Alexandria Ocasio Cortez makes no bones about it. She wants to raise taxes on the rich. They, after all, can afford it, and she plans on stripping them of their wealth so she can fund her “Green New Deal”, which essentially destroys America.

But she doesn’t want to pay her own taxes!

Apparently, AOC has some tax issues. Back in 2012, she founded Brook Avenue Press, a publishing concern. Their goal was to seek out artists of all types and get them to write, sing about, and paint children’s stories to help improve the lives of those kids living in the Bronx. The effort was met with a lot of enthusiasm at first, but petered out. By October, 2016, just some four years after the business started, AOC decided to pull the plug on the fledgling (and mostly unsuccessful) business venture. But she forgot to file a return for that year. Oops! She ended up owing over $1,600!

Well, that $1,600 has now matured thanks to penalties and interests to over $2,000. AOC is contesting the amount thinking that because she closed the business in October, she shouldn’t have to pay taxes for that year. So much for what a degree in Business Relations and Economics gets you from Boston University!

So, while Ocasio Cortez rails about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the amount of money she owes the state of New York continues to grow. And she becomes, yet another Democrat from the Empire State that has tax problems. Does the name Charlie Rangle ring a bell? He happens to be the guy that was Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. That means that he was the guy that was in charge of writing the tax code…and he had to resign the Chairmanship from that committee because he violated the tax code that he himself wrote.

In Ocasio Cortez’ case, it’s not a fact that she’s becoming wealthy…yet. In fact, her savings account is about $7,000, even though she’s pulling in about $174,000 a year from her salary. She’s certainly worth more than other 30 years olds who can usually boast savings of about $2,400 on average.

One of the things we can all hope for is that next month, her chief competitor in the Democrat primary, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, can top her and we can end this AOC Escapade once and for all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

12 thoughts on “AO OOOPS

      1. Even with a phone and the app, can you imagine the debate that would ensue when a “turn right” command was given? Furthermore, have you ever seen a member of the House correct themselves?


      2. My apologies for wandering logically all around the topic. I am going to call this the “AOC effect” since there was an abandonment of logic and ethics and a sole reliance on emotions.

        Watch out. It’s not coronavirus that is communicable. It’s Democrat arguments that are smothering our brains.

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      3. Now that I think of it, doesn’t the Uber app have a “silent ride” option? As long as she could follow the directions from the app and not get lost, maybe this would be the optimal job for her. However, I still believe she would never turn right.

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  1. What I understand she got into business for was to organize a publishing company that would pay the writers of children’s books to write good things about Brooklyn. Really. No need to write comedy when nuts like AOC are trying to start nonsensical businesses.

    And with her six-figure Representative salary, she can afford to pay the penalty and tax, but does she? No. Taxes are for the little people.

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