Thursday’s Jan 6th Hearings? A Ratings Flop

Now, you’re going to hear that the made for television congressional hearings on the whole January 6th protest were a winner. Don’t believe it for a minute. The made up event in prime time TV was shown on a total of eight different channels. Basically, unless you were streaming something, or had on HBO or Showtime or some paid channel, you had to watch, or read a book, or do as my wife and did, and shampoo each other’s hair.

In reality, there were just over 10 million Americans tuned in to at least five minutes of the hearings on Thursday night. That would equate to about 3% of America tuning in. Now, let’s just pick up something else for comparison, shall we? CBS aired two game shows, “Let’s Make A Deal” and “The Price Is Right” on Wednesday night, the day before. Those two shows garnered 6 1/2 million Americans watching…all on one channel. Also on Wednesday, ABC had on Game 3 of the NBA Finals. That had 5.5 million people tuned in.

But you’re hearing what a wonderful show this was and it showed the American people exactly what Congress is doing to make sure that “insurrection” never happens again. According to a survey done by The Hill/Harris, 54% of Americans felt that the reason the hearings were done were to score political points. What’s interesting is that 54% also said they no longer blame Donald Trump for the Capitol protests.

If you jump into that survey a little deeper, only 79% of Democrats felt that the hearings are “independently trying to get to the bottom of what happened”. Meanwhile 21% of Democrats, and 55% of Republicans, and 55% of Independent voters think it’s Kabuki theater.

Thus, the low ratings. America basically took the night off from TV Thursday.

What I find to be fascinating is the inconsistencies the Democrats are throwing at this. Let’s compare the 475 riots or so that Black Lives Matter held in over 140 cities across the country, in which there were no hearings. Over 36 people lost their lives in those riots. There were over 1,000 police officers injured. Well over 100 federal buildings were damaged, looted, or burned, causing over $8 billion in damages.

On January 6th, there were a total of four deaths. The Capitol sustained $1.4 million in damages. It was over in several hours. Of the four deaths, two were by heart attacks, and one Capitol Police Officer was killed.

Somehow, I don’t think the two are on equal footing.

I would ask that Nancy Pelosi personally pay the eight stations that carried her fiasco of a hearing for the airtime she used, since it could never be considered anything more than a political broadcast. At the very least, and according to very rudimentary calculations, that should be worth about $2.75 million. Don’t worry…Nancy can afford it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Is No One Covering This?

Tucker Carlson did a piece on a Secret Service breech on his show the other night. It was shocking to say the least. I’m going to try and paraphrase the story…

Apparently and allegedly, two Pakistani operatives posed as being from the Department of Health and Human Services. They got access to the White House and to the Secret Service details of both Joe Biden, and K-baby Harris. They tried to bribe them with free apartments, big screen TV’s, and other various stuff. Now, there’s been no word as to if any of the Secret Service details actually accepted the bribes, nor what the Pakistani’s wanted in exchange. But it’s troubling none the less.

To have the bodyguards of the President and Vice President of the United States bribed? Talk about a national security issue! That could not only lead to blackmail of either Biden or Harris, it could also lead to an assassination attempt. If the Secret Service dropped their guard for just a moment in a public setting, it could very easily allow an assassin to kill either one of them. And while I’m not a fan of either, and think both are incompetent, I’m certainly not in favor of any assassination, I don’t care how bad they are.

But my overwhelming question is why isn’t anyone talking about this? CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, the New York Times, any of the Broadcast networks are totally lacking in any coverage of this story. Why? Only Tucker Carlson gets the scoop? What gives on that?

Look, I like Tucker. I don’t get a chance to see his show all that often, but I catch snippets on YouTube, like a lot of folks do. He’s not right 100% of the time, but he’s credible enough to where he’s right a lot more than the guys at either MSNBC or CNN. So, why isn’t anyone looking into this? There hasn’t been one question to Jen “Circle Back” Psaki during a press briefing on the issue, and I’m sure she wouldn’t know what to say if someone did ask the question (where are you on THIS one, Peter Doocy?)

Just a very weird story. Either it’s not true and Tucker is out in left field with it, or it is true and once again, the snowflake media is trying to cover it up. Only this time I think I can understand why. If the Secret Service is vulnerable to be bribed by foreign agents, that brings down the whole protective shield around our leaders. That would be a tragedy, regardless who’s in charge!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“The Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theory”

Yesterday, we looked into Hunter Biden’s legal troubles and learned that the Biden’s aren’t too far off from four other presidential families that preceded them. And we looked at the possible fines and jail time that could be awaiting the younger Biden, if papa Joe doesn’t rescue him by granting a presidential pardon, and ruining his chances for reelection in the process.

Today we look at something a little more nefarious.

There is a theory being floated that this is actually a magician’s slight of hand. The real story isn’t Hunter Biden at all, but something a lot worse. And the media, who dutifully follows the DNC in what it is they spend precious time and space covering, has been all over the Hunter Biden story. The question is why? And why now?

The whole Hunter Biden thing has been under investigation for the last four years. I have watched federal investigations before. I’ve had a couple of instances in my life where, no, I wasn’t involved in the least, but people and programs I was familiar with were. And I learned that the Feds take their time investigating things. When they feel they have enough evidence to hang you out to dry, that’s when they make their move. And they rarely lose. So, the question then becomes, why is the media all of a sudden ready to jump on Hunter Biden’s problems in 2022, when they wouldn’t even mention the guy’s name in 2018?

The Conspiracy Theory says, follow the money. It’s always about the money. So, in this case, they are wanting the American public to focus on Hunter because there is something else going on. It’s something that is bigger than Hunter. It’s more damaging to the presidency, and to Joe Biden himself. And he’s willing to put his son through this in order to save himself.

Just what is it? No idea. But the theory goes that there is something out there that the White House doesn’t want the media to find out about. So they feed the story on Hunter. They want them talking about Hunter. They want the FBI and the DOJ to focus on Hunter. Because if they had too much time on their hands, they may stumble onto the other thing, whatever it is, that is out there. And it has to be big for a sitting president to want to throw his own son under the bus to save his own hide. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the president and his own ethics?

Look, I have no idea what, if anything this “conspiracy theory” crime is. I do just find it odd that all of a sudden, the media that denied this story four years ago, even as late as 2020, has come around to not only talk about it, but feature it as the big news of the day. Or maybe…just maybe… Attorney General, Merrick Garland is poised to give Joe Biden a payback for making him Attorney General, and is ready to make the whole thing go away by simply saying, they don’t have enough evidence to convict the younger Biden. And then he claps his hands together and POOF! It all disappears!

There is something out there. And trust me when I say, the truth always comes out. Oh, it may not be until Joe Biden is dead and buried, but it will come out. And if it’s there, it will certainly taint a 50 year career!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is It Time For Reeducation?

Oh, I’m sure this is going to upset some of you because of the word “reeducation”. It’s basically used in places like China and Russia where if you’re not following their political protocol, you get sent to a brainwashing camp and come out as a robot for the government. And in the strictest sense of the word, yeah…that’s kind of what I’m talking about here.

And is it time for us to do the same thing in the United States?

I mean, the left has had a reeducation program going on for the last forty years. It’s called public education. The NEA and the AFT unions have gotten control of the educational curriculum in this country and have bastardized it in such a way that they’ve poisoned the minds of pretty much every single person that’s graduated high school whether they have learned something or not.

Think I’m wrong?
Do something I refuse to do. Go sign up for TikTok and take a look at the posts. There you will find some of the most bodacious and idiotic creatures God has put on this planet. They are the ones that want to change their pronouns of how they describe themselves. They are the ones that think there are 102 different genders (hey…either you have an “outie” or you have an “innie”. That’s all you get!). They are the ones with nose rings and pink and purple hair. And I don’t have a problem with either of those last two. It is just that these people have a problem understanding reality. And they are all on display for the world to see.

By the way, in case you didn’t know (and I’m sure all of you folks to), TikTok is owned by the Chinese government. And these folks in China need to be looking at these posts and shaking their head in amazement. It’s a wonder these people posting stuff on there can get out of bed in the morning.

And how would I institute this “reeducation program”? Simple. I’d start by making these people learn the Constitution to the United States. They need to realize what rights are. They need to understand that rights are not man-derived, but are divine in nature and God-given. Now, that will shock several of them who have never once thought about a higher power. From there, we will jump into basic civics and government classes that teach them about how our government works, why it works so well (or at least used to), and what’s gone wrong with it today. And we will approach everything with a rather archaic stance. We’re going to look at America not as a place to protest and burn things, but to build things, be creative, and win. That’s the “great” America that Donald Trump talked about. What we saw in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and other snowflake run cities over the past couple of years is not America. That’s what you get when socialism prevails, and these people need to be reeducated that socialist governments don’t work, never have worked, and never will work.

They should also learn that unless you’re printing money, putting an army together to defend your nation, or building infrastructure, private enterprise is always a better way to go than to have government in charge. Governmental solutions will cost more money, take more time, and provide you with a lesser quality finished product than if you let the private sector come up with the solution. And no…the private sector doesn’t need a grant from the government to do it. If they can see a way to making a profit on it, they will be happy to invest the money in research & development. Think I’m wrong? Look at the pharmaceutical industry. That’s all they do. They spend more money on R&D than anything else except marketing.

No, it’s time we reeducate the under 40 crowd out there. We need to pull back the reins of socialism before we become socialist. It won’t happen this year. But trust me, staying on this path…it WILL happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

More Shortages Coming…

Joe Biden himself said so. He addressed a press conference during a NATO meeting in Europe the other day and mentioned that yes, there would be shortages because of the war in Ukraine and the sanctions that the US and European allies have put on Russia. Now, that got me wondering. Is this just Joe Biden once again shifting blame? Or is this something that we can really say is a cause of not doing business with Russia?

Turns out, he’s shifting the blame.

In 2019, according to the website (US Trade Representative), the US imported a whopping total of $69 million in foodstuffs from Russia. Sound like a lot? Well, in comparison, the US imports $12 BILLION in food from both Canada and Mexico (all of those avocado’s I’m assuming). In fact, Russia comes in at number 56 as far as the ranking of food imports into the US is concerned. That’s according to the World Bank. And I bet you’re saying we’re going to have shortages because of all the food we import from Ukraine, right? Well, they’re 55th on the list. We DO import more from them. We import $75 million.

So, what type of foods are we not going to be importing from Russia? Snack Foods ($8 million), Tree Nuts ($6 million), Vegetable Oils ($3 million), Essential Oils ($3 million), and other dairy products ($2 million) are the largest import categories. Basically, I’m going to have to buy my almonds and mixed nuts from somewhere other than Russia for a while.

I think in the above two paragraphs, I’ve proven that both Russia and Ukraine aren’t really the breadbasket of the United States. While Ukraine grows a lot of wheat, and feeds a lot of people in Russia and in Europe, not much is making it to our shores, and even less Russian products are coming here.

The question then becomes, why is Biden telling the reporters at a NATO meeting that we are going to be having shortages in this country? Why are we so worried that we are going to stop buying Prostokvashino and Rastishka? Frankly, I’m not. I’ve never heard of those brands.

No, this is another Joe Biden deflection. There is another reason behind shortages, if and when they occur on our food shelves. It’s not the war in Ukraine. It’s not Russia, it’s something else. For cryin’ out loud, we import more food from Morocco and Fiji than we do Russia or Ukraine!

So, when you can’t find something in the grocery store later on this year, don’t fall for Biden’s newest lie. It’s just that. He’s not telling you the truth!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Durham Report Blues

I have this unnerving feeling that the John Durham report isn’t going to make anyone happy. First of all, it’s starting to come out, about a year and a half late for conservatives. Most people on the right wanted to see this hit prior to the 2020 elections, so it would influence independent voters not to dump Donald Trump. Second, it’s not going to please the left at all, because it swings (and hits pretty hard) at Hillary Clinton.

Yes, it’s going to have more and more people indicted apparently (so far only three have been). And while that’s great, and while it looks as if Hillary was more involved in this mess than was originally thought, I’ve seen enough instances where people in law enforcement are very skittish to arrest people and indict people that have been in power or are still in power. That certainly has been the case with the Clinton’s throughout the years.

I will credit Durham with his thoroughness though. He has done a pretty fair job from what I’ve been able to ascertain in getting to the bottom of the whole Russian collusion/Trump dossier mess. And he’s been able to so far, bring to light Hillary’s involvement in spying on the Trump campaign through hacking servers during the campaign of 2016, and then after Trump was in the White House. I find the second part of that the most disturbing.

What it tells me is there is someone in government, someone that had access to White House servers through both the Obama and Trump administrations that allowed the Clinton team to access these servers. If that was allowed to happen, why couldn’t the Russians or the Chinese have the same access, and who’s to say they already haven’t? It seems from where I sit (which granted, is in the middle of the desert some 2,341 miles from Pennsylvania Avenue), the odds are that our enemies have gained access to things they shouldn’t have access to. That’s troubling on so many different levels.

Now, what else is troubling is something you and I have known for years. There are two sets of laws. One for the powerful, and one for the rest of us. That in my mind is JUST as disturbing. If we learn that Hillary Clinton had any involvement in some sort of spying (which Trump mentioned by the way in an interview with Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes…and she pooh-poohed him on it), she should be tried for treason and locked away for life. Instead, she’s trying to make a political comeback at the ripe old age of 74. Here is someone that has held one elected, and one appointed position her entire life, and she thinks she’s qualified to become president? After all the scandals she and her husband have been involved in? I don’t think so.

Hopefully, if she DOES try to make a run for the White House in 2024, the American public isn’t so Joe Biden minded that they can’t see the forest for the trees. This woman is bad news. She is pure evil…and I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute to learn that she’s been behind all of Bill’s shenanigans from day one.

Let’s all pray that John Durham’s report is released to the people that need to see it clearly and fully…the American people. And let’s hope it’s soon!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“Defunding” Is Dying

It was such a stupid comment to come out of the whole George Floyd incident. When people started thinking that they were going to punish police departments for killing blacks, by calling for police departments to be “defunded”, it sparked a liberal uprising. There were tons of people all over the liberal landscape clamoring to jump on the bandwagon. Members of Congress, blacks all over, liberal activists, city government officials, all could be heard screaming, “Defund The Police” at the top of their lungs.

And the more intelligent among us shook our heads in amazement. Here these people were going to defund the very source that was keeping them safe. And all because they were upset with the way a few police officers were treating blacks. They didn’t look at the whole picture. They didn’t realize that in 2021, blacks shot by police accounted for only 11% of the shootings. That’s less than the black population of 13.4%. The largest segment was “unknown” with about two-thirds of the shootings. Whites came in with actually more shootings than blacks, but a smaller percentage because there are more whites in the population.

And as time wore on and city councils around major cities began to defund their police departments, something amazing happened. Crime went up. In every city, defunding the police, putting fewer police on the street, not replacing the tons of cops that were retiring on a daily basis because they didn’t want to put their lives on the line for a bunch of ingrates, caused crime in those cities to spike. New York, LA, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Cleveland, everywhere where Democrat controlled city councils decided that enough was enough and that they were going to pull funding, crime went up. And the liberals were shocked!

So, what are we hearing now? What’s the word coming from liberals about defunding police after a huge two year spike in crime in major Democrat controlled cities? They are back-pedaling as fast as they can. They’ve realized that they can’t take the cops out of the equation and expect everyone to live in peace. What’s fascinating is that black on black crime has soared. Black on white crime has soared. White on white crime is about even, and white on black crime is actually down. So, how well did defunding the police work?

It sucked.

Democrats realize that now that America has placed burgeoning crime rates toward the top of the list of important issues heading into an election year. And they realize that they were on the wrong side of the fence. Joe Biden met with New York Mayor, Eric Adams recently after two New York City officers were shot. He said, “Enough is enough because we know we can do things about this. But for the resistance, we’re getting from some sectors of the government and the Congress and the state legislatures and the organizational structures out there, you know, Mayor Adams, you and I agree, the answer is not to abandon our streets, that’s not the answer.”

Such a change in a short period of time! And “the resistance”? Oh, that would be from the city councils around the country that are still trying to blame their own police departments for the rise in crime that they themselves created.

It’s just another example of what happens when liberals are left in charge. They don’t know where the boundaries are and they push too fast, too far, and then when the crap hits the fan, they look for someone else to blame. It’s just plain sad we allow them to do more than social distance, wear masks, and only go to grocery stores!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is The “I” Word About To Be Used?

Rasmussen does polls on a myriad of political topics, but I found this one to be rather interesting. The released a poll this past week the cited that 50% of Americans (including Democrats in that) now want Joe Biden to be impeached!


33% said they strongly wanted him to be impeached. That’s opposed to 45% that said they didn’t want him to be impeached, and 33% who said they strongly didn’t want him to be impeached.

I find those numbers to be fascinating. Nearly as many as the 50% said that Republicans will do it if they take over the House of Representatives next January. And to be honest, I don’t believe it for a minute.

It would be too easy to impeach Biden, especially with someone ready to take over that is actually more hated, more distrusted, and so more not-ready-for-prime-time than Biden. It’s really the devil you know versus the devil you also know but never wanted to. And there are several problems with the whole impeachment thing.

First of all, if you do impeach and convict Biden, you’re leaving the door open for K-baby Harris to become president. That would be good for Biden in one sense. He wouldn’t go down in history as the worst president ever. But even if you could get two-thirds of the senate to go along with conviction, which I highly doubt, I don’t think Republicans would want Harris in office any more than staying with Sleepy Joe.

Second, there is the whole political capital idea. We all know that Nancy Pelosi is a hell of a fundraiser for the Democrats, but she is also a hell of a fundraiser for the Republicans. She is the most-hated person in Congress. And to be honest, I think Republicans like her in Congress, especially since she’s obviously either had a stroke or is losing it mentally. Keeping her in the House (but not as Speaker) allows her to take all the slings and arrows that need to be shot at Democrats, and she is a very popular target. Well, Biden has become the same thing for the Republicans. He is a very easy target. He makes way too many mistakes, and he just isn’t qualified for the job. It makes it a whole lot easier to run against someone like him in 2024. Of course there is another side to that as well.

That other side is the damage that he can cause by being in office another three years. When you look at it, he has stumbled and bumbled his way through year one but he really hasn’t had much success at doing anything other than opening our southern border to all who want in, and he’s playing the wrong games with the Paris Accords, Iran, and Russia (not to mention China). He has caused a lot of damage to this country without being able to get any new laws passed.

Finally, there is the more pragmatic question. Is it even possible to impeach a president in today’s toxic environment and get him convicted and thrown out of office? I would have hoped the Republicans would have learned back with Bill Clinton, that if you can’t remove them from office, the whole thing becomes a charade and a waste of money. Democrats obviously didn’t learn that from the first impeachment of Donald Trump, but then again, they are very slow to learn any lessons from a history they haven’t rewritten! Impeachment is a waste of time unless you have the votes to convict, and a clear path forward. I don’t see either in this scenario.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Filibuster Rules Change?

Chuckles Schumer realizes he’s in a terrible position. Having just 50 Democrats in the US Senate is like having 10. They really can’t do anything without the Vice President coming along for the ride. And trust me, Schumer realizes that unless you can convince the Senate Parliamentarian that you can use the “budget reconciliation” measure to pass something with only 51 votes, you’re doomed.

Chuckles Schumer is doomed.

So, in typical Democrat style, if they can’t win, they cheat. If they can’t cheat, they change the rules. And that’s the position that Schumer finds himself in today. He can’t win when it comes to what he feels is the most important legislation he’ll deal with this year, which is his voter “rights” legislation. It’s designed to make sure no Democrat anywhere in the country ever loses another election. And it has nothing to do with the budget, so according to the filibuster rules, he needs 60 votes to get it passed. And therein lies the rub.

So, Schumer wants to get rid of the filibuster. Maybe not altogether (though he’d love that), but on this ONE item. Then he could insure that his party could always win their elections because it would make it impossible for Republicans to compete. It’s the ultimate stab. He’s got a problem or two however. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are standing in the way. He still would need 50 votes, plus K-baby Harris to get rid of the filibuster. And he doesn’t have the votes to do that. Manchin has said that the talk has been to do a “carve out”, which is basically an exception to the rule. He’s not in favor of that either.

IF (and it’s a pretty big if) the Democrats are able to finagle the rules to get the filibuster rule changed, they’d be able to get the voting rights issue passed. And that is their ultimate goal prior to the November elections, because it’s the only way they see of keeping Congress under Democrat control. And there is another rub they aren’t seeing.

Let’s call that the Harry Reid Rule.

See, Reid is the guy that decided back when Bobo Obama was president that he was going to have to allow only 51 votes to approve confirmations of everyone except Supreme Court Justices. That meant Bobo could pack the courts. And he did. But what Reid didn’t count on was losing the Senate to Republicans and then they could add to that rule, or should I say take away from that rule. Rather than making 60 votes confirming Supreme Court nominees, they included that in the Reid Rule. Now it only takes 51 votes to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. What helped Reid out in the short term, has allowed the Supreme Court to swing to a 6-3 conservative court. And it allowed Donald Trump to appoint 261 federal judges (in several different courts). By contrast though, Obama appointed 349 federal judges in his eight years.

So, my theory is that if the Democrats are able to somehow change or suspend the rules for the filibuster for their voting rights act, it’s going to be problematic for them when the Republicans take charge again (and they will). First of all, the law will be challenged, and it will have to go to the Supreme Court eventually. It will be found unconstitutional, and voided. But second, it will allow the Republicans to make further inroads and further tear up the Senate. Did the Dems learn their lesson with Harry Reid? All they are doing is causing a short term victory that will at some point be overturned by the Supreme Court.

The best way for the Dems to move forward is to try and play fair. If you can’t do that, you lose. It’s about the only thing that makes any sense. Of course, Democrats don’t make much sense!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Two-Faced Over Rittenhouse Verdict

How can someone say two entirely different things about the same occurrence in a little over an hour and be held credible? That’s one of the big questions I would ask Joe “Brandon” Biden if he would actually answer it, which he wouldn’t. He’d turn around and walk away. Oh, it’s OK to call someone “Fats” during the campaign and challenge them to a push up contest when they disagree with you. But once elected, you just ignore them.

What I’m talking about is the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. The jury of his peers found Rittenhouse Not Guilty on all four of the counts against him. Most people in and around law felt that the prosecution blew the case wide open and basically handed the win to the defense, and though I didn’t watch the trial, what I did see of it, I’d be inclined to agree.

Moments after the verdict was read, Biden was talking to reporters. He said, “I stand by what the jury has concluded. The jury system works. We have to abide by it,” That seems like a pretty cogent and simple statement. And, I think most of us would be in agreement with the president in this case.

However, about an hour later, the communications team at the White House, realizing that Biden had just pissed off most of the Democrats who called Rittenhouse anything but human during the weeks leading up to, and including the trial, issued the following statement from the president. “While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. I ran on a promise to bring Americans together, because I believe that what unites us is far greater than what divides us,”

Whoa! Wait a second. That’s a far cry from “standing by what the jury has concluded and we have to abide by the jury system”!

This is yet another in a very long line of examples the Joe “Brandon” Biden is out of touch with reality. He’s not in control of the Oval Office, much less the country. If you’re telling me that in the hour it took between statements, he had a change of mind, my answer would simply be, “What mind?” This was a blatant attempt by the liberal socialist snowflakes in the Biden White House to spin the verdict they way they wanted it. Innocent until proven guilty? Not even close. Innocent when found not guilty? Try again.

According to the idiots in the White House, and I would include Joe Biden as one of them at this point, there is no trial by jury. There is only “trial by Democrats”. And if you don’t bow to their wishes, you get slammed, even if you are the President of the United States. Oh, I’m sure there was a hell of a meeting in the Oval after his first comment. And I’m sure Ron Klain had a lot to say about how Biden had just turned his back on 13% of Americans who viewed this as a racial trial. Let me say this…this was not a racial trial. This was a trial of self-defense.

When things don’t go the way Democrats want them to go, they want to change the rules to fit their narrative. That’s exactly what happened in this case. They didn’t get the verdict they wanted, so it became about race. But wait a minute. Wasn’t the guy that was injured in the shooting and not killed, the guy that testified that yes, he charged Rittenhouse before getting shot (in self-defense), wasn’t he white? And the two guys that got killed, Huber and Rosenbaum, they were white too weren’t they? So, how in the world could Rittenhouse’s self-defense be termed “racist”.

Actually, and I probably should do a whole other blog about that, but let’s just say, where the left has accused the right in this country of usurping the word “woke”, I think the left has usurped and over-used the word “racist”. Racism does exist to some extent in this country, and I believe that’s serious. I think they do that word a terrible injustice when they want to call everything and everybody racist. They have turned the word into Jello. Just like the communications team at the White House has done with Joe “Brandon” Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!