The Left Should Be Upset At Obama

Tonight Donald Trump will announce his selection to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court. The Republicans will cheer and proclaim it as a major accomplishment in Trump’s political legacy. Democrats will proclaim the pick “dead on arrival”. Of course, the Democrats don’t have a thing to say about it. The Republicans will make this about continuing to move the country back to the center after Obama took it far left. But the Dems shouldn’t be upset at Trump for moving the Court. They should be upset at one Barrack Hussein Obama. After all, it IS his fault.

How is it Obama’s fault that the Court is moving to the right? Very simple, during his term he had the opportunity to select two Supreme Court Justices, and nominated a third, Merrick Garland, who, because it was the last year of the Obama presidency, and a presidential election year, the Senate decided to wait to see who the incoming president would be and let either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump decide. But Obama could have actually had four nominees. Had he been able to persuade aging dinosaur, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who’s 85), and almost aging dinosaur, Steven Breyer (who’s 79) that their time was up, he could have made this a liberal court for many generations down the road.

He screwed up.

Democrats tried very diligently to convince RBG to step down, but she refused to do so. I don’t know as if anyone talked to Breyer about it. And I’m certain no one approached Kennedy. He was, after all, appointed by Ronald Reagan, and though a waffler on the Court, wasn’t really all that liberal on most issues. Still, Obama’s inability to convince either Ginsburg or Breyer to leave, will most assuredly allow Donald Trump at least one more pick and possibly two on the high Court.

So, how often has that happened? Well, 12 of the last 25 presidents have had three picks during their terms. Obama made three nominations, but as mentioned Merrick Garland didn’t get a vote in the Senate. And he could have had a whopping five picks had he played his cards right. But alas, like most of his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama was out shooting hoops or late for a tee time somewhere to be worried about choosing someone for the Supreme Court. He screwed up this one, like he screwed up most everything else in his tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And so, as Donald Trump gets set to make his second selection to the high Court in just 18 months in office, I need to remind you, whether you feel that his selection is great or not, that what could have been, and maybe even to go so far as to say what should have been, never was, because the guy in the White House was incompetent before Donald Trump. So, liberals…don’t blame Trump if you don’t like his pick. Just like you shouldn’t blame The Donald because he beat the worst political candidate in the history of the presidency! You need to place the blame squarely at the feet of whose at fault. That person is Barack Hussein Obama.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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