Can The Country “Unite”?

After the House of Representatives, for the second time in about a year impeached Donald Trump, it does beg the question, “Is this the ‘uniting’ of the country that Joe Biden was talking about?” Other than kicking an wounded dog while he’s down and dying, I cannot fathom what in hell is running through the addled mind of Nancy Pelosi. Unless she is so concerned that Trump may be actually deciding to run for office again in 2024, and wants to put a total end to that theory, there is absolutely no use for the House to engage in such a thing, unless it’s pure politics. And of course it is.

But still, to answer the question, is there anything that impeachment can do to actually unite the country? My answer would be no. All it will do is the 36% of people out there that are still Trump supporters (down from 44.6% just before the election), it’s going to further divide them, and send them into more of a tizzy than you saw last week.

So, if the act of impeachment isn’t going to do anything to do as Joe Biden suggests, and unite the country, as even AOC is talking about, then what good is impeachment? Well, it does do one thing that Nancy Pelosi has up her sleeve, but hasn’t said a damn word about. It will splinter the Republican party. THAT is the ultimate goal of San Fran Nan.

Now, the question becomes, will that tactic work? I doubt it. Impeachment has never been a successful tool in removing a president from office, and the fact that this one has five days left, all it’s meant to do is rub salt in the Republicans’ wound. Except I don’t think that works either because if you listen to what GOP members on the Hill are saying, they are done with Trump. Like the TV celebrities before him who have waded into politics, Donald Trump blew onto the scene after spending four years teasing his Apprentice viewers that he would run, actually won the office, and now has fizzled out like a dying star. The one thing politicians are good at (and there aren’t many qualities they are good at) is they can sense when a colleague is about to pass on, career wise. And that stench is unbearable surrounding Trump right now.

Overall, this tactic does nothing to bring the country together. The end game from the left is to destroy the Republican party and become a one-party rule. Unfortunately for Democrats, that’s a flawed goal. The left needs the right. The right needs the left. Politics in our country has for at least two centuries been a “blame game” of sorts, and you can’t keep power very long if you can’t blame someone for the wrongs that are exposed in government. Being human, we have a LOT of wrongs in our government. If the Democrats succeed in getting rid of the Republicans and taking over a one-party-system of government…we are inching closer to that inevitable Thomas Jefferson quote that a revolution every once in a while is a good thing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How The Mighty Have Fallen

I know a lot of people that did as I did after the November 3rd election and basically called it quits on Fox News. Oh, my wife still likes watching The Five, and she likes Dana Perino. But other than that, nah. I tweeted Bret Baier a fond farewell over their reporting which I considered very biased and not in Fox News tradition at all. I even called for the firing of their “Decision Desk” on air guy, Chris Stierwalt. His comments election night were not only blatantly left-wing, they were wrong.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone.

Here are the ratings from this past Friday, you would figure a huge news day since it was just 48 hours after the Capitol takeover:

MSNBC MADDOW 5,152,000
CNN COOPER 4,855,000
CNN CUOMO 4,320,000
CNN BURNETT 4,221,000
CNN LEMON 3,891,000
CNN TAPPER 3,803,000
MSNBC HAYES 3,740,000
MSNBC REID 3,369,000

What is shocking here is that NONE of the primetime Fox News shows, which always were at the top of the heap did very well at all. When Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s audience are cut in half, it says a lot about how conservatives have deserted the one-time king of the cable news hill. In the void, they have left it to Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett. In fact, the top nine shows on primetime cable news are on liberal CNN and MSNBC networks.

So what does this mean for conservative news? It’s pretty much the death blow. The broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS) have always had a liberal bent since the days of Dan Rather. Cable news went rogue in the George W. Bush era, and grew stronger in Obama’s reign. Newspapers have been left wing for decades, especially the New York Times, Washington Post, and others like them. In fact, there aren’t many conservative journalists out there at all anymore. The one bastian that conservatives could turn to, talk radio, is also undergoing a change, as Rush Limbaugh, king of the radio talk show, has indicated he has a “death sentence” with his lung cancer, and it’s only a matter of time now.

As the more conservative figures in our world try to get unbiased and actual coverage in news, they are left to look at places like Newsmax. It’s not bad, it’s just not very professional, and lacks the polish that we were used to on Fox News. You certainly can’t turn to the internet anymore, with Big Tech giants like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple all bailing on Parler, and knocking off anyone they don’t feel is liberal enough from their own sites. One would say that it looks very bleak indeed for conservatives.

Then Tuesday morning I’m greeted with the news that long-time Republican mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson passed away at 87. Depending on his heirs and their philosophy, that could leave a gaping hole in Republican donations for years to come!

But overall, I’m optimistic.


Yeah. The thing that makes me optimistic is that we’re dealing with the left-wing of society. They’ve always screwed things up. In fact, you can’t point to a time when they’ve been in charge that they ultimately didn’t. And it’s simply because of one fact. They don’t know when to stop pushing the boundaries. We’ve all known people like that. And this group of folks just keeps pushing and pushing until mainstream Americans say enough and switch parties. Though things may look bleak for those right of center today, trust me…the pendulum swings both ways with equal force. And it’s been swinging faster and faster the further we get down the road.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Impeachment 2.0

So, Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, rife with the thought of impeaching a president have voted once again to impeach Donald Trump. Does it mean anything?


It absolutely doesn’t, because what is interesting is, Pelosi’s attempt to embarrass a president far beyond his own embarassement. Pelosi’s only real motive that I can see at this point is that she doesn’t want Trump running against against Biden in 2024. That’s primarily because I think she understands fully that Biden is not the answer outstepping some, and if Trump is allowed to run in 2024, will crush Biden seeing his economic and foreign policies are a major negative to a major Democrat election regardless if he running in four years, or if someone like Kamala Harris is.

It’s pretty simple. If you were going to be elected president, this is not the situation you’d want to accept as the first incidents you’d have to overcome if you took the top spot. And Joe Biden isn’t capable as far as we’ve seen, to unite America after the violence that we’ve seen. There is no way this doddering old man can bring Americans together after the contentious and often alleged fraudulent calls of electioneering are circulating. there are just too many people that don’t accept him as president.

So, as we move the impeachment process 2.0 to the US Senate, what are the chances that will less than a week to go in his term the Senate is actually going to be able to muster the 68 votes necessary to remove Trump from office? The answer is slim and none, and slim left town over a week ago.

This is an actual stumble again by the Democrats. They can’t win in any sense of the word in this point, other than to make Mike Pence the 46th President of the United States for all of, what? Two days?

In the long run, this will have a negative impact on the Democrats. Trump can’t do anything positive in his last six days in office. Democrats just don’t understand that, and need to wake up, or they will more than push to have him back in 2024. Democrats need to join the “woke” community and wake up and understand where regular Americans are today. 91% that voted for Donald Trump would vote for him in 2024. 79% feel that Trump had the election stolen from him, even though the majority of Americans are not in favor of having him impeached and removed from office!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Well, He DID Help Biden Out With One Thing…

Whether you are still a Donald Trump supporter or not, you have to agree with one thing. He has done the one thing Joe Biden said he could do better than anybody else…bring the nation together. Alas, I don’t think Trump was really thinking about it when actually accomplished it. He brought the nation together by getting majorities of people to agree that a) he should leave office before January 20th at noon, and b) he should actually be impeached and convicted.

I was really surprised when I saw the statistics on that. I’m not sure what survey company that came from, but it was stunning. 53% of the respondents to the one survey question said that felt that after the whole attack on the US Capitol, Donald Trump should resign immediately. 56% felt that he should be impeached and convicted. I think it was an ABCNews/IPSOS poll, but I could be mistaken. I do remember seeing that 94% of Democrats, 58% of Independents and 13% of Republicans felt that way. The same poll said 52% of Americans felt he deserved the blame for the attack on the Capitol building.

Quinnipiac came out with the poll saying that Trump should resign. 56% in their poll said he was to blame for inciting the protesters, and 52% say he should be removed from office…read that as impeachment.

More and more people, including more and more Republicans in both houses of Congress are racing to distance themselves from Donald Trump. And I find this to be absolutely fascinating. The similarities between Donald Trump’s last days in office and Andrew Johnson (also impeached by the way), are very telling. Johnson grew more and more at odds at Congress after his impeachment, though he was spared conviction and removal by one vote. Trump fared much better than that his first time around. I’m not so sure how it would bode well if he faces another round of it. Johnson became bitter and morose, and withdrew during his final days, and we’re seeing the same thing with Donald Trump. Of course, Trump ended up losing his “bully pulpit” when Twitter, and Facebook shut his account down. As I understand from published reports from aides to the President, he went ballistic when that happened.

Whether you are/were a Trump supporter, or wanted to see him go, it’s a very strange situation that I don’t think any of us have lived through before. You’ve never seen a sitting president skip out on an inauguration. That’s because even though Richard Nixon skipped out on Gerald Ford’s inauguration because he was flying across country after resigning, it wasn’t considered that he skipped out. In fact, it’s only happened three other times in our nation’s history. John Adams, the second president, skipped out of Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration after a contentious election, though he was never invited to attend by Jefferson. Likewise, John Quincy Adams who was defeated by Andrew Jackson, never invited Jackson to the White House, and Jackson never invited Adams to the inauguration. And of course, there was Andrew Johnson, who skipped out on the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant, even though Johnson wasn’t the Democrat’s candidate. He was bitter that Democrats had chosen Horatio Seymour of New York in place of Johnson.

Since 1869, it’s been rather calm on January 20th at noon on the Capitol steps. As long as the president was living (other than Nixon), he was in attendance. But one thing is for sure, Donald Trump’s exit from Washington DC won’t have any of the pomp and circumstance that his arrival had. And maybe, just maybe, that is what has been needed to bring the country back together. Of course, I could be wrong!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dorsey & Zuckerberg Are Just Plain Wrong

I am a true believer in free speech. In fact, I’ve posted opposing views for years here on this site. I have really only one rule when it comes to that. If you disagree with me, then disagree with me. If you disagree with another read of this blog, that’s fine, but be respectful. If you start calling them names, and swearing at them, I find that offensive. You can be as offensive as you want at public figures. They are, after all, public figures and they should have realized when they became public figures that they would get heat. Likewise, I don’t care if you name call me. I’ve spent my life in media, on the air as a talk show host among other things. I’m used to it. In fact, when people don’t call me names, I’m wondering what I’ve done wrong. I say that as a rule. I’ve broken that rule one time. That was last week, when I mentioned at the end of my blog blaming Donald Trump for the attack on the Capitol building, that I wasn’t going to post from those that were in disagreement with me.

Frankly, I had heard enough on that subject about how some election had been stolen, and how states were violating their own constitutions, and judges and all sorts of elected officials were on the take. No one ever showed me proof of it. That’s because no one HAD proof of it. If you did, I would have wondered where you got it, since Rudy Giuliani didn’t have any either. And if you had read the transcripts from the various attempts to sue to overturn the election and get additional Trump votes counted, you would have found that Giuliani’s statements in court were way different from what he said when the cameras were rolling. Shades of Adam Schiff, Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a host of others!

Other than that, I’m a believer in free speech. And that’s why Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook are wrong, dead wrong for banning Donald Trump from their sites. Yes, they are private companies, and they can make their own rules, but to listen to Twitter’s explanation, was about as anal as it gets. Twitter felt that when Trump said he wasn’t going to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration that was “code” that it was ok for his minions to attack the inauguration? Again, I ask, where is the proof? Jack Dorsey is an idiot plain and simple. To ban someone from his website, which I’m sure legally he can do because you can probably refuse service to anyone for anything other than discrimination, was an atrocity at the highest level.

Here we have two companies, and Apple was right in the mix threatening to shut Parler down, that basically has decided that free speech is only free if you agree with a liberal viewpoint. Having said that, I am interested to see whether Twitter shuts down my account (again), or whether Facebook does (again). Both have said that I have violated their terms of service in the past. Of course, all I did was disagree with a point of view that their socialist employees espoused. And that, in the short-term may work. In the long term, they need to watch out.

Both Democrats and Republicans are going after “Big Tech” for different reasons. Neither side really thinks that Section 230 should give these companies a big skirt to hide behind when it comes to posts on their website. And frankly, if you have a problem with not wanting controversy on your website, then you need to let everyone know that you’re only going to allow “Hello Kitty” comments. Nothing at all that could be construed as controversial or upsetting to anyone (and frankly, Hello Kitty is objectionable to me!)

I’m not a fan of Congress or the federal government regulating private or publicly held businesses, but when an industry goes too far, as the technology companies have, then you have to reconsider what they are doing, and whether or not it’s in the public interest. The way around that is to put them under the jurisdiction of the FCC. They would need to have their sites licensed, and have to reapply every so often to continue to operate, just like radio and television stations do. And they would be open to fines and lawsuits, just like other media. Newspapers are exempt from that, because of the First Amendment, but the public not only owns the airwaves, they own the bandwidth as well. And Congress has every right to tell the FCC to expand it’s role and monitor the actions of people like Dorsey and Zuckerberg.

I’ve always told people on the right to be careful when they want to censor someone on the left’s speech because the same sythe can cut both ways, and they can just as easily have their ox gored. But in this instance, it’s only going one way. It needs to be fair for the public, and currently it’s not.

Shame on you Dorsey! Shame on you Zuckerberg! You two are part of the problem, not part of the solution. So much for “uniting America!”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Has Trump Made Me A MODERATE?

A little self-reflection today. Since the election, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been down on Donald Trump. The reason is, that while I agree with a lot (not all) of his policies and decisions regarding various foreign and domestic policy issues, I have come away with a real sour taste in my mouth regarding his deportment. Oh, it was something that didn’t bother me at first. In fact, it was refreshing. I thought his tweets were more than a bit obnoxious, and certainly unpresidential, but I was willing to overlook that because he at least was more conservative than his predecessor who at the very least was a dyed-in-the-wool socialist.

So, I put up with a lot of what I would call “bad behavior” from Trump. Name calling is something that quite frankly never appealed to me coming from the President of the United States. And it was very obvious that Trump was a New York City real estate developer and had the manners of a junkyard dog. I know for a lot of America, that was the appeal. For me, it started wearing thin.

After the election, I kept waiting. I kept watching. I wanted to see how Trump would handle defeat. I had hoped in my heart of hearts that he’d be a man about it, accept the fact that a) he ran a terrible campaign, b) he had no answers for Coronavirus and blathered on incessantly about it during his briefings (of course, no one else did either!), and c) whether or not he would have the guts and the maturity to call it quits when it became evident that he had indeed lost the campaign to Joe Biden. He failed miserably on all three accounts. Even when his own appointed judges (and three of the Justices on the United States Supreme Court that he appointed) failed to back him up in his absurd allegations that there had been enough voter fraud to overturn millions of votes, I thought he’d wise up and realize how childish he was being.

I say all this not being a Biden fan at all. Joe Biden is not a clean character. He’s said to have bilked the system for millions of dollars, as has been alleged with Hunter’s problems. He’s spent a lifetime as part of the problem in Washington, DC. And yet, he claims to know how to fix it. He has yet to answer HOW he would fix it, and WHY he didn’t do so in the previous 47 years he’d been in office in federal government. Joe Biden is not the answer. Neither is Chuck Schumer. Neither is Nancy Pelosi. Neither is the Whackjob Five. That much I know.

But when I sat at the television watching the attack on the United States Capitol Building on Wednesday of last week, and saw the weak, ineffective response coming from Donald Trump to “go home peacefully”, and still cry out that the election was stolen, I thought, “This person is mentally ill. He is incapable of realizing that he lost an election, and that’s all it was. He lost an election. People rejected him, and he cannot accept that fact.” And I started wondering if some of the things I had thought Donald Trump had done in office were good or not.

Look, I’ve heard that the people that stormed the Capitol were Trump supporters. I’ve heard they were BLM and Antifa. I don’t care who they are associated with. What they did was attempt to overthrow the government of the United States. The very definition of “treason” is: The betrayal of allegiance toward one’s own country, especially by committing hostile acts against it or aiding its enemies in committing such acts. So, you can legitimately argue that what happened last Wednesday at the US Capitol Building was indeed treason. And regardless what group these nuts represent, they need to be tried for treason, and if found guilty, executed. I’m saying that as someone that doesn’t believe in the death penalty, but in this case, yeah…it fits. That’s the only way you’re going to teach people like this not to screw with the government.

Maybe you can also teach Donald Trump a lesson in this, since it was his failure to concede in a timely fashion and his call for all of the lawsuits, and demonstrations, and overturning a duly constituted election that caused it in the first place. And his reaction when it happened was about as mealy and mushy as you can get.

So, am I becoming a moderate because of Trump’s actions? God, I hope not. I’ve been a conservative for over 40 years. I hope someone in the conservative movement can push me in the right direction. But I can tell you, talking about conspiracy theories and accusations of “stolen elections” isn’t going to do it. That will push me farther away and make me think the right is as off-base as the uber-leftists say they are.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough…

There have been several times in my life that I’ve been asked to run for an office of one kind or another, or lead a group or get on a Board of Directors of some sort. Probably 80% of the time I’ve declined. I’ve said no, not because it wouldn’t be an honor (it would), or that I didn’t think I could do the job, or that I couldn’t win an election. I’ve said no because I didn’t think the headaches involved would come close to off-setting whatever it was I was being asked to do.

I think Joe Biden is in such a position right now.

I really don’t think (and I know I don’t have to worry about it, Thank God!) that there is enough money in the world to get me to take over the presidency of this country right now and run it the way it should be run. No, I also don’t think I have the skill-sets necessary to do it, which is a big part. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I don’t think ANYBODY has the skill-sets necessary to do all that is necessary right now. Let me explain.

Looking at the next few years, you’re going to have to work with a very divided Congress that is less concerned about the American people and more concerned with their own party. That’s a recipe for disaster. You’re looking at the end of an economic boom that really started maybe in the end days of the Obama administration, but was accelerated by the Trump administration. That means in the next two or three years, you’re going to be looking at a major recession. I’m not talking about a COVID-recession. This is an honest to goodness cyclical recession. And governments can’t do a damn thing about those.

You have all sorts of problems domestically that need to be looked at. You’ve got a group of people that feel they are due special treatment in the Woke Community. You’ve got the Cancel Community, which basically slams anyone that doesn’t agree with them. You’ve got all sorts of protesters and rioters that continue to this day (look at Portland over the weekend…yup…another riot). You still have to get us back from the COVID thing, and no one, not Trump, not Biden, not Fauci really knows how to handle it. And you’ve got a crumbling infrastructure that needs fixed.

You also have a debt problem in this country that needs to be addressed. It can only be solved one of two ways. The first is to raise everyone’s taxes (not just on those making $400,000). Because there isn’t enough money from the 1%’ers to make it work. And we’re talking a major increase. Probably doubling, at least for the short-term what you are currently paying, and if you’re one of the 47% that don’t pay any taxes, you’re going to start. Or…if you want to forego that route, you’re going to do what really no one wants to do and that’s default on the debt. That isn’t going to make a certain Asian country very happy at all.

On a foreign policy side, you’ve still got groups out there that would love to see “Death To America”. You’re not going to appease them, so are you going to give them their way or are you going to squash them? Or you could kick the can down the road. You’ve got Iran which wants nukes, and a few European countries still trading with Iran that would love to see all sorts of sanctions lifted, nukes be damned. You’ve got the climate eco-terrorists that think that every time Mother Gaia belches it’s because you are taking little Jimmy to a soccer game in an SUV. And you’ve got a flood of people from south of the border that would love to be north of the border, and you have no way to handle that mess.

And you want someone to do that for a paltry $400,00 a year plus expense account? No thanks. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. And that’s precisely why you get fewer and fewer quality people…I’m talking STATESMEN here, wanting to run for office. We end up settling on people like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Because they are the ones that have the egos big enough to think they could actually do anything about this stuff.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Impeachment Doesn’t Work

Nancy Pelosi is once again trying to play the political game when she announced that if Donald Trump doesn’t resign with 11 days to go in his term, she will go to the floor of the House and begin impeachment proceedings. This is probably one of the more stupid things Pelosi has done…and she’s done quite a few stupid things in her career.

Now, Pelosi is a master at trying to manipulate acts as nothing more than political antics. The latest call from Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump if he doesn’t resign is exactly an example of this. And in reality, it’s over-playing her hand to the point that while it makes a message very clear that she wants Trump to go one way or the other, it’s also an admission of a sort that Pelosi realizes that her days as Speaker of the House, and possibly a Representative from California are certainly numbered.

Impeaching a guy that only has less than a fortnight left in office is absurd. While I’m certainly not one that backed Trump over the attempted takeover of the US Capitol Building, and actually blame him for the whole ordeal, it’s not the time or the place for impeachment. What are you really trying to accomplish? Well, there are two things. First, an impeached president can never hold public office again (if he has been removed from office…and that’s still a very long putt!). That would preclude Trump from deciding to run for reelection, as he has intimated in 2024. Second, an impeachment precludes any chance that Trump could pardon himself. Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 states a president can issue pardons “except in cases of impeachment”. Those would be the only two reasons I could imagine where an impeachment, and conviction, could be useful (or in the case of the pardoning of himself, just the fact he’s impeached means he couldn’t follow through with that).

It’s one more ridiculous attempt by Democrats to not only kick a dog when he’s down, but to shoot him after you’ve kicked him. Let the guy play out the last 11 days of his term. The chances of him ever coming back after the events of this week are slim and none, and slim just left town!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Alone At The Top

It appears that as quickly as Donald Trump thrust onto the scene back in 2015, he’s flaming out just a quick not even six years later. A political career that looked like it could be yet another in Trump’s long list of accomplishments have gone the way of many of the celebrities that have ventured into politics. A dying star that has turned into a super-nova.

And as the case a lot of the time when someone at the top stumbles, those people that have surrounded the politician and stood by them through thick and thin, are starting to leave. Oh, they aren’t leaving because they realize the end is just 11 days or so away. They are leaving because of the madness that they are seeing from the person they once pledged support to.

Since the whole US Capitol attack a couple of days ago, here’s a list of the people that have resigned over Trump’s handing of it. I will say, that it’s looking more and more like this was not just Trump supporters that attacked the Capitol Building, but also Antifa and Black Lives Matter members that were wearing Trump regalia as they marched through the halls of Congress. Some that have been arrested have indeed been identified as members of those two groups. But that doesn’t mean that Trump supporters weren’t in the mix. The one 34 year old Air Force Veteran that was shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer, was indeed a Trump supporter and not affiliated with either of the two radical leftist terrorist groups.

Having left the Trump administration in the last 72 hours:

Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao (wife of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell)

Commerce Department’s deputy assistant secretary for intelligence and security, John Costello

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

Acting Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Tyler Goodspeed

First Lady’s Chief of Staff, Stephanie Grishom

White House Deputy Press Secretary, Sara Matthews

Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, Mick Mulvaney

White House Social Secretary, Rickie Niceta

Deputy National Security Advisor, Matt Pottinger

National Security Council Member, Ryan Tully

And just released, White House Aide and long-time Trump supporter, Hope Hicks.

Most of those mentioned cited the riots at the Capitol for their reason for leaving. Hicks, by the way did not. She said it had nothing to do with the riots, it was for other reasons. Still, that’s 11 people in 72 hours. I don’t think even Obama had that desertion fall his administration…though we went through a huge turnover!

Amid all of the angst going on at the White House these days are rumors swirling that Trump is considering pardoning all of his family members, and even himself. And that begs the question, can a sitting president pardon himself? Well, it’s open to interpretation.

Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the US Constitution says, “The President … shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.” So, it doesn’t say he couldn’t pardon himself unless he was impeached or was facing civil or state charges for something. He can only grant reprieves and pardons against the United States, which would be federal charges. And that could be why some in Congress are asking to impeach him again. And the Supreme Court has ruled that a president can indeed issue a pardon where no crime has been charged. So, it is indeed possible. But, on the other side of the coin, the word “grant” implies that you are “giving something to someone” and if that were the case, it would be doubtful you could grant to yourself. At least that is the argument. Since no one at the White House is talking (they are all resigning), we’ll have to wait another 11 days or so to find out!


When I was a child growing up, it was relatively easy to determine gender. All you had to do was look at your crotch. If you had something dangling down there, you were a male. If you didn’t you were a woman. When you had to fill out something that asked your sex, it was again, relatively easy. There were two choices. Today, you have eight. So, where did the rest of the choices come from? Were we visited by a race of aliens that procreated with the human race and we have several different genders now?


What we have is a group of uber-leftist liberals that don’t want anybody in the country to feel bad. They want to make sure that every person feels good about themselves. That includes those, mostly younger (though they transcend age) people that question their “gender identity”, and aren’t sure whether they are male or female. They could be a transgendered male or female. They may be a transitioning male or female, or they may just “feel like today” I’m a male or a female. Someone in anatomy class forgot to tell these folks that “feeling” like you’re a man or a woman doesn’t make you a man or a woman. There IS a thing (or lack thereof) that actually defines that.

And yet, in an atrociously feeble attempt to make everyone feel good and not upset anyone (well, anyone that is a liberal), the left has decided, without the rest of us getting a vote, that they need to do away with genders entirely. So, it’s no longer appropriate (in their mind) to call your parents “mother” or “father”. That classifies them as male or female. And you don’t have a “brother” or “sister”, you have a “sibling”. And when you are in church and you reach the end of a prayer, you don’t say “Amen!” You say, “Amen and Awoman”.


Yeah. The House of Representatives, in their ultimate fantasy world, have removed all gender identities. What they apparently forgot was that “Amen” is a Latin word meaning “So Be It”. It has nothing to do with gender. That’s like saying that when someone isn’t right in the head they don’t have a “mental illness”. It’s a “person illness”. Or when a woman is having her time of the month, she’s not “menstruating”, she’s “personstruating”.

I think we’ve reached the point in humanity, where education has failed us. I think our brains have collectively (at least for the majority in Congress) stopped working. I get it that they want everyone to feel accepted…well, everyone except conservatives. They still are hung-up on that one. But they want everyone in their political universe to feel accepted. Even those that aren’t quite sure where they fit in the whole man/woman thing. So, like political correctness before it, they’ve devised words that basically are wrong. Oh, it’s not the same thing as using the “N” word to describe an African-American. But they’d like you to think that it is. Calling my mother, “Mom” is only viewed as a slam to the uber-leftist. She still appreciates me calling her mom, not “Person” or “Parent”.

I don’t know the answer to this problem. It would seem a little harsh and over the top to me to employ the Russian or Chinese model of “reeducation”. But maybe, just maybe, that’s where this one ends up? Who knows?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!