The Biggest Fool

Today is April Fool’s Day. And to celebrate our biggest fool in recent memory, I go back to this past Friday. When it was announced that the United States had surpassed China for having the most cases of Coronavirus, former two-time presidential candidate loser, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Well…he (Trump) said he would put America first”.

What an incredibly sad, sad end to what could have been a positive career. Here you’ve got a woman that for most of her life had been celebrated, had been hailed as having no barriers, as being a woman of tomorrow and someone every little girl could look up to. And now, she has sunk to the utter depths of being this country’s biggest fool. Bigger than Barack Obama, who single-handedly almost destroyed our economy, and our way of life. Bigger than Joe Biden, who has stumbled and bumbled his way to the presumptive nomination on the Democrat side, even though it’s obvious there is some mental incapacity going on there. Bigger than even her husband, who had to display to the world his inabilty to keep his sex addiction to himself.

For Hillary Clinton to once again, try to become relevant in today’s world, to have to tweet such a foolish, obnoxious, and reprehensible comment, and make it public? It tells me one very certain thing. America can breathe a sigh of relief that the 2016 presidential election did not go the other way.

My response to Hillary’s ill-timed tweet was: You know, your tweet about Donald Trump isn’t funny. It’s sad. America is grateful you didn’t win the presidency. Time for Hillary to crawl back into her bottle of Chardonnay!

I frankly don’t expect her to respond to it, or even see it. That wasn’t my point. At a time when the United States is trying to get over the largest pandemic of our lifetime, for a “leader” to come out with such a blatant idiotic post is morally reprehensible.

Quite honestly, China has stopped testing, so a country that’s four times the size of the United States, isn’t able to give numbers that are anywhere near accurate. In fact, do you really trust the numbers China has given out regarding COVID-19 at all? I certainly don’t! It wouldn’t surprise me if they have had a million or more deaths from this disease, not just the 82,000 cases that they admit to having. And for some supposed person that has been at the top of government to come out with such an inane statement is beyond the pale.

No, Hillary Clinton is a fool. She has earned that title. She will never again be relevant in any conversation. She should slink back to whatever rock she crawled out of when she got knocked up by Bill and bury herself. She isn’t worthy of a Twitter account, and we shouldn’t have to be exposed to her nonsense. She is America’s Fool!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can 'Em!

It came out on Friday of this past week in the London Daily Mail that there were four United States Senators that learned about the Coronavirus in a closed-door briefing, and then unloaded tons of stock, selling it off before the markets tanked. I’ve got two words for that:

Can ‘Em!

And yes, three of the four were Republicans. It doesn’t matter. It’s called a violation of the Insider Traders Sanctions Act, and it’s illegal. Those of you that watched the movie Wall Street know exactly what I’m talking about because it was what Bud Fox was charged with toward the end of the movie.

North Carolina Senator, Richard Burr (R), who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee; Georgia Freshman Senator, Kelly Loeffler (R), who comes from a financial background and serves on the Senate Health Committee; Oklahoma Senator, James Inhofe (R); and California Senator Diane Feinstein (D) all sold stock and real estate totaling $11 million after attending closed-door hearings on the Coronavirus between January and February of this year.

And yes, while three of the four are Republicans, it doesn’t matter. Frankly, I don’t care what party affiliation you have next to your name. If you’re breaking the law and taking advantage of the position you were elected to, you deserve to fall. And yes…the calls are coming from all corners of Congress for the four of them to resign. If they don’t they most assuredly should be kicked out and tried and sent to jail.

Now, my conservative friends may not like this a bit, but crime doesn’t know political persuasion. It knows guilt and innocence. And if these four people, who are all worth millions of dollars, broke the law, or took advantage of their positions in Congress, they all need to go. And they need to be tried in a court of law, and if found guilty by a jury of their peers, they need to go to prison. This is an inexcusable act! And Inhofe’s constituents will have the opportunity to get rid of him if he doesn’t resign. He’s up for reelection this year. Loeffler and Burr are up for reelection in 2022, and Feinstein’s term is up in 2024.

Frankly, it really grinds me that people like this could get away with this crap. This is the corruption that people like me scream about every single day. And it gets worse and worse until there is going to be an overthrowing of the government, and God Himself couldn’t tell you what becomes of our country after that. To be honest, I couldn’t blame the people that would be doing the overthrowing! This type of behavior is totally unprofessional, totally criminal, and has no place in our political system. So, I say Can ‘Em! And do it quickly!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is The Biden Campaign Over?

We are one day away from the South Carolina primary, a primary Joe Biden has said is his “firewall”. As I write this Joe Biden is clinging to a rather small lead in the latest polls for that primary. However, according to the latest reports coming out of the Ukraine, Joe Biden’s campaign may be over… at least if what that country’s State Bureau of Investigations are saying.

Joe Biden is under investigation for his dealings in that country.

Not Hunter Biden…the former Vice President. When the prosecutor that got Joe got fired, Viktor Shokin, made an appeal in the matter according to his attorney, and it’s been taken up by the Ukrainian government. You’ll remember Biden bragged that he called up the then president of the Ukraine and told him he was going to withhold aid money to the country unless and until Shokin was fired. Shokin at the time was looking into allegations of wrongdoing at Burisma, a company Biden’s son, Hunter was working for. The government of Ukraine took the bait, and fired Shokin.

Biden has maintained all along that he did nothing wrong, and that Hunter Biden, who was paid tens of thousands of dollars a month to sit on the board of Burisma with absolutely no experience in that industry, also did nothing wrong. He’s basically refused to talk about it.

Now…IF there is something there, and it would appear to be since Joe has basically admitted that as Vice President, he did exactly what Donald Trump was accused to have done which was the reason for his impeachment trial, should he be allowed to continue to run for this country’s highest office? My answer would be no. We don’t want a corrupt politician in the White House. And let’s face it… all things being equal, Biden actually did the things Trump was accused of doing…and admitted to it. Shouldn’t he face the same scrutiny that the Republican got? Being a consistency guy, I’d say yes.

This is another example of partisan politics at it’s finest playing out. And frankly, it stinks. We’ve been debased to the point where Democrats and Republicans spend more time fighting with each other over partisan crap than they do actually getting work done. If you sneeze wrong in Washington, and you’re a Republican, you’re supposed to be impeached or resign in disgrace. That’s not the way the Founding Fathers looked at our government. And it’s time the American people stood up for what was right.

Look, I’m not a fan of Joe Biden. I’m not a fan of any of the candidates on the Democrat side. And if Biden did nothing wrong, he shouldn’t be punished. But if he did, he should be held accountable for his actions. If he did withhold money until Viktor Shokin got fired as prosecutor, even if it didn’t have anything to do with his son, it still stinks and needs to be addressed. And if Biden is guilty of something, he needs to be held accountable. Whether that’s a fine or a jail sentence, or sent to Siberia, I’m not an attorney, and I’d let the courts decide that. But I can tell you, he shouldn’t be president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Being Consistent

I’m a consistency guy. Just because circumstances may change, or that one party is in charge, doesn’t mean that it’s any different when the other party takes over. Likewise, in law. If it’s illegal, it’s illegal. It can’t be illegal for you to do something and legal for me to do the same thing (assuming we’re both what I would call “ordinary citizens”, and not members of the police or whatever).

So, you can understand my angst, when it gets reported by Alan Dershowitz, the famed attorney, that Bobo Obama actually personally asked the FBI to investigate someone on behalf of one George Soros. Yeah, the same George Soros that has pulled the puppet strings of liberals in this country for decades.
The person Soros wanted investigated wasn’t identified, but does that really matter?

There is all of this back and forth going on in DC because of Donald Trump’s tweeting about Roger Stone’s sentencing being too harsh. He never, according to Attorney General, William Barr, contacted Barr and told him to reduce the sentencing that the government was asking for. That seems to me that Bobo Obama’s actions went above and beyond “an abuse of power” that Trump did. If it’s not OK to tweet to the world about something the Department of Justice is doing, is it OK to personally get involved and ask the FBI to investigate a private citizen because a dual-citizenship puppet master wants it done?

I don’t care what side of the political fence you’re on. When it comes to stuff that the left is screaming about with Donald Trump, we need to play it down the middle. I’ve always said that I support Trump as my president unless and until he violates the Constitution, and it’s proven. I’m not talking about some Adam Schiff designed conspiracy theory that only Schiff seems to believe. Or if he’s guilty because Maxine Waters screams it at the top of her lungs for four years. I’m saying, if ANY president does something against the Constitution, and it’s provable, and it’s major, they should be impeached and removed from office, and Donald J. Trump is no exception to that.

And neither is Obama.

If it’s found out that Bobo Obama actually did what Dershowitz is saying, he ought to be brought before Congress and made to testify. If he did it, he should be stripped of all of his presidential perks since leaving office, and he should be tried on the charges. And yes, Virginia, I’d feel the same way if it were a Republican that did it.

It would seem to me, as there is a new book out on the incident we just talked about the other day on the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting in Phoenix, that the meeting was planned, and the pair talked, in private, discussing more than Brexit, and grandkids and soccer, this needs to be investigated. It’s much more damning than Donald Trump tweeting something to the world. This is actually coercion. And it’s abuse of power.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Is Going On In San Fran?

Today, I have to ask the question! What in hell is going on in San Francisco? My Lord! The City By The Bay, is now the home to countless folks living on the streets because they can’t afford rent, defecating on the sidewalks, and leaving used hypodermic needles every where. It’s a pretty bad scene, and has been for quite some time. It appears the folks in charge there really don’t have an answer for the condition either.

Well, that’s the tip of the iceberg apparently.

It’s now come out that San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, of course, a Democrat, has had an illicit affair with a guy that is under investigation for lying to the FBI, and taking an undisclosed loan from him to pay for car repair bills totaling some $5,600 last year. She hasn’t paid that back yet either. According to Breed, “I write this in the spirit of transparency because in the wake of a scandal at City Hall, I think San Franciscans are entitled to hear directly from their Mayor.”

That has prompted several of the San Francisco Supervisors, to at least call for her to “step away from her duties temporarily”, while others are telling her to resign immediately.

Now, that isn’t the only news coming out of San Fran these days.

Former San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown, has come out that he had an extra-marital affair with one Kamala Harris. Apparently, it happened some 20 years ago, and Brown admits he may have put Harris on her path to run for the presidency (which as we know failed). According to Brown, “Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was [California] Assembly speaker. And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco.”

It seems rather odd to me that all of this is happening in one city at and coming out at the same time! Is it just me, or are all politicians from that part of Cali off their rockers? Don’t forget, both Senators from California, are from San Francisco…as is Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. And no one is saying that any of them, Harris, Pelosi, or Diane Feinstein are the smartest bulbs in the box!

With all of the scandals going on surrounding San Fran, I think it may be time to blow it up and start again. Apparently, Democrats and the citizenry there just don’t have a clue how they can fix things, and aren’t very good at setting examples for the rest of society. If this is the way liberals demonstrate how they can “successfully” lead a nation, I think we’re better off getting all of them committed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Was The Stone Cased Biased?

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the Roger Stone case, because as I researched it when it was happening, I found Stone to be pretty much a snake in the grass, and I know there are several Republicans and conservatives that have pretty much said the same thing. So, it was no surprise to me that he got convicted of that ubiquitous “Obstruction of Justice” charge and of course, lying to federal prosecutors and the FBI. Well, it turns out there may have been more to that story than was originally reported.

According to Fox News, and backed up by CNN, a former Memphis City Schools Board President by the name of Tomeka Hart was the foreperson on that jury. And according to what has been found out about her since the trial, she’s a huge Democrat, and has been, shall we politely call her an “activist” for the liberal side of things? And she’s a self-avowed “Never Trumper”.

Now wait a doggone minute here.

Apparently, there were several on the jury that were biased against any Republican administration officials. In fact, there was a former Obama press official that was on that jury. Stone’s defense team moved to strike the person because of their bias, and the judge, Amy Berman Jackson denied the request. So, I guess the question becomes, did this “snake in the grass” get a fair trial? And with all of the hollering that’s going on from the left over the Department of Justice’s decision to reduce the sentencing that they are asking for, I have the question…is there justice being done, or was Stone hung out to dry before the trial even started?

I’m not saying that the guy was innocent. I’m not saying he shouldn’t go to prison. I am however, wondering about the politics that played in to what should have been an fair and unbiased trial. Which brings me to the point of begging the question why the left seems hell bent on jumping all over Attorney General, William Barr’s case on this one for trying to lower a nine year sentence request from Justice. When you take into account that there could be a very real possibility that the jury, and possibly the judge in the case were biased against the defense, how could you whine about the actual sentencing…which Jackson is going to perform herself.

Is this yet another left-wing attempt to slant the system their way? Is it yet another futile attempt to get Donald Trump impeached for a second time? Adam Schiff was very quick to rush to the first microphone he found to declare that Trump was once again, abusing his power by trying to influencing the DOJ. Apparently that doesn’t hold water since the decision to seek a lower sentence for Stone was reached hours before Trump tweeted his thoughts.

And while we’re on the subject of “biased Attorney Generals”, can I bring up a couple of names? What about Janet “Branch Dividian” Reno? Are you telling me she wasn’t biased? How about in more recent times, Eric “Contempt Of Congress” Holder? You’re saying he played it right down the middle? And what about Loretta “Meet you on the tarmac” Lynch? Oh, there wasn’t any bias there, right?

When the left decides to get serious with their own Attorneys General about bias, I will start listening to them about William Barr. Until then,

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So…What Happens NOW?

In one of history’s most boring and predictable moments, the United States Senate voted to exonerate President Donald J. Trump on both charges against him. You knew it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen. The Senate knew it was going to happen. Nancy Pelosi knew it was going to happen. I don’t think there was a person in this country that didn’t think it was going to happen. The Democrats in the House of Representatives have wasted over one hundred million dollars of yours and my money in this fiasco. And the end result is exactly what everyone said it would be when they started this mess.

What did it prove?

Absolutely nothing! It proved that Democrats were hell-bent on hanging an “impeachment” tag on Trump. It proved that they knew all along it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Other than that, it proved nothing. And there’s one question that remains that needs to be explored.

What happens now?

Well, we go back to “business as usual”, but is it really business as usual? I mean, the House is going to do one of two things…and I bet it’s the latter. Either they are going to forget this nonsense about impeaching a president when there is absolutely no chance of conviction. Or, they are going to resume their investigations into whatever mamby pamby snowflake laden rumors and innuendos that they can find, hoping to find something ELSE to impeach him on.

If I’m right, and the House continues down this path of hatred and divisive politics, the odds are better than 50/50 that the American public is at some point going to get fed up with them. At that point they will vote the Democrats out of power and it will return to the Republicans. It may be in 2020, It may be in 2022, but it will happen. That you can take to the bank.

As far as what COULD happen, well, the Democrats COULD rile their base to elect someone like a Bernie Sanders or a Sleepy Joe Biden to the presidency. They COULD take back the Senate, telling their party members that if they took back the Senate, at least they could have called witnesses in the impeachment. At least it COULD have been a “fair trial” in their eyes. And they COULD excite their base to the point they actually expand their control of the House. And of course, pigs could fly out of my butt.

What WILL happen? I think the country is going to eventually hold them accountable for what they did. I think that Donald Trump is going to use this as a campaign issue to get more Republicans elected to the House and hold the Senate. And it will help him, not hurt him in the upcoming election. I think everybody kinda, sorta realizes that he’s the odds on favorite to win re-election this year, which can be dangerous (just ask Hillary!). But still, I think the odds are very good. I think they are about 50/50 the GOP rides the Trump coattails and takes back the House, and a little better than 50/50 that they expand their lead by up to three seats in the Senate. At least that’s the way it looks now. It could change.

The one think following politics for 45 years has taught me. In February, it’s way to early to know what’s going to happen in November. If the GOP gets lax, and decides not to turn out, thinking that everything is going to go their way, they will lose. If they come out in force, and can convince enough independents that Democrats are off the rails, it will be a very nice place to live for the next few years. The choice is ours.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!