Pruitt Had To Go

Don’t get me wrong. After almost a decade of an out of control Environmental Protection Agency doing everything BUT protecting the environment (let’s talk mine breach in Colorado, poisoning the Colorado River and the Flint Water supply situation!), we needed someone that had at least a modicum of common sense when it came to protecting the environment. Scott Pruitt did that.

Unfortunately there were two things going on here that doomed Pruitt almost from the start. The first was, the liberal snowflakes in Washington knew from the start they had to turn over every syllable Pruitt uttered in order to find something to use against him. It was basically war. The guy could have been the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and these snowflakes would have been screaming to crucify him. Some people never learn from history, right?

Second, and most importantly, was Pruitt’s missteps himself. As Donald Trump said, “Inside the walls of the EPA, Scott Pruitt is doing a wonderful job”. Parsing that, it means, that as the EPA Secretary, Pruitt was able, capable, qualified, and those qualifications came to the forefront of his performance of righting the wrongs of the previous administration. The problem was the extra-curricular activities Pruitt engaged in.

You don’t ask your staff to get an old mattress from the Trump Hotel. You don’t ask your staff to find a special and expensive hand cream. You don’t ask for special favors, like getting your wife a Chick Fil A franchise, so she won’t be bored in DC. You don’t travel the country in first class when everyone else takes coach. You don’t order security pants just because you get a threat now and then. Now, on that last account, the Secret Service readily admits that Pruitt had more death threats than anyone including the President or the First Lady. That’s the snowflake liberals out of control. But still, you have to trust that they will do their job.

And so it is, that Scott Pruitt will step down, as he should. And what should Donald Trump do? If I were him, I’d appoint someone that was more conservative than Pruitt to that post. I’d let the snowflakes know that they screwed with the wrong guy and now they will REALLY pay. The fight is on. For the liberals in this country, they view it as a war. The GOP needs to realize that and fight it as one. This is the same thing as Obama and ISIS. He never wanted to call it a Holy War…which it is…but ISIS and the Islamic terrorists see it as nothing but that. It’s time for the GOP to wake up and put these guys away for good. Because in war you either win or you lose (with one exception in history, and that was Korea).

Trump has a chance to make the liberal snowflakes pay for their deed and if he doesn’t take it and use it, he’s weak. Let’s see what he’s going to do with THIS nomination!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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