EXTRA! Biden – Tax Cheat???

It appears to be so. Apparently, Joe Biden, before he became president, skirted the law on paying about $500,000 in payroll taxes, in 2017 and 2018. That stems from his book sales and speaking engagements. That’s according to Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), who chairs the Republican Study Committee.

While Biden is readying plans to raise some $2.1 trillion in additional taxes by “making the rich pay their fair share”, apparently that’s not him. Biden used S Corporations improperly when he and Jill made $13 million on speaking fees and book sales, while only declaring $800,000 of it as income. That is a salary by the way, that could be taxed by Medicare and Obamacare (that Biden has overwhelmingly backed).

What is interesting is that one of the loopholes in the tax code that Biden wants closed is the exact same loophole that he tried to use in order to avoid paying the half-mil in taxes. There hasn’t been any word from the White House regarding this, but what’s interesting is what the IRS has to say.

Biden probably won’t be investigated over the alleged tax cheating and the reason is simple. There are millions of S Corporations in this country and according to a spokesperson at the IRS, there may be a half a million or so of them that are playing the same game the Biden’s played. The IRS doesn’t have the manpower to investigate all of them, and so they basically are ignoring the whole S Corporation tax dodge.

Well now…isn’t that a fine kettle of fish.

And that should tell us all something. We should all go out and form our own S Corps to do exactly the same thing as what Biden is doing, right? I mean, the law is supposed to apply to all equally, right? And if Biden is able to dodge a half a million on $13,000,000 in income, then we should be about to save about 3.8% on our taxes as well. What’s good for the goose…

Look, I’m a firm believer that you as an American should pay the least amount of taxes that you legally can. I don’t have a problem with someone finding a tax loophole and driving a Mack truck through it. But what I do have a problem with is someone that professes to the world that the “rich need to pay their fair share”, and then they (with a net worth of about $8 million…which makes him rich in my book) decide to pull a tax dodge, I have a problem with the consistency of that.

So, should Biden unilaterally step up to the plate and write a $500,000 check to the IRS? I would say yes. He’s the one ready to raise everyone’s taxes, regardless what he tells you about making less than $400,000 isn’t going to effect you. Trust me it is. That’s the problem with tax and spend liberals. They don’t worry about the money that they are spending because they can always figure out how to dodge the tax code. One name that comes to mind is former New York Representative, Charles Rangel, who actually WROTE the tax code…and was found to have violated it back in 2009. Same story.

Politicians that cheat on their taxes should automatically have to face the death penalty. Now, by that I don’t mean put to death. But they should lose whatever seat they hold, and all the perks associated with it, including all retirement and pensions associated with their public service. That money should go back to the IRS. THAT is consistency!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Tax The Rich? How About Pay Your OWN!?

Remember this dress? It’s the one that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the $30,000 per ticket mega-gala at the Met a little while ago. And while it garnered a ton of headlines, there was a backstory that wasn’t told.

The dress was designed by designer Aurora James, who called the dress “a powerful message”. It was her little idea of a protest that would put her on the front pages…and it did. Unfortunately for James, it probably would have been better if she had stayed in the shadows.

See…she’s a tax cheat.

James owes taxes in several states, including New York, where the gala was held. She has had at least 15 tax warrants outstanding in the Empire State for not sending tax withholdings to Albany. She currently has three warrants open. Oops. See, employers are supposed to withhold the taxes every time their employees get paid. And most states require those employers to send the payments on a quarterly basis to the state treasury.

Of course, that could be an oversight, right? Just a bookkeeping error? Well, the IRS has placed six liens on James’ Cultural Brokerage Agency totaling more than $103,000 for back taxes that have not been paid. Her company owes another $67,000 in unpaid worker’s compensation taxes as well. That hasn’t stopped James from picking up a nice piece of property in LA. In 2020, as the pandemic was sweeping America, she was buying a $1.6 million residence in a tony LA neighborhood. And, to stay consistent, the LA County Assessor’s Office says that James is delinquent on some $2,500 in property taxes for her residence.

There has been no comment from AOC’s office on the much maligned double-standard that she continues to flaunt as a Representative from New York.

So, why does this woman actually get special treatment? Do you think if you owed the IRS over $100,000 that they’d be bending over backwards to not prosecute you? What makes this “rich” person (who’s boyfriend has a net worth of over $100 million!) able to flaunt federal and state tax laws wherever she lands? And why aren’t those taxing agencies in Washington, Albany, Sacramento, and Los Angeles clamping down on her? She obviously has the money…otherwise how could she afford to buy a mansion?

Isn’t it time that the politicians and the bureaucrats who run the various taxing agencies start treating those “rich people” who James wants taxed to high heaven, make people like Aurora James pay HER fair share? Seems just a little bit inconsistent to me.

Now, I do believe that there are three sides to every story. There’s my side, your side, and the truth which lies somewhere in the middle. I haven’t heard James’ side of the story yet because she won’t talk about it. I’m sure it’s really a good tale, too. But my hunch is that the different places that are owed money are probably a little closer to the truth than someone that is consistently turning their nose up to the taxing agencies.

Will she ever be forced to pay? Will she ever be made an example of to the rest of society who dutifully pays what is owed? Or will she be able to skirt the law, just because she’s one of the 1% she obviously likes to rail against.

Isn’t liberalism a crock?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Kumbaya Moment Is Near

One of the things Joe Biden actively campaigned on was the fact that he had some 47 years of experience in Washington, DC and knew how to get things done. He repeatedly talked during the campaign how divisive Donald Trump was, and how HE knew how to work across the aisle to get things done. Throughout the first eight full months of his term, Biden hasn’t worked across the aisle once. In fact, he now has his own party’s blood spewing all over the floor of the Capitol and he’s the guy that hopes to bring it all together.

It won’t be easy.

At risk is his domestic agenda for the first four years of his term. Biden has proposed a couple of spending bills. The first one, the infrastructure bill is a little more than a trillion dollars. It’s one that narrowly defines infrastructure as what you and I would probably call infrastructure, roads, bridges, railways, airports, you know, infrastructure! But it’s the $3.5 trillion add on that is gumming up the works. That’s where the Democrats have redefined “infrastructure” to include stuff like “human infrastructure” (whatever that is), and child care, and free community college, and a bunch of climate change funding that really doesn’t have a damn thing to do with infrastructure, regardless how you define it.

Here’s Biden’s problem. Not every member in the House and Senate are on board. Oh, I’m not talking about Republicans, I’m talking about Democrats. In the House there is only about three votes that separate the two sides. And there have been plenty of squabbles saying that if it’s $3.5 trillion, the moderates won’t go for it. If it’s less than $3.5 trillion the socialists won’t go for it. And either group is large enough to kill the bill.

In the Senate, there is the same problem. There is currently at 50/50 split in the Senate, which means that if all Democrats vote for the bill, VP K-baby Harris gets to break the tie in favor of Biden. But there’s a problem. More than one Senator on the Democrats’ side have signaled that they are not in favor of spending the $3.5 trillion just yet. Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are two of the dissenters. Both have met with Biden at the White House, and both have, so far, stayed true to their original intentions. They aren’t going to go for the $3.5 bill as it stands.

Biden is hoping to bring Chuckie Schumer, Pelosi, and a few of the dissenters on both sides to the White House and hold a Kumbaya moment. He wants to mend the fences that are torn apart by the different factions of his party. And there is no guarantee it’s going to work. We are looking at getting something done very quickly before the budget sends the government into shutdown mode. And this time, Dems’ can’t point their finger at the Republicans. It’s all their doing. The current budget ends on the 30th.

The House has passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through December 3rd, and raise the debt ceiling above the current $28 trillion limit. But that’s a non-starter in the Senate where Manchin has already indicated he won’t be voting for anything that ties the continuing resolution to an increase in the debt ceiling. Only one Republican has signaled that he’d be in favor of voting for it, and they need 60 votes to get this passed. So, the likelihood of a government shutdown is looming large. And if Biden can’t bring the two sides of his own party together, how is anyone to believe that he can do it with Republicans? In short…no one believes he can.

Lay in for a big bag of popcorn. It’s about to get fun!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Damned If You Do…

Joe Biden has found himself in a huge mess over immigration. And it’s something he can’t turn and blame Donald Trump for. No, this mess is completely Biden’s doing.

Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, they are all screaming at the Biden Administration to do something about the pictures coming out of Del Rio, Texas. You’ve seen them, right? They are the pics of thousands and thousands of refugees, most of them from Haiti from what I can gather, that have been corralled under a bridge.

And Biden doesn’t have an answer for what to do with them. Actually, he has done something with them, he’s flying them back to Haiti, where they were ravaged by an earthquake and sought refuge in the US. They all decided to come in through Mexico, since that’s the easiest way into this country.

Some 38 different civil rights groups, all of which probably supported Joe Biden in his run for president, have sent him letters telling him to stop the expulsion of Haitians. As Nana Gyamfi, the Executive Director for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration put it, ‚ÄúResponsibility for the suffering and deaths resulting from summary expulsions and removals now falls squarely on your Administration and will be part of your enduring legacy. Deportation flights to Haiti must stop, and those seeking safety at our borders must be granted their legally assured chance to seek asylum.”

Meanwhile, Chuckie Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate, and about a dozen or so members of the House (all Democrats) sent Biden a letter pleading with him to stop the expulsions of Haitians. And the Border Patrol union, who’s members are the ones herding the illegals under the bridge say that they are trying to keep a handle on now some 15,000 illegals in Del Rio, with no help from the White House, no direction from Washington, and no end in sight. The White House, as Biden usually does when backed into a corner, had no comment, and quickly ran into their basement for shelter.

The White House blasted the Border Patrol for releasing pictures of the bridge people this past Tuesday, calling it inhumane. Of course, we have yet to hear a word from the “point person” on the southern border issue, K-baby Harris, who remains a deaf-mute on the subject. She’s not quite done redoing the Vice Presidential Digs at the Naval Observatory, and can’t be bothered with anything so trivial as 15,000 illegal aliens.

Republicans, obviously, have come out against the Biden administration since January, actually before January, when Biden was basically inviting illegals to come to America. It’s been one of the many nightmares that Biden has created that he has no answer for how to deal with it all. And there is no way he can blame Trump on this one. This is pure Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Latest Faux Pas Hasn’t Killed Anyone…YET

I don’t know if you’ve been following the latest problem to collapse upon the Biden administration, but it seems Jokin’ Joe just can’t seem to get anything right in the area of foreign policy. Remember the old line that Biden had been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue over the last 50 years? He’s apparently keeping the streak going.

And this time, he’s pissing off our own allies.

Biden had announced a new defense initiative between Britain, the US, and Australia. It was seen as a way to deter China from over-reaching it’s power, and claiming southeast Asia as it’s own (much of it already is). And part of the agreement with Britain and Australia was to share nuclear submarine technology with the two countries. That upset the French because the Aussies just entered into a contract with the French for their nuclear subs. And after the announcement Biden made, Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison cancelled the contract saying that for months he had severe doubts on the issue.

Well, that obviously upset the French, and they immediately pulled their Ambassadors from the US and Australia “for consultations”. They felt Biden stabbed them in the back, along with the Aussies, and the Biden and Morrison was to blame. Biden is trying to smooth things over, but it won’t be easy. It was the first time in history that France recalled Ambassadors from either country.

And while Biden’s latest move could be viewed as good for the US, it does in fact kick one of our own allies in the teeth. The US has more nuclear subs than the rest of the world combine. We’ve got 72 of them. Russia has 32, and China has 12. Britain has 11, France 8, and India has a pair. That’s all the nuclear subs in the world. You can understand why the French would be so upset. They thought they had a deal with Morrison to sell their technology to Canberra, and it got yanked out from under them by the Biden administration.

It’s being viewed by France as a slap in the face, a major disgrace on the world stage, and another lie by both Joe Biden, who never should have put himself in the middle of France’s deal, and Australia, who is reneging on their commitment to buy a bunch of French nuclear powered subs.

With all that’s been happening on the foreign policy front, you would have thought Joe Biden would have been smart enough to try and see if there were any hidden nuclear bombs waiting to blow up in his face. Apparently, the thought of scoring a victory in the foreign policy department, after the much maligned and much criticized withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the stranding of American citizens in that country, was enough to encourage Biden to try and get a win. All he ended up with was egg on his face. Lots of egg.

Now, let’s do a little contrasting and comparing. Had this been last year and Donald Trump was in charge, it probably wouldn’t have gone down quite as poorly. That’s because Trump had been very vocal about “America First”. And while that could have been argued that Biden actually did put the needs of the US ahead of France’s wish for a major submarine contract, Biden has always played himself to be this world leader that knew all of the players and could talk to them in a way they’d understand. Apparently Emmanuel Macron didn’t buy into that argument.

So, it’s yet another “lie” if you want to believe the French, that Joe Biden has his name attached to. What’s that now? I think I’ve got this listed as number 20 as far as lies and scandals in the administration in the past nine months. That’s more than two per month, which is quite unheard of. Biden could end up going down in history as the most corrupt president ever if he keeps that string up! Four years in office could yield more than 100 scandals and lies! Unheard of, even by Bobo Obama’s standards. Oh…wait…Obama never thought he had one scandal, did he?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Remember The Border Crisis?

Oh, you probably forgot, right? I mean, summer is over, the football season has started, the Delta variant is taking hold and reaching it’s peak across most of the country, Joe Biden continues to screw up everything he touches, the Afghanistan withdrawal went totally wrong, as did the latest Biden ordered drone strike in that country. It’s not a wonder at all that we’ve forgotten about thousands of illegals streaming across the border thanks to Joe Biden’s welcome mat that has been laid out.

But they continue to come.

In fact, the Border Patrol has said that this year is a 21 year high for illegal crossings into our country. They don’t have a clue where to put all of the people, and in Del Rio, Texas, under the Del Rio International Bridge, thousands of illegal migrants have set up camp, hoping that Border Patrol agents can come, process them and then set them free to be relocated somewhere in the US until they can have the court date that they won’t show up for.

Last Friday, there were 11,000 such crossings of the Rio Grande river, which is easy to cross right now because of low water. Illegals are just walking across the river and into the United States from Mexico.

So, the border crisis continues. The “point person” in charge, K-baby Harris hasn’t done a damn thing since she went to Mexico and Guatemala to talk to them about how they needed to deal with this. That trip was ruled an unmitigated disaster. And then of course, there was her trip to the southern border itself in El Paso, Texas, a community which has seen some of the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in recent years thanks entirely to the Trump border wall that’s been constructed there.

But it never reached Del Rio.

And so, the illegals choose to scoot around the border wall, and follow the path of least resistance. And Border Patrol agents, already stretched to the breaking point, have to leave some areas open, just because they don’t have enough manpower, and Biden isn’t helping any in that department. So, they go ahead and stream across the border into that small Texas town of 34,700 legal residents. Imagine that. In one day, about 33% of the town’s population came across the river and settled under a bridge.

Yes, the border crisis continues. And it seems that K-baby Harris is on to other stuff, maybe redecorating her mansion at Number One, Naval Observatory Circle. That’s what’s been taking up a good deal of time so far. Well, that and helping Gavin Newsome stay in office.

My big question is, whatever happened to the Supreme Court’s decision not to offer a stay to the lower court’s decision that the Trump era policy of “Stay In Mexico” continue? Should not these illegals be processed and shipped back across the border to await their trial date?

Unless and until Joe Biden starts taking the problems at the southern border seriously, he’s no president. He’s a traitor that is allowing all sorts of people, terrorists, and people he isn’t testing for COVID into this country at will. He not only needs to be removed from office, he needs to be incarcerated along with Mark Milley for the rest of their lives as traitors.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA: Dreamers Left Behind

In an attempt to pass a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted budget bill, the US Senate, led by Chuckie Schumer and the Democrats were handed a stunning defeat on Sunday.

The Parliamentarian decided that attaching a rider to the bill that would allow Dreamers, farm workers, essential workers, and illegals with “temporary protected status” could not be used if the $3.5 trillion bill that’s working it’s way (slowly) through Congress should be passed through “reconciliation”. That means that the part of Biden’s plan to lump the DACA mess in with the budget mess won’t be happening. It has to be handled separately and needs 60 votes in order to pass the Senate, not 50.

The Senate is still up in the air as to whether or not they are even going to be able to pass the $3.5 trillion boondoggle because Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are still not going to vote for it. Both Manchin and Sinema had a meeting with Joe Biden at the White House this week, and both have stayed true to their convictions.

So if the budget bill is going to pass, it’s going to have to be done for a lot less than $3.5 trillion. Manchin has mentioned that he could go along with $1.5 trillion, but won’t go higher. That causes problems for Schumer as well because Bernie Sanders has said that if the bill is less than $3.5, HE won’t be voting for it.

Over in the House, Democrat leaders have conceded that they don’t think they have the votes to pass the bill as it stands right now. They’ve mentioned that they are looking at scaling back the number to maybe $2 or $2.5 trillion. That’s still a whopping big budget, but would mean that a lot of Biden’s plans for funding climate change legislation, and all of his social program wish lists, wouldn’t happen. The White House has come out over the weekend and said that they would indeed accept a smaller number than $3.5, which they are going to need to do.

It’s going to be a tough slog for the Dems in both houses of Congress because of the fact they have a LOT on their plates right now. As always seems to be the case, Congress waits until the last minute to pass critical legislation, has a hard time keeping the government open, and then usually uses “continuing resolutions” to buy extra time. But CR’s don’t help the Democrats and their free-spending ways. All CR’s do is continue spending at current levels. Nothing gets added to anyone’s budget.

When you look at the stuff they are dealing with in the next few days, they need to get a budget passed by September 30th (the last day of the fiscal year), and they still need to either cut spending drastically or increase the debt limit (which again, Joe Manchin and a few others have said they aren’t in favor of).

The Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, who is chosen by the Majority Leader and is supposed to be non-partisan in their rulings, stated when making her announcement that if DACA were allowed to pass through reconciliation, future Senate’s could take away that citizenship with just a simple majority vote. That wouldn’t bode well for Democrats who could very well lose not only the House, but the Senate as well in next year’s midterm elections.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Biden’s “Build Back Better” Possible?

The quick answer would be no. At least not under this Congress. In the House of Representatives, a total of three Democrats cratered a huge portion of Biden’s bill in committee this past week. The three Congressmen, from Oregon, California, and New York, voted no on forcing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices. That is a huge part of Biden’s overall $3.5 trillion plan. And it doesn’t get easier in the Senate.

Now, understand, that the mere fact the committee voted that down with three defectors, doesn’t mean that it won’t come to the House floor for an overall vote. But because this is being voted on as one large piece of the puzzle, as opposed to separate segments, if these three (and there are others) in Congress decide to scrap the overall bill because of the drug pricing part, it dies. And when it gets to the Senate, you’re going to have another different type of fight.

Remember a guy by the name of Bob Menendez (D-NJ)? He was facing corruption charges not too long ago. Now, he beat that rap, but he is convinced that drug companies located in his state (and there are quite a few that are headquartered there) are going to bear the brunt of this $3.5 trillion boondoggle if they are forced to lower their prescription prices for Medicare recipients. The problem is, most of the people taking prescriptions are older and on Medicare. So, while it seems like a tailor-made Democrat issue, there are some snags in it. And with a 50-50 Senate, you can’t have any defections in the Democrats in order to pass it. Everyone has to go along with it so K-baby Harris can break the 50-50 tie.

And that is the problem that has and will continue to haunt Joe Biden’s presidency, at least through 2022. If three Democrats in the House decide to buck with Nancy Pelosi, she loses the vote. If one Democrat in the Senate goes against Chuck Schumer, he loses the vote. So basically four people can control not only Congress, but the entire federal government when it comes to passing laws (and budgets).

Biden’s plan is a monolith of problems. There are people like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema that feel that the $3.5 trillion price tag is too large. There are people, like Menendez that feel that they need to protect the industries in their state. Then you’ve got the idealogues like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the socialist whackjobs, that feel that anything to do with Capitalism needs to die and die quickly. Any one of these folks can screw up the most mundane agenda item of Joe Biden. And don’t think he doesn’t realize that.

Biden met with Manchin and Sinema at the end of last week to discuss trying to get them to change their vote on his Build Back Better plan. He may need to meet with other members of the House and Senate as well, as it appears this whole $3.5 trillion price tag may be too much, and some of the items in it may be too caustic for the members to swallow.

Either way, it’s going to be the big fight of the fall. If it fails to get passed, Biden comes away the big loser. And that’s one thing Joe Biden can’t afford right now, after failures in COVID relief, Afghanistan, the southern border, and the slowing economy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pelosi: “Capitalism Not Working”

Of course, you’d expect a socialist to say that Capitalism, the system of how we’ve set up and lived in our country since the beginning, isn’t working. To them, the only thing that is “working” is cradle to grave socialism. And, as Dennis Miller says, “It’s getting to the cradle that’s the challenge”.

But Nancy Pelosi says that Capitalism in our country is not working. At least it’s not working “as well as it should.” What’s she mean by that? Well, to put it mildly, in her world, those that “have made it”, haven’t made it as long as others have been exploited in order to make it.


This is coming from a woman with a net worth of $120 million. I would argue that she is one of the ones that Capitalism has allowed to “make it”. So, what is she planning to do to allow those that she and her husband, Paul have exploited along the way, to achieve the same whopping success that they have achieved? And that is coming from a lady that is from a community where the homeless population is so out of control, the drug usage and the street defication is so out of control that businesses are leaving San Francisco, conventions are cancelling their bookings and moving elsewhere, and scads of those living in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, can’t leave fast enough.

It would seem to me, sitting on the sidelines, with nowhere near the net worth that the Pelosi’s have, that they would be considered part of the problem, not part of the solution. Maybe Nancy is just starting to feel guilty in her old age that she walked on the backs of an awful lot of people to get where she is today? I’m not sure, but I can tell you, that having a net worth of over $100 million, and a husband who owns his own venture capital business, should be dishing out quite a bit of that money to help their city’s homeless problem before they start talking about changing our way of life.

Look, the short end of this is, Capitalism works. Period. And yes, there are some people, like Pelosi, like Biden, like Harris, like a bunch of people from the GOP as well, that have made it. Capitalism has allowed them to win the game of life. Why? Because they went out, got educated, worked hard, took risks that ended up paying off, and they made something of their lives. Those that didn’t make it? Who do you blame for them not making it?

I had the delightful pleasure of meeting former Notre Dame and South Carolina football coach, Lou Holtz back when I was in my former life. He was in town doing the color commentary for an ESPN broadcast, and I was doing the PA announcing. We were sitting in booths next to each other. And he told me before the game started that he used to tell his players it all comes down to choices. You make good choices, good things usually (not always) happen. You make bad choices, more often than not, bad things happen. But you are the one that made the choice. And you are the one that suffers the consequences or reaps the reward for making a good choice. The man was damned smart if you ask me.

I’m not saying there aren’t instances where someone lost who had made good choices. Of course that happens. But in the end, if you are educated, you learn, you work hard, you understand the rules of the game and excel at the game, you most likely will win. Every person I’ve ever met that has been successful falls into that category.

There is no need to change Capitalism. It works just fine. The problem is, it doesn’t work for everybody because not everybody is going to make good choices. A girl getting pregnant at 14 and having to give up her dreams of whatever career she was thinking of to become a mother at that young age has made a poor choice. The guy that wants to get out of the ghetto and go to the NBA to play basketball, but gets busted selling drugs is making a bad choice. But it’s their choice. That’s the point Pelosi seems to not be able to grasp.

It may just be her feeling guilty for either having married into money, or come from money (her father was a Congressman from Maryland, and worked his way up from being an immigrant from Italy). It may be that she feels everybody whether they made good choices or not deserve to be on the same plane as everybody else. I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter. Our system of government rewards those that do, and punishes those that don’t. If Pelosi wants to change that, maybe she should give $100 million to her homeless compadres living in the streets outside her home? Just sayin’.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“We Screwed Up”

And boy, did they!

The Biden administration had to admit that they royally screwed the pooch this week when they used the Obama-era philosophy of attack moving vehicles in the Middle East with drone attacks. The results? Well, let’s just say they were less than encouraging that Biden and his staff have any idea that they know what they are doing.

In fact, it was described in more than one place as downright murder. Ten civilians died in an attack that was supposed to be targeted Taliban leaders in Afghanistan. Turns out that the ten civilians, seven of whom were children, were delivering water to people. No Taliban. No terrorists. No threats. Just bad information and a tragedy of incredible proportions.

Both General Mark Milley, who’s under fire for making surreptitious phone calls to his counterpart in China during the Trump administration, without Trump’s order or knowledge, came out back at the end of August when the drone attack occurred, and said “it was a ‘righteous’ strike”. Jen Psaki, at the White House intimated that yes, they were aware that civilians were involved in the drone attack, but that their intelligence “over the horizon” was actually spot on and they felt confident about it. Both were flat out lies.

General Frank McKenzie yesterday, had to address the media, and the nation with the news that yes, it was a screw up. Quoting here, “We now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or were a direct threat to U.S. forces,” McKenzie said. “I offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed.”

I’m sure his apology will go a long way toward healing that families’ wounds!

Can we make matters worse in this latest Biden screw up? Sure…Biden was advised by military folks not to use a drone strike in this case. They had intelligence, but it was apparently “spotty”, and the military brass talking to the president wasn’t sure that it was 100% accurate. That’s because it came from the Taliban. And Biden didn’t care. He accepted the Taliban’s advice that they go after this vehicle and bomb it. Biden went against the actual advice given by his military advisors, and decided, ala Obama, to bomb the hell out of this family. It was a family of aid workers.

And what does Joe Biden say about this now? Now that HE was the one that gave the order, and HE was the one that screwed up? Nothing. He has Jen Psaki front and center answering questions, and he has Frank McKenzie out there doing the same thing at the Pentagon because he’s hiding from the public. He’s somewhere in the White House basement afraid to show his face to the public and to reporters.

This president is a waste of carbon. Pure and simple. He wasn’t in the top 50% of his law school graduating class at Syracuse, and he certainly isn’t in the top 50% of all Americans who would be able to run the country. In fact, he’s probably in the bottom 1%. I can think of several people (some of whom read this blog) that frankly I don’t agree with much, but they’d be much better stewards of America than Joe Biden has proven in less time than it takes for a woman to get pregnant and give birth, could do.

General Mark Milley should resign immediately. If not for what he did during the Trump administration, certainly for his mischaracterization in this awful stain on America. Jen Psaki should resign. She has been nothing more than a mouthpiece spewing venomous propaganda ever since she entered the White House. I realize that’s part of her job, but you can’t tell me she relishes getting up and going to work every morning. It’s just something your conscious tells you not to do. Apparently there are very few morals in either of these two people’s souls.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!