Close Your Eyes…It Never Happened

Leave it to some idiot liberal snowflake like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to come up with one of the most inane and disturbing reasons for all of the smash and grab instances in California and other places in the country.

It never happened.

In a throwback to denying that the Holocaust never happened, AOC said over the weekend that “A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out.” She was citing a smash and grab that occurred at a Walgreens in the Golden State. A Walgreens spokesperson had earlier said, “Organized retail crime  is one of the top challenges facing” the company, the crime “has evolved beyond shoplifting and petty theft to the sale of stolen and counterfeit goods online.”

Now, AOC has no proof that the crimes have never happened. In fact, there are several videos on the web of smash and grabs taking place via security cameras in stores like Nordstroms, and some tonier jewelry stores where thieves smashed glass cases with bats before emptying them of their merchandise.

And this has become the new normal for liberals. If you have something that goes against your way of thinking, just deny it every happened. It’s absolute lunacy when you think about it. Here we have an elected official, a member of the United States House of Representatives stating emphatically that even though there are several instances shown on television, the internet, pretty much everywhere you look, it never really happened. Look the other way people. Nothing to see here kid!

My question is, how long is America going to put up with this crap. This is absolute nonsense that is getting to the point of total disbelief. It was bad enough when Democrats called bills things they weren’t just because it sounded better to the unwashed and uneducated masses. But now, when elected representatives deny the existence of actual footage, just to advance their narrative, it’s unthinkable. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez needs to resign from Congress. She and the rest of her Whackjob 5 need to be censored and expelled from the House. Now, you and I both know that won’t happen this year, but it sure as hell can happen in 2023 if and when the GOP takes over the House. I’ve already heard rumors that there are several Democrats that will be censored soon after the Republicans take over for their actions (if they are still in the House at the time), and I’m assuming that total brain dead idiots like AOC and her minions will be among them.

The time is here for America to get back to normal. That doesn’t just mean putting the pandemic behind us. It means banning a party that stands for the overthrow of the government. What we are seeing today in DC is nothing short of treason by the Democrats and it needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Those violating that law need to suffer the punishment the Constitution calls for. Nothing less will suffice.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who’s Next?

I did a blog a couple of weeks ago on who the Republicans would or could run for President, and my thoughts on each. But what about the Democrats? I was really torn until I read a piece by Wayne Allyn Root, who has a show on Newsmax, and does a national radio talk show. I think he’s come up with a pretty clear scenario as to what could be happening in the higher up circles of the Democrat Party. In case you haven’t heard of his rather interesting twist, read on!

It all revolves around the Clinton/Obama machine.

He has long described how 2020 was the Democrats’ plot to take over America. I’ve heard him rail on this for a couple of years now. But it’s rather chilling how he lays out the latest chapter. But it does, in a rather conspiracy-theory way, make a lot of sense if you connect the dots.

In Root’s world, K-baby Harris is the lynchpin. She’s what’s currently standing in the way for the plot to play out. Democrats are going to demand that Harris resign “for personal reasons”, somewhere up the road soon. They know she’s hated by everyone. I mean, she has a 28% approval rating, and that’s the lowest in history (even Dan Quayle did better!) So, K-baby takes the bait, is given a mansion in Cali to retire to and she’s off the grid forever, never to be heard from again.

Next, we need a Vice President. Who steps in? I’ve heard from a lot of places that it would be Michele Obama. I’m not going there. Think back, not forward. What about Hillary Clinton? She gets nominated as VP to replace Harris. Then, according to Root, the media starts the narrative that Biden, who’s done his job in getting elected, is slipping mentally and needs to be replaced. Biden either resigns or is replaced through the 25th Amendment, which Clinton can initiate with the help of the cabinet.

At that point, Clinton takes over, while Joe slips away to Delaware to retire. And who does Clinton nominate for her replacement as VP? Michele Obama.

Now, that’s Root’s view of it. I have a couple of problems with it. First of all, if Harris quits, it’s going to take both houses of Congress to approve the next VP. The last time that was done was back in the 1970’s when Gerald Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be his VP after taking over for the disgraced Richard Nixon. If this takes more than 12 or 13 months to matriculate, there will most likely be a Republican House and maybe a Republican Senate to deal with. Hillary Clinton would never be confirmed by either. That brings this theory to a grinding halt right there.

But let’s say that she does get confirmed…and Biden does resign. And Clinton nominates Obama to replace her. Do you really believe that Michele Obama would be confirmed? Probably not. So, even though it makes for interesting fodder, I can’t see that happening. There is too much collaboration between the two parties that would have to take place. And while the Republicans aren’t always the best leaders, I don’t think they’ve sunk to that level yet.

Interesting take. But I see Biden trying to serve out his term, and if Harris does indeed quit, it’d be a moderate Democrat that could be confirmed by Congress…and NOT either of the two women we’ve discussed. Remember…we’ve only had one President, and two Vice Presidents resign from office in our history. I don’t see it happening that way again. But then again, stranger things can happen. I wouldn’t have told you I’d be locked in my house for three months either!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Whole “Omicron” Thing

And yes…it’s pronounced “OH mi kron”. Apparently TV talking heads can’t figure out the Greek alphabet. It’s not UH mee kron. And it seems to have the Democrats in a tither this past week. Since it emerged from South Africa as the latest strain of COVID, Democrats are seizing the opportunity to clamp down on travel restrictions and further erode freedoms of Americans.

Here’s what I find interesting about all of this.

First and foremost, when it comes to Omicron, it’s not that serious. It is a much weaker version of COVID than what we’ve seen with the original and the Delta variant. Apparently, it has some of the same symptoms, but they are much more mild and a lot less lethal than the other strains. And, apparently it is a little more easily transmitted, especially among children, who have had little trouble dealing with the stronger versions of the disease itself.

Secondly, and probably just if not more importantly, I’m getting tired of the liberal bent on imposing travel restrictions, mask mandates, vaccine mandates on American citizens, but the millions of illegals pouring into this country are allowed to do so (breaking the law) without even being tested for COVID. That’s not consistent and it’s not right. If you’re going to allow illegals into this country, and you’re not going to test them, you’re going to get what you get, which is more of a pandemic.

But this plays right into the Democrats’ hands. See, if they can have some sort of national emergency, some sort of healthcare hiccup that they feel could destroy the fabric of American life, then they have the RIGHT to take away your freedoms and restrict your movement, whether it is by lockdown, or only allowing vaccinated people to travel, or by not allowing anyone to travel. As Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a catastrophe go to waste”. That’s exactly what Brandon Biden is doing. He can’t wait to impose more and more restrictions. And why? Because it first of all allows his administration to test you to see what you will and won’t accept as far as taking away your freedoms. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable and I don’t know anyone that enjoys it. But it’s probably the least intrusive thing he can mandate. Vaccine mandates get a much larger pushback as we’ve seen. And travel restrictions are alright for a very short period of time, but don’t mess with people’s vacations and holiday trips!

Second, Biden has the ability, and we’ve seen it from Jen “Circle Back” Psaki already, to blame everything bad happening in the country on COVID. It’s COVID’s fault that there are mass illegal immigrants at the southern border. It’s COVID’s fault that the economy sucks. It’s COVID’s fault that Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time. It’s COVID’s fault inflation is through the roof. See how convenient that is? Unfortunately for Biden, people with only half a brain know he’s lying. The only one that has anything to complain about regarding COVID is Donald Trump who lost the election because of it. Nothing else is COVID’s fault. It’s Biden’s.

Biden needs to start being a leader. He’s been in office almost a year and I have yet to see any leadership out of the guy. He’s screwed up everything he’s touched, and if he hasn’t touched it, his VP has, and she has certainly screwed it up, probably worse than he would have. Time to start thinking about replacing Congress, and then replacing the White House staff.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Roe v. Wade Really About To Be Overturned?

The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments this past Wednesday on whether or not Mississippi’s abortion law is legal. Now, if all you do is listen obliquely to the talking heads in the mainstream media, you’re going to think that the Supreme Court is about ready to get rid of Roe v. Wade, the decision that allowed abortion to be legal across the United States back in 1973. Unfortunately, once again, the media has got it all wrong.

Abortion will still be legal in this country regardless what the Supreme Court decides.

At issue isn’t whether abortion should be legal. It’s whether or not Mississippi’s law should be legal. And when you look at through that prism, you’re looking at an entirely different set of questions. Whether you are for or against abortion really isn’t at issue here. It’s whether or not in the State of Mississippi, you can get an abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy. Even if the high court finds it legal, abortions in Mississippi are still going to be legal through the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

The bigger issue at hand isn’t whether abortion should or shouldn’t be legal. That’s what the pro-choice crowd want you to believe. The real issue here is whether or not the federal government has the right to make it a law that it’s legal (even though no law has ever been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President). What IS at issue is whether the states have the right to make that call per the 10th Amendment.

The federal government can only make laws based on rights granted to it specifically in the Constitution. That said, abortion was never an issue in the 1700’s, and wasn’t specifically given to the federal government. So, it automatically would fall to the states to decide if abortion was legal in their state or not.

The reason that the pro-choice crowd is getting all up in arms is simply because they realize they aren’t going to have total abortion rights in every state. That is something each state can and I’m sure will decide on their own. In Mississippi’s case, they have every right to make the call at 15 weeks if that is what they decide. And my hunch is that is what the Supreme Court is going to rule.

When you take the emotional crap out of the debate, and look at it from a legal standpoint, it’s the only decision the Supremes can make. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the “right to an abortion” (which isn’t a right at all) to occur. Thus, the feds don’t get a shot at making it happen.

Of course, this will spark a whole new debate on abortion, and it’s legality nationwide. The Democrats are going to cry that poor people living in red states aren’t going to be able to choose to give up their pregnancy like poor women in blue states. But that is exactly what the 10th Amendment is all about. And places like Planned Parenthood will find themselves only working in about half the states in our country.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

I Could Have Just Recycled An Old Blog For This One…

The jobs numbers came out on Friday. They were supposed to show that ol’ Joe Biden would “create” some half million new jobs. Alas, he was again, woefully short. Only 210,000 jobs were created. Though because of the 7.5 million unemployed people, only about 2.5 million of them were actually looking for work, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2%.

That means there are now five million Americans content to sit on the couch and watch Oprah.

That’s a very frightening thought if you ask me. We have like 2,500 ships sitting off the coast of California, with all sorts of cargo waiting to be delivered to stores in time for Christmas shopping, and no truckers willing to take up the challenge. Why? Well, two reasons. First is the fact that they are part of the governmental mandate (which has been ruled illegal) that they need to get vaccinated before they can work, and a lot of them have chosen not to do that. Second, the price of fuel is through the roof.

How bad is it? Well, the DNC sent out a tweet congratulating Joe Biden on the fact that over the past week “he” lowered the gas prices by a whopping TWO CENTS! What they don’t say is that the average price of gas in this country was $2.17 a gallon a year ago under Donald Trump. Today, nationally, it’s $3.40. I’m not very good at math, but that seems like a 56.7% increase in just 12 months.

And just what was Joe Biden’s explanation? That the economy is STRONG! Yessiree Bob! We are well on our way back! Of course, inflation is now at 7%, looking to go to 10% next year, and more if we have a recession. Democrats aren’t wanting to have either Biden or Harris run in 2024, but instead are bringing up the name of another retread, Pete Buttigieg as their candidate. Now, most people in South Bend, Indiana, where he was mayor, don’t have many good things to say about him. And of course, he was one of the ones that had to back out of the 2020 race because otherwise Bernie Sanders would beat Biden, and go on to lose to Trump in the general election.

So, we amble along with the weakest jobs performance numbers in 11 months (last December we actually lost about 200,000 jobs). And Biden thinks he has something to celebrate. The Dow Jones Average dropped about 60 points on the news, bringing it down about 700 points for the week. That’s certainly reason to celebrate!

I think America has realized that unless Joe Biden pulls our of the steep nose dive he’s been in for 11 months, he’s in major trouble come next November, if he makes it that long. You can’t go one day without getting video of him stumbling and bumbling and trying to lie his way through questions with the press. And K-baby Harris isn’t much help. She can barely get herself dressed in the morning.

I guess we can all be thankful a presidential term is only four years, huh?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

You Know What Day It Is, Right?

Oh, come on. If you’ve been a follower of this blog for more than a year, you know I have set aside certain days to talk about something other than politics. Because being a one-trick pony gets to be old rather quickly. And while it’s relatively easy to come up with topics with a buffoon in the White House that doesn’t know where he’s at half the time, and is lying to the American people the other half, sometimes, it’s nice just to step away and talk about something positive.

And that’s what I’m doing today.

See, it was 43 years ago today, in a wintry town in southeastern Michigan that two kids from Ohio University were joined in holy matrimony. Why did they go from southeast Ohio to southeast Michigan for the event? Well, that’s where I was from. And on this day, way back then, the most beautiful woman in the world agreed to be my wife. We’ve been together ever since.

We chose December 3rd because it was my Grandmother’s birthday and her anniversary. We wanted to carry on the tradition. And it was a nice, small intimate celebration. The president of the college up the street from the house I grew up in officiated the ceremony. Her family and my family were there and we ended up going back to my old house for a “reception” afterwards. Then, because both of us were working, we drove back to Athens because we had to be at work the next day.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 43 years. I cannot imagine going through life on this blue marble with anyone but her by my side. She has been my rock, my companion, my best friend, my lobster. Oh, we have fought, but not that often. Maybe once every few years. And we’ve gotten to know each other so well we can both have conversations with the other person and answer for them regardless what the topic is.

To say that our lives turned out exactly like we planned wouldn’t be true. I think it’s turned out better. We’ve been able to tour this country and play golf in every state. We’ve been blessed to have two wonderful kids, and they’ve gotten married to terrific people and have two wonderful kids each. We get to see them way too infrequently, but cherish the time we do. And now, we have the freedom, and the wherewithal to come and go as we please, and do what we want within reason.

So, today, I say, Happy Anniversary to the one person on this planet that knows me better than anyone else! I love you honey! Always have…always will!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Gone For Good???

Of course, we all know the ex-Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo is in the trash heap for his sexual escapades, but his younger brother Chris, the self-proclaimed “superstar” journalist who works at CNN may be right on his heels. It appears, as the Attorney General’s investigation gets released to the public, that Chris played a much bigger role in trying to defend Andrew than was originally thought, or that he himself admitted to.

While the younger Cuomo had said all along that he helped draft statements and gave advice to Andrew, he never gave the full breadth of the “help” he provided. According to Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, it was Chris Cuomo that was telling her what to say, what to do, and how to do it. In fact, Chris was actually calling up Ronan Farrow, the guy that broke the story back in March, and asked him about the story as it was being investigated. Then Chris turned around and gave that information to DeRosa. Oops. That’s really frowned upon in the media world.

First of all, you don’t go snooping into another reporter’s story and try to find out the dirty gossip on it. Second, if you do, you certainly let that reporter have his or her day by exposing whatever it is that they’ve been working on. You don’t call up the source of the investigation and blab to them what’s going on and when you think the story will actually be made public. Chris Cuomo did all of that. End of credibility.

Now the real interesting part has yet to play out. If anyone I ever came in contact with in media ever did that, or I ever did that, it would be an easy finale. Whoever did what Chris Cuomo did would be fired on the spot. There wouldn’t be a discussion, there wouldn’t be a suspension with or without pay. There would be an armed guard standing over you as you put your belongings in a box and you were systematically ushered to the front door and given the boot.

The fact that CNN hasn’t fired Cuomo yet but only “suspended him indefinately” speaks more volumes than Cuomo’s actions itself. Any news organization with a sense of purpose and dignity wouldn’t be waiting for “a more thorough investigation” on the matter, as CNN has claimed. They’d be seeing how far the “superstar’s” rear end could be kicked down the street. And there wouldn’t be another news organization anywhere in the country that would touch him with a ten foot pole. That is the death penalty. That is the same fate as if he had gone out and made up a story and broadcast it as fact. It’s irresponsible journalism. Actually, no. It’s not. It doesn’t even rise to the level of journalism. If anything, it’s yellow journalism.

Chris Cuomo has lost all credibility, and frankly I can’t see why CNN would keep him around in any capacity unless the janitor is on vacation and they need someone to sweep the studio floors after hours. He has followed in his brother’s footsteps and has done something that is guaranteed to remove him from his profession for the rest of his life. Just like his brother.

The only difference is, Chris Cuomo may not be going to jail. With Andrew, we’re still not so sure.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Welcome To Omicron

As if we weren’t weary of COVID already, it appears that a more deadly variant is already spreading across the world. Starting in South Africa, the Omicron variant has now spread to Australia, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Israel. And of course, you can’t get a word in edgewise about COVID in this country without Anthony Fauci weighing in on his latest take, even though he has basically lost most of his credibility on the subject.

The Omicron variant is supposed to be a lot more contagious than even the Delta variant, and is more susceptible to younger people, who until now have had relatively few problems dealing with the disease.

The State of New York has ordered a state of emergency, and is preparing to shut down in hopes of avoiding another prolonged COVID attack like the one the original variant swept through. Meanwhile, others are talking about more lockdowns, mandates, and social distancing when most Americans are fed up with it and just want to get back to a normal holiday schedule.

In his element, Fauci has addressed the situation, saying he’s convinced that the Omicron variant is already in the United States, and will most likely be spreading around the country at any moment. In China, they have announced they are going to clamp down on all travel for a while because of Omicron, and say that there is a “real possibility of a colossal outbreak” there.

Apparently, the vaccines that you may have already gotten to combat COVID, apparently aren’t doing much to stop Omicron, though Moderna has said they hope that their booster shot which is already on the market will very soon have the ability to stop the Omicron variant. I don’t think we’ve heard anything from Pfizer yet on what they are planning.

So, it looks as if this pandemic is going to be around for a while. That means, Joe Biden will have something to blame his ineptitude on for at least another year or so. And we may end up going back to the days of lockdowns, shutdowns, and a lousy economy…worse than the one we currently have.

The good news is, if we shut the borders, we won’t be besieged by the hordes from Guatemala and El Salvador! But that’s not enough to make me feel any better.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The “New” Meaning Of Black Friday

Well, it is if you live in California. In the Golden State, which has become rather tarnished recently, accused criminals trying to get out on bail are meeting little resistance as the District Attorney’s and judges in the state are desperately trying to get rid of cash bail, saying it’s racist and a sign of White supremacy. And what you’re seeing on the news is the result.

Some of the toniest shops in all the land are getting attacked by roving gangs of upwards of 50 people. They run into a store, smash and grab everything in sight, and then run out. There are too many of them for the security guard on duty to do anything about and the police are miles away. The end result is that stores like Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, and some very upscale Beverly Hills jewelry stores have been hit.

And what does the Governor of California have to say about all of it? Well, Gavin Newsome isn’t pleased, “I have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever for people smashing and grabbing, stealing people’s items, creating havoc and terror on our streets. None. Period. Full stop. We want real accountability, we want people prosecuted, and we want people to feel safe this holiday season.”

Those are tough words from a Governor who kow-tows to the very crooks he’s talking about.

It’s beginning to happen all over the country. Chicago is reporting that a Nordstrom’s there was hit. And it’s happening in New York, Miami, and Dallas.

And the reason it’s happening? Simple. The crooks know that if enough of them go into a store and are only there for 90-120 seconds and grab a bunch of stuff and leave, there’s nothing anyone can do. The merchandise is later sold online at places like Ebay for pennies on the dollar.

So, has this become the new version of Black Friday? Is this the way we are shopping for Christmas now? And since the Democrats are all screaming about how racist cash bail is, and how they don’t think it’s fair because the rich get to go home and the poor sit in jail cells until their trial, they really can’t say or do much. After all, as we learned with the whole “defund the cops” thing last year, when you make it easier for crime to exist, crime will not only exist, it will grow.

And when crime starts growing and these stores start seeing these things go on, do you think they are just going to sit there and take it? Nope. They’re going to do one of two things. They are going to start arming their guards with orders to shoot the perps if it happens, or, they are going to close up shop and move to friendlier confines.

Police departments are stretched to the limits already with tons of cops deciding rather than put up with the crap they were getting on the streets they’d retire or find something else to do. Now, the same people that wanted to defund them not too long ago, are begging them to come to the rescue and stop the shoplifting crimes from occurring. What do you think their response is going to be? I bet they say they’ve got other things to do.

Welcome to Christmas in the Brandon Era.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here Is The REAL Culprit!

Joe Biden has it figured out. Inflation seems out of control. There is another mass invasion heading our way at our southern border. The stock market had it’s worst day in a very long time on Friday. Biden’s poll numbers have plunged through the toilet. His Vice President is despised by her own party. There are riots in the streets. Smash and Grab is the new form of Christmas Shopping in California as others start to follow suit in their states. China is on the verge of taking over Taiwan once and for all. And it’s all being blamed on one thing…and it ISN’T Donald Trump.

It’s COVID-19.

That’s right. Biden has figured out that the reason his presidency sucks so bad isn’t because of anything HE is doing wrong. It’s because of COVID. Every time he and his team come up with new cures for the virus, it mutates into some other life form and infects everyone all over again! And Omicron (the latest viral infection) is heading our way from South Africa this time around.

It’s not right to blame Joe Biden. After all, he had a 200 page plan to deal with COVID. At least that was what he told us when he was running for president, remember? It’s not fair that he’s had to print trillions of dollars to cause inflation to jump from 1.5% under Donald Trump to about 7% overall this past month. And in some instances, like healthcare, expect it to jump 15-20% next year.

I find it amazing that Biden is trying so hard to find something, ANYTHING to blame his failing administration on. America has wised up and realizes that it made a terrible four-year mistake when it elected him over Trump. Sure, Trump is the least presidential president this country has had since Andrew Jackson. Yes, a New York City real estate developer isn’t about to come in and soothe everybody’s soul and talk nice to everybody. Tigers don’t change their stripes. And maybe that same philosophy applies to a guy from Delaware that has lied about his family, his career, his accomplishments, and has plagiarized his speeches for decades. Why would we ever believe that Joe Biden wouldn’t find someone or something else to blame for his mis-steps and foibles?

And this is one big problem I have with politicians. It seems to be more prevalent with Democrats, but Republicans are trying to catch up to it. No one wants to admit that they’ve made a mistake. The Trans Pacific Partnership that Obama stressed would increase jobs and bring more prosperity to America because it brought more prosperity to other countries? That was even shot down by Hillary Clinton! Well, it was until she needed Obama to help her beat Trump back in 2016. This is a terrible character flaw that politicians seem to have. It’s not a human flaw either. Humans make mistakes, and yes, that includes Joe Biden. He’s certainly not a perfect president. But to blame a world-wide pandemic for all your problems? That’s not only childish, it’s just plain wrong.

I certainly hope the media jumps all over Biden for this one. I doubt they will, since they want him to look good. But in the long run, Biden is the one at fault for our problems that have emerged this year. As I was thinking about this the other day, I’m reminded that we are in the same type of phase we were in during the mid to late 70’s. We had Nixon shamed from office for Watergate, and the lies he told about that. We had Gerald Ford who’s only success was beaning people with golf balls, and we had Jimmy Carter that couldn’t even live up to Ford’s example. We are faced with the same thing today. Donald Trump’s failure to get reelected simply because he had a very nasty personality, though he had very good policies; Joe Biden who was a stumbling, bumbling Gerald Ford (thank God he doesn’t golf!); and who knows who’s next?

At what point do the American people stand up and say, “ENOUGH!”? It’s OUR country, not theirs. They work for us, not the other way around. We just have to take it all back.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!