, HE would lose the election.

Well, based on that, and Trump’s performance, which was ten thousand percent better, Donald Trump won the debate hands down.

Joe Biden never admitted to any wrong doing, which is absolutely the worst position for him to put himself in, because if it’s found out that he actually did do something wrong, he’s toast, either losing the election and having to face it as a private citizen, or possibly being impeached as president and thrown out of office if he is elected.

Donald Trump’s bar for last night’s debate was set, I thought, rather high. And he cleared it. Not by much, but he cleared it. Joe Biden’s bar meanwhile, was set much lower. Yes, he cleared it as well, but I think we all expected to as long as he didn’t fall into his gaffe bag throughout the night. He didn’t. Oh, he had a few slips, but it was nothing major.

So, what’s all of this mean in terms of the election?

Well, from where I’m sitting in the middle of the desert, here’s my take on it. The second debate didn’t show voters all that much. It DID show voters that Donald Trump can be rather presidential if he needs to be. It showed voters that Joe Biden didn’t step up and lead, either on the Hunter Biden issue or on the court-packing issue. Those were two things people wanted to hear answers on and Biden failed on both accounts. But in terms of the election with only 6-8% of the population still undecided, and a whopping 33% of the electorate already having voted, I don’t think it will change anybody’s mind, nor will it hinder the outcome.

Speaking of outcomes, it looks like while Biden is still clinging to the lead, it’s shrinking hour by hour. I know what the different polls say, and they’re starting to fall into the margin of error in the battleground states. Add in the fact that there are millions of us (me included) who have lied to the pollsters about who we are voting for, and that could mean Trump is actually leading in the battleground states.

And speaking of pollsters, I thought that Frank Lutz’ comment on what happens if the pollsters get it wrong again was rather blunt, but interesting. He said if the outcome is different from what the polls are all showing, that it is going to bring an end to presidential polling. That’s not a bad thing in this era of bias and hatred of all things conservative.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Winning Tonight’s Debate

I hate to put pressure on anybody….oh, who am I kidding…I love it. But tonight is going to be one of Donald Trump’s most important moments in his presidency, if not his life.

Donald Trump MUST win tonight’s debate with Joe Biden in order to secure the White House hands down for the next four years. And he isn’t going to do it by being belligerent and bellicose like he was in the first debate. He needs to basically go into tonight’s debate and focus on the four things that will make him a winner.

First and foremost, he needs to tell the nation how it was he and not Obama/Biden that got the country out of the Great Recession that we were mired in since late 2008. He needs to point to the fact he has created more jobs prior to the pandemic than any president in history. He needs to show the world that he made it better for Americans…real Americans, and not just the wealthy. He needs to point to the fact that 56% of Americans according to liberal Gallup, have said that they are better off today than they were four years ago. No American could have said that in 2012, or in 2016.

Second, he needs to turn on that smile. It was funny that during the “town hall” which was really a 90 minute interview with NBC’s Savanah Guthrie, Trump was told by one member of the audience who asked him a question (or tried to) that he had the best smile in the world. He needs to be likeable. You want to know why Joe Biden has been reelected for 47 years in Washington? It’s because he could turn on the charm and be “Uncle Joe” at a moment’s notice. You saw it in the first debate. He smiled. Trump scowled. If Donald Trump plays the debate like he plays his campaign rallies, he’ll go a long way!

Third, he needs to stop with the incessant criticism of Joe Biden. Focus on himself and what he’s done to make our lives better and stop with the Sleepy Joe stuff. America has heard it much too much. If you want to call him out on Hunter Biden and the laptop, and nail him that the FBI and the DNI don’t think it’s a smear job, that’s fine. If you want to call him out on Burisma, and China, and making his family a ton of money, that’s fine, especially if he nails you for your tax records, go for it. But don’t be the aggressor here. Be the nice president. And for once, be presidential Be above the fray.

Finally, once you’ve told America what you’ve achieved in the past four years, tell them how you’re going to build on those successes to make America even GREATER in the next four years. Tell them about further tax cuts for the middle class. Tell them about finishing the wall at the southern border, and that you’re finally going to get immigration reform done. Tell them that you are going to make pre-existing conditions the law of the land, and then you’re going to dismantle Obamacare and replace it with something every single American will love…something that WILL save every household an average of $2,500 (if it will), and you will continue to slash regulations that hurt businesses.

If Donald Trump comes out and does that, he wins the election tonight. It’s that simple. Oh, I know some 40 million people have already voted. But if he comes across as presidential, as friendly, as a guy you’d want to go and have a drink with, AND he is able to get the job done, Biden will turn into a bumbling idiot. It’s that simple.

Even some guy in the desert can figure this one out!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Schiff At It Again

Adam Schiff is at it again, and it doesn’t seem that he can keep Russia out of his vocabulary. Schiff went on any news show he could find the other day to give his “analysis” on the Hunter Biden laptop in what’s become known as Bidengate. And, true to form, the California Congressman couldn’t help lying his way through the interview.

Of course, during the Robert Mueller Report, the impeachment, and the whole Ukrainian telephone call leading up to impeachment, Schiff would squawk at any camera that was in his vicinity that he had “concrete hard evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election!” And as was the case, all of the squawking was indeed a lie.

Now, Schiff is telling any news channels that will listen that the latest problem facing the Biden campaign is just a “smear campaign designed as a Russian-based disinformation attempt at the Biden presidential campaign.”


This time around, the coordinating agencies that actually know a thing or two about what’s really going on are speaking back. Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, along with officials who actually have Hunter Biden’s laptop at the FBI have concurred that Adam Schiff is a lying windbag that doesn’t know what he’s doing. They both have said there is absolutely no truth to any lie that Schiff is telling that Russians are involved in this at all, and that neither agency has shared any information with Adam Schiff or any member of Congress.

And so, the Cali Congressman has to once again, look bug-eyed and forlorn as he tries to tell the world that HE is in control of the situation, and his Committee will get tot he bottom of this! Except that the whole world has already seen him more than once exposed as the lying sack of manure that he is.

What is so interesting is that people in California are so intent on sending these idiots to Washington. I mean, people in San Francisco insist on returning Nancy Pelosi year after year, even though it’s painfully obvious that she is failing in her mental capacity. We watched her with Wolf Blitzer a week or so ago answer a question on Biden, “Good Morning. It’s Sunday.” Huh? It had nothing to do with the question! Blitzer sat there looking like a goldfish in a bowl not knowing what to say. Then you’ve got Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters, who doesn’t even live in her district, but has continually represented them for over 30 years. And Adam Schiff, who lies and lies to the camera, and acts like it’s We The People who are the ones not telling the truth. How can these people keep sending incompetents like this back to Washington is beyond me!

I had a discussion with my wife the other day on how the folks in Delaware could send Joe Biden back to the US Senate term after term for his entire career. Well, that seems to be the mindset of the Democrat party. Once you’re elected, you’re there for as long as you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the job or not. It’s not a matter of anything but keeping that seat warm for you. Oh, if you screw up and grab an intern or sleep with her (or him) by mistake, you may have to quit, but other than that, the seat is considered yours for life.

And so, idiots and pathological liars like Adam Schiff are able to continually be interviewed by the MSM News Channels as a credible source on anything and everything Schiff decides he’s an expert in. It’s sad that our country has sunk to this low!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

You Know It’s Important When…

This election has GOT to be the most important election, certainly of my life, and probably of yours as well.

Now, when you think about it, and take all of the emotion out of it, that’s a pretty strong statement. It’s incredibly strong because I’ve lived through the riots and “Summer of Love” of the ’60s, the ’70s with the disco phase, the nonchalant ’80s, the ’90s and Bill Clinton, all the way up to today. I’ve seen a lot of history made in my life, and a lot of technological advances, as I’m sure you have too.

I’ve also seen a lot of different politics, and our reactions to it. For instance, go back to Watergate. Do you think Americans back then would tolerate the Bidengate of today? I kind of doubt it. I don’t think they would have tolerated Hillary Clinton selling favors for speaking engagements while she was Secretary of State, or Bill Clinton selling nights in the Lincoln Bedroom for $100,000 in donations to the Democrat party.

And yet, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are calling this the most important election in our history. I kinda sorta believe they are right. Here’s why:

If Joe Biden gets elected, you can pretty much throw a 50 state United States out the window. Because if Biden gets elected, it would be a short putt that his coattails would drag along at least three new Senate seats for the Democrats. That would give them both houses of Congress. And that means that Washington DC would become our 51st state, and depending on how the referendum in Puerto Rico goes this fall, they could be the 52nd state.

It’s important because if the Democrats take over the Senate, you’re going to lose the filibuster. That’s that ancient rule set up by the Founding Fathers that was in fact, one of the major differences between the Senate (the more deliberative body), and the House of Representatives (the more, shall we say, impulsive body of the people?). Take away the filibuster, and you’ve taken away all of the minority party’s ability to do anything but sit there and look pretty.

It’s important because if you have both houses of Congress and the White House controlled by the Democrats, you’re also going to see court packing. Joe Biden has said he’ll comment on that before the election “depending on what happens with the Amy Coney Barrett nomination”. Well, you know she’s going to be confirmed, so he’s going to go along with it. He’s not going to lose the leftist part of his base.

And it’s important because there is a move afoot to temper the outrageous behavior of companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google. By doing away with Section 230, these companies will be forced to stop censoring people for allowing their thoughts to be heard. And of course, next up on the plate, should the GOP take over the House and keep the Senate and White House, would be a move to make media more honest and unbiased. Not quite sure how that would work, and I’m definitely sure it would end up at the Supreme Court as a First Amendment issue, but it’s coming.

It’s important because it appears, though it’s still early, that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter have been engaged in some rather dirty dealings over the years that have thrown millions of dollars their way. If that doesn’t concern you, I wonder what morals you have. It’s Hillary Clinton on steroids. No wonder she felt she could get away with pay to play with the State Department! If Biden wins the presidency, and takes the Senate, you can be assured there will be no investigation, no further looking into the alleged abuses that he and his son have made. They will all be swept under the rug.

It’s important because we are being taken over by groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who continue to this day to riot in the streets of our Democrat run cities, without even so much as the threat of punishment from the leftist Mayors and Governors who turn a blind eye to the destruction caused, but they certainly line up at the federal government’s doorstep for money to rebuild.

If this election isn’t that important to you, maybe because America as we have had it since I have been born isn’t that important to you. And if that’s the case, may I respectfully suggest that rather than tear it down for the rest of us, that you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go find another country better suited to your style of thinking. Most of us like it here just fine the way it is.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let ME Tell You Biden’s Decision

Joe Biden is obviously afraid to tell you. He’s scared to have you learn what he thinks about court-packing…you know…adding members to the Supreme Court so that liberals can change the rules to get their way. He says that he’s against it. Then he comes out and says it “depends on how Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the high court turns out.”

I can tell you already what Biden is thinking, what his dilemma is, and what his final decision is going to be. And why he is wrong.

Joe Biden is going to wait until just before the election (because that allows more Democrats and Independents to vote by mail, and they can’t change their vote then!) and when Barrett gets confirmed, he’s going to call the nomination “a shame”, as Kamala Harris already has, and “an affront to our constitution”. Now, I don’t think had Mitch McConnell actually allowed Merrick Garland’s nomination to go through he would have said that, do you? So, what’s the difference here? Well, the difference is, his side of the aisle is going to lose a very liberal seat and they don’t like it a bit.

So, Biden will come out and say that if the Congress brings him a bill to expand the size of the Supreme Court, based on the Republican over-reach in nominating Barrett, he would have no choice but to sign it. Write these words down, put them by a calendar somewhere, because it is almost an exact quote of what he’s going to say.

And he’s dead wrong.

First of all, the lady that is getting replaced on the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was totally against court-packing. Bob Bauer, who was White House Counsel to no less than Bobo Obama has said that court-packing will “not serve to strengthen the Constitution”. And Michigan law professor, Richard Primus, who happened to clerk for Justice Ginsburg at the high court commented three years ago that court-packing would cause the federal courts to “lose a hefty share of whatever legitimacy they still retained.”

Maybe that’s why Marco Rubio (R-FL) has decided to put forth a Constitutional Amendment on the floor of the Senate that calls for the Supreme Court to be set at nine Justices. Now, I wouldn’t expect the House to go along with that in this current climate, but if the GOP takes back the House and retains the Senate, and wins the White House, it certainly could happen. And I have no doubt that it would most likely pass the required number of state legislatures which is overwhelmingly conservative.

No, Joe Biden would LOVE to see the Supreme Court add Justices if he felt he could get his way in future lawsuits before them. Unfortunately, like a lot of ideas that Democrats try when they realize that they are losing on an issue and want to change the rules, it usually comes back to bite them in the butt. The whole Amy Coney Barrett confirmation wouldn’t even have been an issue had Harry Reid decided long ago to get rid of the 60 vote rule for federal judges. That move is responsible for Mitch McConnell to expand it to Supreme Court Justices. While it worked getting liberals through in the short term, it has crushed the liberal doctrine in the long term.

And I have a feeling that “packing the court” will have the same results for Democrats. Then what are they going to do?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Bidengate Or Another Hoax?

It may just be the biggest October surprise in our country’s history. Certainly it will make Jim Comey’s “re-opening” the Hillary email scandal three days before the election look like a Girl Scout meeting. The question is whether or not it’s real, and if it is, what can be done about it at this late date?

Hunter Biden is alleged to have shown up at a computer repair shop with a laptop computer, asking for it to be repaired. He is said to have been in an “inebriated state” when he dropped the computer off. The owner of the shop, who has severe vision problems and can only see about eight feet in front of him on a good day, made a copy of the hard drive before working on it. He found over 40,000 emails from Biden including some to and from his father, and from the number three man at Burisma, the Ukrainian company Hunter Biden sat on the Board with. That particular email is said to have thanked Hunter for the introduction to his father, Joe, who was the Vice President at the time. The senior Biden has repeatedly denied having any involvement in his son’s business dealings.

The Biden campaign issued a rather cryptic statement that there was no meeting on Joe Biden’s “official schedule”. Of course, that’s not saying that he didn’t put the meeting there out of convenience.

Other emails have since surfaced showing that Hunter Biden had been paid millions of dollars from Chinese firms for giving no more than “introductions” to his father, again, when he was Vice President.

What makes all of this incredibly damning is the fact that it occurs as millions of people have already voted in this year’s presidential election, and that there isn’t any way to see if it’s the truth or not before November 3rd. Senator Ron Johnson, (R-WI) as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees in the Senate, has asked FBI Director Christopher Wray whether or not the FBI is in possession of the laptop in question. If so, it would be relatively easy for Wray to let Johnson know whether or not the emails that are alleged to have come forward from the whistleblower, are indeed legitimate.

Now, the question is, does this disqualify Joe Biden from running for the presidency? And if Biden wins the election on November 3rd, does it put him under a cloud, much like the whole Russian collusion hoax put the Trump administration under one until it was learned that it was a hoax signed off by Hillary Clinton? My hunch is, yes…it does. I mean, how would Democrats defend Biden in an impeachment trial if he were to have been guilty of making millions of dollars for his son (and it’s also alleged that Biden himself took a cut of that money), for the introductions.

Introducing a Vice President to foreign companies isn’t a crime. What would be a crime would be if Joe Biden took anything for those introductions. I’m not a lawyer, and certainly don’t know enough about the law to determine whether Hunter would have broken any laws, but it stinks like month-old fish left out in the back room. If it’s not illegal, it certainly is unethical, and beneath the office of the president.

If Joe Biden is to win the White House next month, he will have this hanging over his head regardless. And you know as well as I do, if the Democrats win both the White House AND the Senate, you’ll never see justice done in the case of Hillary Clinton OR Joe Biden.

Apparently there ARE two standards of justice in our country.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biggest Landslide Ever?

I’ve made it clear on these blogs that I’m fully prepared for a Joe Biden win over Donald Trump in a couple of weeks. I’ve based this on some reasoning that may not be all that valid. I recently saw a very interesting video on YouTube that kind of shot holes in my thinking, in which I got down on my knees and thanked God Almighty for!

The video said Donald Trump was primed to win this election in a huge landslide.

Stay with me here. It’s an interesting scenario. First of all, look at the size of events that take place for the candidates. Trump was in Johnstown, Pennsylvania the other day. Johnstown only has 19,600 people, and it’s rather small. In fact, it was so small that Trump couldn’t land the 747 Air Force One at their airport. He had to take a much smaller version. They had thousands of people turn out. Contrast that with Joe Biden. Biden spoke in Toledo, Ohio the other day. That was the site of his gaffe that he was a “proud Democrat running for the Senate”. And he told people to go to a website that doesn’t even exist. As far as the crowd was concerned? Well, MSM won’t show you his crowds, but there were about 15 people at his event in Toledo, including about 6 staffers. A rally that Elizabeth Warren attended was held in someone’s back yard. They had about 10 people there.

So Trump’s supporters are coming out in droves, and Biden’s seem not to be. Here in the desert, Joe Biden held a rally the other day. A news reporter for one of the local TV stations said she was “stunned” because a total of 10 people showed up for it, and again, 8 of them were Biden staffers who stood and applauded him. Her comment was that people driving by on the street next to the event wouldn’t even know there was event taking place.

Next up this guy brought up a very interesting statistic…and I love statistics. Did you know only one time in the history of our country has a sitting president received more than 75% of the total primary votes and lost the presidency? That was George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992 after the “Read my lips, no new taxes” fiasco. Donald Trump received over 90%. That by the way topped the previous record held by Ronald Reagan in 1984 (which Reagan won in a landslide).

When you look at party registrations, something else you won’t hear about in the media, Republicans are registering about four times more voters this cycle than Democrats. And statistics show that first time voters are 50% more likely to vote than the average voter who’s done it over and over again.

Finally, he got to the polls. You know, the ones that show Biden leading by 12 points, or 14 points? If you get into the weeds with these polls and look at the internals, how the polls were constructed and taken, normally you would want to base it on 35% Democrat, 35% Republican, 30% Independent/Other. Even in years when you know there are more Democrats than Republicans, the fair polls only usually tick up by a few points. The polls you’re seeing today show about 45-47% Democrat, 25-29% Republican, and 24-30% Independent/Other. So, all of the polls we are seeing are skewed to Biden, as they were with Clinton.

After watching that video, I’m starting to sway back that this could not only be a dog fight, but something very enjoyable to watch in 2020. We may not have to wait weeks for the mail-in ballots to be counted based on what this guy says. And that would cap off an incredibly weird year, and quite possibly put most of these so-called polling companies out of business, at least in terms of presidential races (like Gallup) forever!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Facebook And Twitter: EXPOSED!

With the incident of Joe Biden holding a meeting with the #3 guy at Burisma while his son, Hunter was sitting on the Board of Directors, and Sleepy Joe was Vice President coming to light, we are witnessing some very extreme and very disturbing social media decisions.

Both Facebook and Twitter have decided that no one is going to be allowed to repost the actual email that was printed in the New York Post story that broke the news on the event. The two social media giants try to rationalize this by saying that it’s not necessarily been proven, and therefore could be considered “fake news”. Of course, they had no problem, what-so-ever running the “Russian Collusion Hoax” that we now learn wasn’t just a hoax, it was a Hillary Clinton led lie from the start.

In a word, it’s called “Censorship”.

Here you have two groups that swear up and down before Congress that they are merely the delivery vehicle for other people’s thoughts and ideas. They aren’t expressing their own idea. And yet, when something is presented that they don’t like because it makes their candidate of choice look bad, they have no problem wanting to censor the tweets and the Facebook posts on the subject. They didn’t have this problem at any time in the last four years when Democrats and liberals decided they wanted to take Donald Trump down. It’s only now, two weeks away from the election that these clowns decide they have to step in and censor what could be the biggest news of the entire election.

Now, having said that, none of us know for a fact whether or not the story is true. We heard an interview with the computer repair shop owner who says that someone (he thinks it may have been Hunter Biden, but he’s not sure) decided to come into his shop and drop off a laptop computer for repair. That computer had the offending emails on it that we’ve learned about. But we certainly don’t have proof yet. The computer has been turned over to the FBI.

And there is another crux in this enigma. Do you TRUST the FBI to actually perform an unbiased investigation anymore? I certainly don’t. I would have serious issues trying to deal with them at all right about now. I’m not sure I can trust them to be fair and just. Certainly this isn’t the FBI that was supposed to be the nation’s cops! it’s more like a bunch of whacked-out liberals that have it in for anyone that doesn’t believe like they believe. And I kinda, sorta, feel the same way about the intelligence community of this country right about now as well.

So, I’m sure we will eventually learn the actual truth of whether or not this is a Joe Biden/Hunter Biden scandal, in which Joe lied when he said he never met with anyone from Burisma. Or, is it just a another political fabrication designed to be this cycle’s October Surprise? We will know because the truth always comes out (as was evident in the Russian collusion hoax of Hillary Clinton). But I doubt it will come out in time to know anything before the election. Worst of all, Facebook and Twitter ought to be shut down for being biased. They aren’t protected under the first amendment as “press” and they even admit to that. They are nothing more than political propaganda machines for the liberal left. We need to shut them down, cancel our accounts and boycott their advertisers.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed

October Surprise?

It may well be the “James Comey looking at Adam Weiner’s laptop” of 2020. A computer repairman had a laptop dropped off from a guy that suspiciously looked like Hunter Biden. When the repairman started working on the laptop, he noticed over 40,000 emails on it, some of them to Ukrainian officials of Hunter Biden’s old company, Burisma. Some of them went so far as to say thank Hunter for introducing his father to them (something Joe Biden has repeatedly said never happened).

Now, Biden’s “official” schedule according to his campaign says, he never had that appointment. But then again, if I were the Vice President of the United States of America, and I were going to meet with an official of a foreign company under scrutiny for felonious affairs, and which my son was sitting on their Board of Directors and getting paid a ridiculous sum of money for it, I probably wouldn’t want that listed on my “official schedule” either. Notice that the Biden staff didn’t say he didn’t meet with them, only that it wasn’t on his “official schedule”.

And now we have the smoking gun of 2020. This Ukrainian thing has been chasing Joe Biden for two years. Just like the Russian Collusion scandal chased Donald Trump, only that one proved to be false. Joe Biden himself admitted to a quid pro quo with former Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko. He even bragged about it during an event that was recorded. And now comes this revelation from this whistleblower repairman that the laptop, which has been handed over to the FBI, contains a lot of “disturbing items”.

Frankly, I don’t know if Joe Biden is guilty of anything or not. Certainly it’s not against the law for the sitting Vice President to meet with some official of a company. It happens all the time. But under these circumstances, the old “Pay to Play” scenario that was popularized by Hillary Clinton in her years at the State Department may have once again reared it’s ugly head. If Joe Biden engaged in that tactic, or did anything that’s untoward to help his son out, he needs to step down or, if elected, be impeached and thrown out of office. What is alleged to have happened is unconscionable. And I said the same thing about Donald Trump in the early days of the Russian collusion scandal. That of course, proved to be a total hoax, made up and approved by Hillary Clinton as a campaign smear.

If this is not true, but is simply an October surprise designed to sway voters at the last moment, like the Russian collusion story was, on one hand I have to applaud the Republicans if they are the ones behind it. At the same time I’d chastise them for doing it. I’d applaud them for making the playing field level over the last election and this election, but really, there’s no place in politics on either side for this type of nonsense if it isn’t true.

And there you have it. We certainly won’t know the truth by election day. But we will someday know the truth. In the course of human history, the number of items that we never find out about the truth on are very small indeed. We still don’t know if there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. And we don’t know if the government was hiding anything in Area 51. Other than that, we’ve done a pretty good job of learning the truth…eventually!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pelosi’s Flawed Reasoning

I guess if you want, you can make an argument against anything, regardless how helpful it would be, or how important the item is. Let’s talk about such an item today and why it is Nancy Pelosi is absolutely against it.

She was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer the other day. Wolf was asking her why she didn’t take the latest White House deal of $1.8 trillion in another round of stimulus for the whole Coronavirus situation. The White House proposal would have called for another round of $1,200 stimulus checks to go out, as well as adding another $400 in unemployment compensation to those still out of work.

Pelosi’s response was that the President could spend the money any way he wanted. Forgetting entirely that $1.8 Trillion is very close to her request for $2.2 Trillion, she was upset because she doesn’t have the ability or authority to MAKE Donald Trump spend the money the way she wants. So instead of helping Americans in need (and some of us that aren’t in need!), she has decided to balk at it because she can’t dictate how the Executive Branch actually spends the dough.

Well, that’s not the real reason.

The real reason Nancy Pelosi is coming up as the Grinch that stole Stimulus is that she is afraid that if Donald Trump has another check going out this close to the election, he’s going to get credit for it, and she doesn’t want that. I think Pelosi knows that it’s going to be a close election. I think she’s fully aware that Joe Biden could very well be losing despite what the polls all say. Remember four years ago at this point, Hillary Clinton was also up by a seemingly huge amount. But in the end, she couldn’t hold on to the lead and lost in an electoral college landslide.

Pelosi is afraid that the same thing could happen to Biden and she doesn’t want the next four years to be like the last four years, with Democrats stepping in piles of dog doo every other day. Under her leadership the House of Representatives has embarrassed itself time and time again, wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars chasing pipe dreams and made up stories of Russian Collusion, that it turns out, were actually approved by Hillary Clinton and with the knowledge of Bobo Obama, and yes, Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.

That’s a lot of sour mustard to swallow. And Pelosi knows if Trump gets any positive press coverage between now and November 3rd, he could very well repeat his performance of 2016. With Biden being the weaker candidate by far, and having a lot, though not nearly the baggage Clinton had, Pelosi is trying to play anything Trump would do in a negative light as “playing politics” with it, when in fact, she is the one playing politics.

In the end, I have faith in the American voter to see through her charade. I don’t have a clue who’s going to win the election. I’m prepared for a Biden presidency, and a Harris takeover of the government sometime after that, but I hope that’s not the case. Joe Biden doesn’t deserve to be the President, and Kamala Harris doesn’t even deserve to be a sitting Senator. But what else can you expect from California?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!