Coming Clean On Huntergate

Well, it’s official. CBS News has officially handed over their mantle as “The Tiffany Network”. It originated network news as we know it today. It was the home of such mega stars as Douglas Edwards, Edward R. Murrow, and yes, Walter Cronkite himself. Back in the day, what CBS said went. They were trusted. They were honest. They covered news with authority and without bias. You never knew who those three men, and the reporters that worked at CBS voted for. Nor did you care. You wanted to get the facts from a news story and you got it with CBS. That mantle has long been tarnished, first with Dan Rather, and then with the roaming cast of third-stringers that occupied Cronkite’s seat over the years, but could never rise to his level of objectivity.

The fall from grace has been a long time coming, but we can now consider it complete.

Back in 2020, CBS News wanted to believe that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a non-starter at best. They did their best to wipe the legitimacy from their airwaves citing it to be a hoax, a fraud, and not worthy of mention. People like Norah O’Donnell were tabbed to discredit the whole laptop story during the presidential elections.

Now, CBS News has come clean.

In a move that one can only describe as “too little, too late”, CBS has declared to the world that yes, Virginia, the Hunter Biden laptop is indeed real, and does contain enough damage to seriously damage the Biden family business of scarfing as much money from far away countries as Ukraine and China as is humanly possible.

The move only deflates what shred of credibility that CBS News had. Certainly in the past 41 years, since Cronkite retired, the honesty and integrity that people like Edwards and Murrow brought to the news game diminished. Names like Dan Rather, Connie Chung, Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric, Scott Pelley, Jeff Glor, and O’Donnell came and went but none could match Cronkite in tenure or ranking.

For CBS News to come out two years late and now say that yes, the Hunter Biden laptop is actually legitimate, and does have a place for discussion in the newsrooms around the world is a joke. As long as their guy won the 2020 election, CBS was willing to sacrifice it’s own credibility and honesty and trade in the ethics that those early network pioneers forged for what? Joe Biden? Really? I would think that if you’re going to trade in the honesty and integrity of a Douglas Edwards, a Walter Cronkite or an Edward R. Murrow, you’re at the very least going to do it to save the country. But CBS saw fit to piss away that good name in order to give Joe Biden the White House, and two years of freedom to pass whatever he could to advance a socialist agenda.

Whether or not Biden is going to be able to escape the upcoming investigations, the rumored deals with “the Big Guy” raking in 10% of the millions that were invested in Biden Inc. remains to be seen. What is crystal clear however, is that television’s version of “The Gray Lady” as the New York Times was called prior to losing their credibility, is now ranked as another scant version of TMZ. CBS CEO, George Cheeks should join the long list of anchors that have come and gone over the recent years. It’s embarrassing. I can only imagine what Walter Cronkite is thinking about now.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Difference Between Jolly Ol’ England And The USA

Oh, there are many, granted. But one of the most telling signs that the England has it all over the US when it comes to politics occurred just this week. That’s when British Prime Minister Liz Truss decided that it was time to resign as Prime Minister. What’s that you say? She was only PM for 44 days, the shortest stint of any Prime Minister in British history.

So what caused the resignation so soon after being appointed?

Liz Truss realized that her economic policies had triggered economic turmoil in Great Britain. It basically obliterated her authority, and she decided that she couldn’t rule as she needs to after throwing the British economy into a tailspin.

And that is the difference between our friends across the pond, and the United States. Joe Biden refuses to admit he’s even made a mistake economically, or in any other realm. Hell, he probably views himself as one of the all time greats with Washington and Lincoln! He says our economy is “as strong as hell”, even after he has obliterated it due to his love of high gas prices, record high inflation, a supply chain shortage that still hasn’t been solved, a crime rate that his risen to unheard of proportions, and a southern border crisis that makes my spaghetti colander look more like an impenetrable brick wall.

In the UK, when Boris Johnson, the former PM, resigned back at the end of June because of several scandals that had plagued his office. That opened the door for Truss to step in. Both Johnson and Truss realized that they couldn’t pull the wool over the eyes of their constituents, and so they told the truth, and they did the honorable thing. They resigned from office.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden doesn’t realize where he is half the time. He thinks he’s done a great job, and can’t understand why the Democrats are looking to have their rear ends handed to them on November 8th. After all, he’s in “a transition phase” from oil and carbon based fuel forms to electric (which is for the most part produced using carbon based fuel forms). He hasn’t said boo about the infrastructure being in place, or about the fact the cars cost $25,000 more than an average new car. He hasn’t attempted to rectify that EMT’s hate it when they see an EV in an accident because of the danger of it exploding. And of course, the eco-terrorists out there love the fact that the electric cars don’t pollute like gas guzzlers do. Of course, recycling all of those batteries is going to pose a problem that doesn’t have a solution yet.

If Joe Biden were in the UK, he would have resigned three months into his term. Instead, he plods along, denying that we are in a recession, even though the actual definition of recession has been met. And if by chance the next president is a Republican, and has two bad quarters in a row, you can bet Biden will be screaming that that person has caused a recession!

No, Joe Biden has become a cartoon caricature of what a politician in America is like. It’s also why Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court have terribly low ratings from the American public. They can’t do their job correctly, so they blame everyone else. They need to take a lesson from Jolly Ol’ England!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Dodged That Bullet!

And to think…with all of the angst and criticism going on around the country right now about Merrick Garland’s decision to “personally sign the search warrant” for Mar-A-Lago, we could have very easily had that guy sitting on the Supreme Court bench for life!

That would have been a travesty of justice to say the least!

Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General of the United States of America, is the first and only Attorney General to sign a search warrant that instructs the FBI to raid the home of a former president. Bobo Obama never had this. Hillary Clinton never had this. Joe Biden never had this. Jimmy Carter never had this!

Why in the world would this idiot of a lawyer sign a document that had NEVER been signed in the history of our country before? Because he’s nothing more than a political hack, and not a very good one at that.

When I think back to Bobo Obama nominating this clown for the high court during his last year in office, and Mitch McConnell telling the world he wasn’t going to get a hearing, but that he was going to wait until the elections were over to see who won before granting Garland floor time for a confirmation hearing, I kinda sorta felt sorry for Garland. That was pure emotion and had no logic behind it. I know McConnel has taken a lot of crap from a lot of people over the years as Majority and Minority Leader in the Senate. But he was spot on for this one.

Can you imagine for a second (no longer than that please!) that Garland would be deciding constitutional issues? He would have been the worst Supreme Court justice in our nation’s history! As it is, I don’t know that he is going to be able to hold on to his job as Attorney General much past January if the GOP wins the midterms. Kevin McCarthy, the next presumptive Speaker of the House has already tweeted the Garland needs to clear his calendar for next year’s hearings, and to be ready to update his resume.

I know Democrats who don’t want to see Trump run against Biden are gleeful at this, even though most of them aren’t willing to comment publicly about it. And while I think that’s a pretty smart move that will save them embarrassment up the road, they need to realize the path they have put this country on is heading down the road to destruction. Forget an infrastructure bill. They need a bill that says Congress and the White House will follow the Constitution under the penalty of loss of all personal property.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden In A Bigger Pickle Now

I had watched House of Cards on Netflix a while back. Then I stopped subscribing and before Kevin Spacey got all tangled up in the whole #MeToo movement (and ended up having to pay $31 million to the producers of the show), and fired from the program, so I never really got to see how it ended. I brought my wife into it and we’ve been watching an episode a day this summer and she’s really into it.

I’m amazed at how closely Joe Biden’s situation resembles that of Frank Underwood.

In case you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a great series! But suffice to say that Joe Biden gets a win, and then screws it up. How incompetent is that? He had what the Democrats called a “great week”, even going so far as to call what he did over the past couple of weeks “the great reset”. Then Mar-A-Lago hit. Now, he’s faced with an entire country minus about 16 Democrat idiot snowflakes, that think he’s trying to turn us into China.

And Biden is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The White House has probably taken the wise course in not saying anything. In fact, Press Secretary, Karrine Jean-Pierre came out with an old Bobo Obama line the other day, telling reporters that Biden “learned of the raid just like you did, on social media”. Right.

If you don’t believe that the Department of Justice isn’t tied by the gonads to the White House, you’re still believing in rainbows and unicorns. The DOJ has zero credibility left, and the FBI is two steps past that. I don’t care if FBI Director Christopher Wray is a life-long Republican or not. What they did was wrong. We’re learning that it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with January 6th, it’s more to do with Trump taking classified documents from office when he left the White House (are you listening Hillary???).

But overall, while silence in this case may be golden, it’s not a great path to take. This is most assuredly going to become a campaign issue both in 2022 and in 2024 if Trump decides to run (which he will). What will Biden’s defense be? If he says that he approved it because Trump was breaking the law, then why aren’t the FBI and DOJ going after his son who also allegedly broke the law? Why hasn’t he gone after Hillary Clinton, who actually did take classified documents. She even took it a step further when she got rid of over 33,000 emails that were classified!

If Biden says that he didn’t know anything about it and it was all DOJ and FBI’s doing, he appears totally out of touch of running his own administration. Of course he knew. He has done what every president for the last 20 years has done. He’s politicized the DOJ and the FBI. It’s called the swamp for a very good reason! And the fact that Biden himself does not enjoy a Walter Cronkite level of credibility himself with the American public, it seems pretty clear to anyone with an IQ over 30 that no one in the country would believe him in that case. So to remain quiet on the whole subject may be the best path forward, but it’s not a great path at that.

Should Biden decide to run, and actually win the primary in 2024, he’s going to be nailed to a cross and crucified over not only his other stumblings and bumblings, but this as well. He just keeps adding to the now popular belief that he really doesn’t understand what’s going on, and can’t do a damn thing to change it.

It seems to me that his “wins” over the past couple of weeks had very little to do with him, and a lot more to do with dumb luck. Blind squirrels do find acorns on occasion after all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Fixing Elections

Oh, I’ve talked about this before, but it keeps coming up as a major topic of conversation. So, some people aren’t getting the message. I’d ask that you reblog this, cut and paste this, email it, whatever you have to do to all of your friends and family, and all of the elected officials in Washington, DC. They need to know how to fix the whole election problem because it’s obviously not getting through to them.

Here’s what I would do.

First and foremost, You can only register for your right to vote at a government office of some sort. Maybe it’s the Attorney General’s office. Maybe it’s your Secretary of State’s office. Maybe it’s the DMV. Somewhere that is controlled by the government. You have to do it 90 days prior to you actually voting whether it’s in a primary or in a general election. You need to show proof of citizenship, which can be through a driver’s license (unless you live in a state like New York that let’s illegals get drivers’ licenses), a state ID card if you don’t drive, or a passport in order to obtain your registration. Any one of those things, except a passport, which is federally mandated to cost money, is free to obtain (well…a drivers’ license isn’t free, but it’s cheap).

Second, all elections will be held on a Saturday or a Sunday. I don’t care which day, but make it on the weekend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a primary or a general election. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a statewide election, or a national election like what we have coming up in November. It becomes a legal holiday, and ALL businesses must be shut down between the hours of 6am and 7pm, and those hours are for every state. That way you don’t get some states opening at 7am, and closing at 8pm. Everybody does the same thing. And everybody gets the day off work since no businesses can be open during an election. Everybody that votes gets a purple ink stain that will fade after 14 days. No ink stain, means you haven’t voted.

There are to be no mail in ballots. There are only to be absentee ballots because of medical reasons and a doctor’s signature is required. A doctor can only sign if the person cannot leave their house. They would be allowed to mail that in. Military personnel can also vote absentee ballots if they are out of the country, but their ballots must be back at their local election headquarters no later than one week prior to the election.

All voting must be done by one type of machine. That machine must be vetted so it doesn’t arbitrarily vote for one candidate “by mistake” as has happened in the past. If it does, the company is fined $1 million per fraudulent vote. You have to make it valuable to the company that they produce a “clean” machine. All machines must be tabulated no later than 11pm local time. Failure to do that means that the elections officials are fined $1,000 for every miscounted or vote that’s failed to be counted. Again, it’s motivating to get it done. If they need more volunteers, then get them!

You can only demand a recount or take something to court if the end result is within 0.5%. So, if you lose by a couple of percentage points, you cannot bog down the already clogged courts with your silly lawsuit. Be a man (or a woman) and accept a loss.

Any fraudulent voting, voting more than once, or as another person, you are tried for treason and sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole. And whomever you voted for is fined $1 million per vote that was determined to be fraudulently voted, not to be paid out of campaign funds, but out of personal funds.

There. I’ve fixed it. I doubt there would be any real problems with this system other than people screaming that they have somehow been “disenfranchised” because they couldn’t cheat. Oh well, tough baked beans.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

When The White House Lies…

Growing up as a kid, you probably respected your parents. I know I did. If they said something, I just took it as fact. I mean, why would they lie to me? I trusted that they would have my best interests at heart and would act accordingly. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing at the time, but it’s exactly what I was doing. We as a nation are kind of the children of our leader in a sense. We expect that we should be able to respect our leader, and take what they say as fact. But as we’ve learned over the years, that’s just not the case.

And it gets worse with our current president.

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre has had a rough start to her tenure, there’s no denying that. She has fumbled, mumbled, stumbled, and rumbled her way through the daily press briefings so poorly that even reporters from “friendly” publications and networks are turning on her. Tuesday was the latest episode.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who I never really thought very highly of until he landed his position as the White House Reporter, has continuously asked the tough questions, and pointed out when the administration was either wrong or lied to us. Former Press Secretary, Jen Psaki knew how to handle Doocy, though he usually got the upper hand on her. Jean-Pierre is totally lost.

In case you missed it, Tuesday, Doocy asked Jean-Pierre to comment on why there was a voicemail of the President giving his son business advice, when he has sworn tons of times that he “never discussed Hunter Biden’s business with him.” Jean-Pierre’s answer? “I’m not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop.”

Well, that’s like your parents telling you that you can’t have any ice cream because it tastes bad. But it gets worse. Other reporters in the room, sensing that there was some shenanigans going on here, decided to chime in and ask why she didn’t answer Peter’s question. She was stumped.

This is a White House that if they don’t have the answer that they want to give, they either make something up on the fly that has to be walked-back in an hour or two by the communications team, or they deny and lie. That’s not what the President of the United States is for. Look, it’s a very simple thing here. If Joe Biden never had business dealings with his son, or discussed his business, he needs to say so. But if this voicemail message is accurate and correct, he needs to come clean. And that’s not just me saying that about a Democrat. I said the same thing about Donald Trump. I have said the same thing about George W. Bush. It doesn’t matter what party you’re from.

You don’t want parents to lie to you and tarnish your respect for them, and their credibility. Likewise, we don’t want a president of either party to lie to us or obfuscate the facts. If Biden is guilty of anything, he needs to come clean. He doesn’t have much credibility left, and when you’re approval ratings are so far under water that you’re almost in the 20% range, you have major problems. Not just for you and your electability, but for the whole party. And it seems that the whole Democrat party jumps on the Biden bandwagon and backs him regardless what nonsense he comes up with.

If that’s all true, then why on earth behind close doors are they trying to tell Biden not to run for reelection?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No Joe…Go Here…Do This!

Joe Biden himself brought this one on, In case you missed it, Biden showed off a “cheat sheet” that his staff had given him. It was a note card for the “Offshore Wind Drop By Sequence Of Events”. In it, it tells the president where to go (The Roosevelt Room), what to do (YOU go into the room…YOU take your seat).

I couldn’t believe it when I read it. I mean, I can understand that the president may need help in a press conference setting who to call on and in what order. After all, they all (both parties) want to look good during televised pressers. But this is something that was a non-public event. It was something that would have minimal reporting (the press was only there for a short while AFTER the president had entered the room). And what it basically gave Biden was a step-by-step reminder of what he was to do, how long he was to take, and when he was to arrive and leave.

Is the president THAT out of touch that he doesn’t even know where he’s going and what he’s doing?

Apparently so. And that is very disconcerting to me. I mean, look, I’m not Joe Biden fan and never have been. I have always thought he was a slap-you-on-the-back, glad-handing politician that could care less about you and your problems unless you voted for him. But to have a president that needs step-by-step instructions on meeting with people, and just saying a few words, and then asking the head of one of the unions a question (the question wasn’t specified) is rather upsetting.

Let’s take a look at this a little further. What happens if say, Russia decides to invade Poland. Will Biden have a cheat sheet telling him to go to the Situation Room? Will it tell him where to sit and which questions to ask the Generals in attendance as to what the US response should be? What about tackling gas prices. Does he get a cheat sheet telling him what the eventual price of gas should be and how he should plan to get it there?

It all comes back to the simple question that you’ve heard people like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson scream over and over again…Who is running the show over at the White House? This is living proof that it isn’t the person that swears he was duly elected in 2020. That is for certain.

So, the next obvious question to ask is, how legal is any of this? If Biden is the president, but there is a shadow president hiding behind the curtain (a lot of people point the finger at Chief Of Staff, Ron Klain), then is what’s really being done Biden’s doing or Klain’s? And is that legal? If it can be proven that Klain is running the show, can all of Biden’s programs be abolished because there were illegally foisted on the American public? And what does that say about the Democrat party first of all, and We The People secondly that would allow this type of monstrosity to occur?

It’s obvious to even the most casual observer that Joe Biden may be called the president. He’s not the one running the country.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Thursday’s Jan 6th Hearings? A Ratings Flop

Now, you’re going to hear that the made for television congressional hearings on the whole January 6th protest were a winner. Don’t believe it for a minute. The made up event in prime time TV was shown on a total of eight different channels. Basically, unless you were streaming something, or had on HBO or Showtime or some paid channel, you had to watch, or read a book, or do as my wife and did, and shampoo each other’s hair.

In reality, there were just over 10 million Americans tuned in to at least five minutes of the hearings on Thursday night. That would equate to about 3% of America tuning in. Now, let’s just pick up something else for comparison, shall we? CBS aired two game shows, “Let’s Make A Deal” and “The Price Is Right” on Wednesday night, the day before. Those two shows garnered 6 1/2 million Americans watching…all on one channel. Also on Wednesday, ABC had on Game 3 of the NBA Finals. That had 5.5 million people tuned in.

But you’re hearing what a wonderful show this was and it showed the American people exactly what Congress is doing to make sure that “insurrection” never happens again. According to a survey done by The Hill/Harris, 54% of Americans felt that the reason the hearings were done were to score political points. What’s interesting is that 54% also said they no longer blame Donald Trump for the Capitol protests.

If you jump into that survey a little deeper, only 79% of Democrats felt that the hearings are “independently trying to get to the bottom of what happened”. Meanwhile 21% of Democrats, and 55% of Republicans, and 55% of Independent voters think it’s Kabuki theater.

Thus, the low ratings. America basically took the night off from TV Thursday.

What I find to be fascinating is the inconsistencies the Democrats are throwing at this. Let’s compare the 475 riots or so that Black Lives Matter held in over 140 cities across the country, in which there were no hearings. Over 36 people lost their lives in those riots. There were over 1,000 police officers injured. Well over 100 federal buildings were damaged, looted, or burned, causing over $8 billion in damages.

On January 6th, there were a total of four deaths. The Capitol sustained $1.4 million in damages. It was over in several hours. Of the four deaths, two were by heart attacks, and one Capitol Police Officer was killed.

Somehow, I don’t think the two are on equal footing.

I would ask that Nancy Pelosi personally pay the eight stations that carried her fiasco of a hearing for the airtime she used, since it could never be considered anything more than a political broadcast. At the very least, and according to very rudimentary calculations, that should be worth about $2.75 million. Don’t worry…Nancy can afford it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Is No One Covering This?

Tucker Carlson did a piece on a Secret Service breech on his show the other night. It was shocking to say the least. I’m going to try and paraphrase the story…

Apparently and allegedly, two Pakistani operatives posed as being from the Department of Health and Human Services. They got access to the White House and to the Secret Service details of both Joe Biden, and K-baby Harris. They tried to bribe them with free apartments, big screen TV’s, and other various stuff. Now, there’s been no word as to if any of the Secret Service details actually accepted the bribes, nor what the Pakistani’s wanted in exchange. But it’s troubling none the less.

To have the bodyguards of the President and Vice President of the United States bribed? Talk about a national security issue! That could not only lead to blackmail of either Biden or Harris, it could also lead to an assassination attempt. If the Secret Service dropped their guard for just a moment in a public setting, it could very easily allow an assassin to kill either one of them. And while I’m not a fan of either, and think both are incompetent, I’m certainly not in favor of any assassination, I don’t care how bad they are.

But my overwhelming question is why isn’t anyone talking about this? CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, the New York Times, any of the Broadcast networks are totally lacking in any coverage of this story. Why? Only Tucker Carlson gets the scoop? What gives on that?

Look, I like Tucker. I don’t get a chance to see his show all that often, but I catch snippets on YouTube, like a lot of folks do. He’s not right 100% of the time, but he’s credible enough to where he’s right a lot more than the guys at either MSNBC or CNN. So, why isn’t anyone looking into this? There hasn’t been one question to Jen “Circle Back” Psaki during a press briefing on the issue, and I’m sure she wouldn’t know what to say if someone did ask the question (where are you on THIS one, Peter Doocy?)

Just a very weird story. Either it’s not true and Tucker is out in left field with it, or it is true and once again, the snowflake media is trying to cover it up. Only this time I think I can understand why. If the Secret Service is vulnerable to be bribed by foreign agents, that brings down the whole protective shield around our leaders. That would be a tragedy, regardless who’s in charge!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“The Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theory”

Yesterday, we looked into Hunter Biden’s legal troubles and learned that the Biden’s aren’t too far off from four other presidential families that preceded them. And we looked at the possible fines and jail time that could be awaiting the younger Biden, if papa Joe doesn’t rescue him by granting a presidential pardon, and ruining his chances for reelection in the process.

Today we look at something a little more nefarious.

There is a theory being floated that this is actually a magician’s slight of hand. The real story isn’t Hunter Biden at all, but something a lot worse. And the media, who dutifully follows the DNC in what it is they spend precious time and space covering, has been all over the Hunter Biden story. The question is why? And why now?

The whole Hunter Biden thing has been under investigation for the last four years. I have watched federal investigations before. I’ve had a couple of instances in my life where, no, I wasn’t involved in the least, but people and programs I was familiar with were. And I learned that the Feds take their time investigating things. When they feel they have enough evidence to hang you out to dry, that’s when they make their move. And they rarely lose. So, the question then becomes, why is the media all of a sudden ready to jump on Hunter Biden’s problems in 2022, when they wouldn’t even mention the guy’s name in 2018?

The Conspiracy Theory says, follow the money. It’s always about the money. So, in this case, they are wanting the American public to focus on Hunter because there is something else going on. It’s something that is bigger than Hunter. It’s more damaging to the presidency, and to Joe Biden himself. And he’s willing to put his son through this in order to save himself.

Just what is it? No idea. But the theory goes that there is something out there that the White House doesn’t want the media to find out about. So they feed the story on Hunter. They want them talking about Hunter. They want the FBI and the DOJ to focus on Hunter. Because if they had too much time on their hands, they may stumble onto the other thing, whatever it is, that is out there. And it has to be big for a sitting president to want to throw his own son under the bus to save his own hide. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the president and his own ethics?

Look, I have no idea what, if anything this “conspiracy theory” crime is. I do just find it odd that all of a sudden, the media that denied this story four years ago, even as late as 2020, has come around to not only talk about it, but feature it as the big news of the day. Or maybe…just maybe… Attorney General, Merrick Garland is poised to give Joe Biden a payback for making him Attorney General, and is ready to make the whole thing go away by simply saying, they don’t have enough evidence to convict the younger Biden. And then he claps his hands together and POOF! It all disappears!

There is something out there. And trust me when I say, the truth always comes out. Oh, it may not be until Joe Biden is dead and buried, but it will come out. And if it’s there, it will certainly taint a 50 year career!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!