Close Your Eyes…It Never Happened

Leave it to some idiot liberal snowflake like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to come up with one of the most inane and disturbing reasons for all of the smash and grab instances in California and other places in the country.

It never happened.

In a throwback to denying that the Holocaust never happened, AOC said over the weekend that “A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out.” She was citing a smash and grab that occurred at a Walgreens in the Golden State. A Walgreens spokesperson had earlier said, “Organized retail crime  is one of the top challenges facing” the company, the crime “has evolved beyond shoplifting and petty theft to the sale of stolen and counterfeit goods online.”

Now, AOC has no proof that the crimes have never happened. In fact, there are several videos on the web of smash and grabs taking place via security cameras in stores like Nordstroms, and some tonier jewelry stores where thieves smashed glass cases with bats before emptying them of their merchandise.

And this has become the new normal for liberals. If you have something that goes against your way of thinking, just deny it every happened. It’s absolute lunacy when you think about it. Here we have an elected official, a member of the United States House of Representatives stating emphatically that even though there are several instances shown on television, the internet, pretty much everywhere you look, it never really happened. Look the other way people. Nothing to see here kid!

My question is, how long is America going to put up with this crap. This is absolute nonsense that is getting to the point of total disbelief. It was bad enough when Democrats called bills things they weren’t just because it sounded better to the unwashed and uneducated masses. But now, when elected representatives deny the existence of actual footage, just to advance their narrative, it’s unthinkable. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez needs to resign from Congress. She and the rest of her Whackjob 5 need to be censored and expelled from the House. Now, you and I both know that won’t happen this year, but it sure as hell can happen in 2023 if and when the GOP takes over the House. I’ve already heard rumors that there are several Democrats that will be censored soon after the Republicans take over for their actions (if they are still in the House at the time), and I’m assuming that total brain dead idiots like AOC and her minions will be among them.

The time is here for America to get back to normal. That doesn’t just mean putting the pandemic behind us. It means banning a party that stands for the overthrow of the government. What we are seeing today in DC is nothing short of treason by the Democrats and it needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Those violating that law need to suffer the punishment the Constitution calls for. Nothing less will suffice.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What To Do With Omar?

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is a Muslim first and an American second. She makes that very clear. That’s not bias. That’s not racist. That’s not anti-Muslim. That’s a fact. And there are a few Muslims in Congress that have the same the feelings. Now, let me say this first and foremost. I’m certainly a religious person and I believe that your belief in God, or Allah, or whomever you worship should indeed be first and foremost. But there is a problem.

What do you do when your religion is at odds with your job in government?

The latest problem with Omar occured when she said Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made an anti-Muslim comment against her in an elevator. Here was her tweet:

“Fact, this buffoon looks down when she sees me at the Capitol, this whole story is made up. Sad she thinks bigotry gets her clout. Anti-Muslim bigotry isn’t funny & shouldn’t be normalized. Congress can’t be a place where hateful and dangerous Muslims tropes get no condemnation.”

So what started this latest backlash? Well, Boebert was in an elevator with Omar. A Capitol Policeman ran up to the open door, and asked if everything was ok. Boebert replied, “Well, she doesn’t have a backpack”, referring to someone carrying an explosive device. That set off Omar on her latest rant.

Now, was Boebert’s comment anti-Muslim? Yes it was. Was it warranted? Well, that is open for discussion. From where I sit, some 2,337 miles from the Capitol, yeah, it was kind of warranted. Omar has made many comments that are over the top and very unAmerican. She is absolutely in the wrong career if she is so ready to tear down America and rebuild it as a Sharia Law State.

The question is, what do with do with her. The last election in 2020 showed that the people in Minneapolis, Omar’s district, aren’t anywhere near getting ready to bounce her. She, along with the other four members of the Whackjob 5 handedly won their contests. I’m never one that feels that you should overturn the will of the voters, even if it is at the behest of someone being anti-American. But at what point is enough enough?

If the GOP retakes the House in 2022, as is being predicted by pretty much everybody and their uncle, they should at the very least censor all of the Whackjob 5, and not assign them to any committees. But the way to make sure that they are really punished for their mis-statements and their lack of patriotism is to take away their podium. If the media were to not cover them, they’d be very much like Terry Sewell (D-AL). You’ve probably never heard of her, and that’s my point. She’s a Democrat, but she doesn’t make wild political anti-American statements. If Oman, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and the like, weren’t given carte blanche when came to the media coverage, they’d be very much like Sewell and a ton of other Congressmen and women that you’ve never heard of.

What are the chances of that happening? Very little. Unless and until the media is being redefined and “press” is defined as some organization that uses no more than reporting the facts with no bias on either side, there will be little chance of silencing someone who is obviously not a fan of the United States. That is what needs to happen in order to shut this racist, bigoted person. It needs to happen, not just with Omar, but with all folks who have a position of power, and want to denigrate the other religions of the world in favor of their view.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Build Back Better Is Anything But!

Oh, I know Joe “Brandon” Biden is hoping against all odds that somehow, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will come around and join his meager bandwagon with “Build Back Better”, but the closer scrutiny says it’s just another slogan Democrats have come up with that mean absolutely nothing.

Let’s look at it in detail, shall we?
Build: It’s not building anything. If it does anything at all, it prints more money, it redistributes wealth without hitting those in Congress too hard. And it does indeed end up taxing the middle class, something Biden has consistently promised he wouldn’t do. That’s because it also cuts into the Trump tax cuts. When you take tax cuts away from the middle class, you increase their taxes. That means you’ve increased their taxes. So, nothing is actually getting “built”

Back: To say that we’re going back means that what we did in the past was better than what we have now. The question is, how far back? And what was better in the past? The economy was MUCH better under Donald Trump than it was under Bobo Obama. Black unemployment was lower under Trump than it was under Obama. Same for Hispanics. Inflation was a lot lower under Trump than Obama (remember “the new normal”?) and foreign policy under Trump did indeed put America first as opposed to Obama’s apology tours around the world, blaming the United States for everything that happened bad in history over the past 200 years or so.

Better: Well, if you’re going to be better, that means an improvement. And that means you’ve got to be defining what it is you are improving. Just because you say something is better doesn’t make it so. Do you think we are better because every time some black criminal gets shot by police we have riots in the streets? Do you think we are better with 7% inflation as opposed to 1.5%? Are we better because we didn’t let Iran run roughshod over us so Bobo could have some foreign policy victory that he felt he needed to secure a teetering legacy? Seems to me that “better” in this case means going back to the days of “a new normal”, and I for one don’t find that to be better at all.

And what is a shocker that isn’t being talked about in the media at all is the fact that building back better also includes amnesty for the millions of people that Joe Biden and Bobo Obama have invited into the country illegally, rather than go through legal immigration means. That’s right. If Build Back Better passes the Senate, you’re going to see amnesty for some 12 or 13 million illegals in this country. And that means it’s just a matter of time before Democrats push for them to be voting citizens! And that is the biggest push back against build back better of all.

No, there is nothing being built, other than debt. There is nothing to go back to that is worth going back to. And there’s nothing better from the Obama administration. It’s all word play. And it’s all a crock of doo doo.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Don’t Put Too Much Stock In Virginia Governor’s Race

I know the pundits out there are saying that Virginia, which just turned blue not too long ago is about to go red again. They point to Glenn Youngkin’s stunning win over a very tired and old looking Terry McAuliffe as the reason. However, I have a little bit different spin on this one.

It’s not as much of a slam dunk as you might think it is.

Pundits are wrong more than half the time. The problem with pundits is they love to scream how they were right about certain events, but they never bring up all of the times they missed something entirely. It’s like the “money guys” you see on TV that call for gold to soar to $5,000 an ounce because of inflation, or war or something, and then it settles back down and gold never gets close to that figure. Same thing in politics. Everybody is always right, and nobody is ever wrong. Until now.

Now, having said that, I will say that I think the Democrats are in a world of hurt right now, there’s no denying that. They have sucked at their agenda, they have a bigger clown than Bozo in the White House, and an even bigger clown than that sitting over at the Naval Observatory waiting to replace him. They have such a socialist agenda that a lot of independents, and even some Democrats are shaking their head thinking they’ve gone too far. But the pundits are missing the main reason Glenn Youngkin got elected in the first place.

Youngkin got elected because Terry McAuliffe screwed up.

Had Terry McAuliffe never come out and said he was for Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools, and that parents shouldn’t have a right to decide what is taught to their kids, he would have won. I’m not saying it would have been the usual “blue landslide” that Virginians have been dishing out lately (Biden won the state by 10 points last year), but he most assuredly would have won.

As much as I’d like to believe that most of that win came as a referendum on Joe Biden and his addle-minded administration’s policies, I really do believe if you ask the people of Virginia why they voted for Glenn Younkin over Terry McAuliffe, the number one reason would be that McAuliffe screwed up in his comments on education. Parents care about the schools their kids go to, and what they are taught. You’ve seen the footage of the school board fights that parents have had in that state. You’ve heard all about how the FBI, at the direction of the Biden administration wanted to call those concerned parents “terrorists” for attacking a school board verbally. Education was the single biggest issue in this election. And while yes, there has been a backlash to Biden and his cabal, it didn’t play as big a role in the Virginia Governor’s race, or the down ballot races as one might think. I think people were fed up with what McAuliffe said and they were making ALL Democrats pay for it.

Having said that, you can’t overlook what happened in New Jersey which didn’t have education as their number one concern. There, Jack Ciattarelli almost beat Phil Murphy, an incumbent Democrat Governor. In fact it took until this past Friday for Ciattarelli to concede, it was that close. But there have been some historical things at play in that race as well. It’s been decades that a sitting Democrat Governor in New Jersey has won reelection. That’s how Chris Christie came to power. Usually, New Jerseyans (if that’s what they are called) are fed up with the Democrat after one term and want to change things up. It’s just the way it plays out in that state. And while the race was indeed close, and Ciattarelli wasn’t supposed to win or even make it a race according to those pundits, he did. But history did not repeat itself and Murphy did pull out the win.

Now, that being said, I think the midterms are still the Republicans to lose. I think we are way too early to be saying it’s going to be a slam dunk and that the GOP will pick up 60 House seats and maybe 10 Senate seats. That would be a pipe dream at best, but again, way too early for predictions. We have primaries to go through, we have a whole year’s worth of news and events to digest, and the landscape could look entirely different next November than it does today. Or it could look much worse and it could very well be the greatest white-washing in political history. We just don’t know, and neither do the pundits.

I think it’s funny that when you go back and look at past midterm elections, the pundits call for the change in power in Congress long before it happens. And they talk about it so much that it’s almost getting the country ready for the change. That’s what is happening today. Most of what you’re hearing out there is speculation. But there are things to watch for. Look for a raft of Democrats in the House and Senate to retire. That’s always a sign that things aren’t going well. Look at the bigger names to do the same. If Pelosi retires and doesn’t run again, it’s going to be game over for the Democrats, and when she was recently interviewed on GMA, she refused to say if she’d run again or not. I don’t put a lot of stock in that because she wasn’t about to give GMA a scoop and declare on their program, but she very well may read the tea leaves and decide at 82 (her age when next November rolls around), she’s had enough.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s $$ Plan Vs. “The Score”

The Congressional Budget Office has started, mind you, only started to weigh in on what the yet to be passed Biden plan for spending will cost. The “Build Back Better” plan is going to be north of a trillion dollars even by the most conservative budget, but how far north? Remember when Biden’s old boss, Bobo Obama was trying to get his healthcare initiative passed? He swore it HAD to be under $1 trillion, and it came in at $900 billion. Actually it was over that. About two years later, the CBO came back and said Obamacare was going to cost America about $1.76 trillion. That’s about double what the original cost estimates were.

And so, we take a look at Biden’s massive spending boondoggle.

Now, to be fair, the CBO has 13 committees to look at their recommendations. It has only looked at four of them. The four are the House Veterans’ Affairs, Small Business, Homeland Security, and Science, Space and Technology committees. And the cost for the four of them is going to be about $20 billion additional over the next ten years. That’s not a bad number, and actually I’m in favor of spending a LOT more in Veterans’ Affairs! I’ve often said if you serve your country, you should be getting the Cadillac healthcare plan for life for you and your family for free. You were willing to sacrifice your life if need be. Free “great” healthcare is the least the country can do to show it’s gratitude.

The problem I have with the CBO is they rarely get the number even close to accurate. Look at the Obamacare figure for instance. They missed it by half of the actual amount. That would be a 50% in school and that’s an “F”.

Biden has said that he’s going to spend about $1.75 trillion on his plan, and hopes to raise $1.45 trillion in new taxes. That is a pipe dream. Democrats have this problem with getting things to pay for themselves. In this case, the cost is going to be more like $3.5 trillion (which is what the scaled down version of Biden’s wish list was), and the taxes that come in from the tax hikes “to the rich” and to corporations is going to be roughly $800 billion. That leaves about $2.7 trillion in debt, which goes right to the federal debt and gets picked up by China in the form of bonds that they are buying. Is that really where we want to be?

Biden’s plan, like his administration lacks a lot of attention to details. He’s big on Green New Deal stuff, but has no solid basis other than government funded (by a liberal government) studies that it’s going to be able to do anything. They have computer models that were ginned up to show huge gains to an increasing average temperature, but no one other than savvy scientists who aren’t dependent on government funding (very rare), and former climate change guru, Michael Shellenberger, who has debunked the whole climate change theory as a hoax to get more money.

Now, having said all of that, I’ll go on record and say you really can’t blame the Democrats. Well, you can, but you have to do so understanding that their whole mantra for the last 80 years has been that government can solve all of your problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s poverty, racism, equal pay for equal work, or something that mankind has nothing to do with…climate change. It’s failed at all of the things it says if we throw enough money, and pass enough laws, we can solve the problem. Some things, sorry to say Democrats, cannot be legislated. Our climate is one of them.

But I get it that they need to try. Because if they don’t at the very least try to “save the planet” with massive spending and send us down a very dark, and very deep rabbit hole that there is no end to and no way out of, they lose the argument that their entire existence is based on. And that’s the real problem here. They have to double down because they can’t lose. If they do, they lose everything. So, they keep doubling down and the demands get wilder and wilder because they have to.

Biden’s spending plan has most Americans shaking their heads at the lunacy of it all. Most people are starting to wake up to the fact that Democrats’ plans aren’t well thought out, and certainly are not fiscally sound or based on fact. They’re based on a wish list of ideas that give the largest groups of people a payout in hopes of gaining their future votes. And that in a nutshell is the Democrat party. It’s also one giant reason why they need to be defeated at the polls to the point where the party dies. It’s the only way we as a nation survive.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Democrats’ View On Their “Mandate”

Oh, yes…they think they still have a “mandate”. Even if Joe Biden won by the slimmest of margins, that some people still feel was stolen from Donald Trump. Even though the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi’s reign is about to collapse in a scant twelve months. Even though the Senate is teetering on the brink of gridlock, tied at 50/50, and all polls showing that the nation is tired of Democrats’ in-fighting and not being able to do the public’s business, but are more interested in trying to pack the Supreme Court, or get rid of the filibuster rule that’s been in place since 1837! They still believe that they have all the answers, and by God, you’re going to sit up and listen to them!

So, they feel they have not only a right, but a moral obligation to slam socialist agenda after communist manifesto down your throats, regardless how you feel about it. And this past Friday night’s passage of the extremely pared back infrastructure bill that only took seven months to debate and pass both houses of Congress is a living example of it. Democrats feel rejuvenated that they were able to actually pass a bill and get some added money that they can spend, even if it was only $1.2 trillion.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they are missing the big picture. America did not give them a mandate. America gave them a “we’re sick of tweets from Donald Trump” approval and it became the lesser of two evils. I’ve always said that if Donald Trump had not behaved like a Manhattan real estate developer, but more as a normal human being, he would have won reelection in a landslide. When you allow your ego to come into play as much as Trump did during COVID, to the point where you need to be at a podium thanking everyone that is helping out every single day for two hours, it becomes too much, and Americans turned against him. Not that they were every really all that much for him. His approval ratings were pretty much in the 40’s throughout his term.

But the Democrats were wrong to think that because they held a slim majority in the House and had a tie, broken only by the Vice President in the Senate, that they somehow had a mandate to systematically try to transform America into the next Cuba. And the poor approval numbers for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, and AOC show that America is not ready to drive around in 1950 style cars that are cobbled together with spare parts, and drink mojito’s. Well, maybe the mojitos. But certainly not the living conditions that most Cubans find themselves in.

Joe Biden now feels that since he got his infrastructure bill through Congress, a Congress his party controls, that he can continue on traveling down his path of incredible destruction of this country. I think you’re going to see some systematic changes all right…but not the kind that Joe Biden is looking to invoke.

First and foremost, we’ve got a Senate that is on vacation until after tomorrow’s Veterans’ Day. They’ll most likely be back in session on the 15th, but only for a short time. Don’t forget, we’ve got Thanksgiving come up the week after that, and then there is only a very short window before Christmas and New Years. And to try and get much passed between now and then is going to be rough, though he’s hoping that he can get another trillion or so added to his honey pot to dip into and throw to unions, socialist programs like Green New Deal, and other boondoggles that have been proven not to work.

Then you move into 2022, which is an election year. Can anyone tell me how popular Congress feels it is to pass any major legislation during a midterm election year, especially when the party in power is expected to lose both houses? There are two chances…slim and none, and I just saw slim getting on an airplane, much to AOC’s chagrin. I don’t expect much in the way of anything but partisan bickering next year.

And then we can get some real work done in November of 2022, and start turning things around after that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Gets His Infrastructure Bill

It’s nowhere near the mega monolith that he wanted, but Joe “Brandon” Biden did get his infrastructure bill finally passed by the House or Representatives Friday night after a “rules change” on how voting should be done, and a lot of arm twisting and rabble rousing.

So, we’ve heard all sorts of crap about this bill, and haven’t really heard much about what is in it. Everyone and their cousin says that our infrastructure, and I’m using the traditional definition of infrastructure here, sucks. They’re right. Roads, bridges, airports, railways, all need upgrading, as does our nation’s power grid. How much of the $1.2 trillion package is going to help that and how much is going to boondoggle stuff that progressive socialist snowflakes want? Let’s find out, shall we?

$110 billion of the $1.2 trillion is going to roads, bridges and “other infrastructure projects”. This is a pare-back of about $49 billion from what Biden originally wanted. According to the White House, there is about 20% of our roadways in “poor condition” (I’d agree), and there are 45,000 bridges in our country deemed unsafe.

$11 billion will go to “transportation safety”, which basically means they’re going to use it to tell us to drive safer. Interestingly enough, included in that is “pipeline safety”. It’s cute that Biden would throw that in after cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline project that was already underway when he took office.

$1 billion is going to go to “reconnecting mostly black communities” who’s towns were divided by highways and interstates. That is really nothing more than a bailout to black communities.

$39 billion will go to modernizing mass transit, such as busses, bus stations, and the like. That’s less than half of what Biden originally wanted.

$66 billion goes to passenger and freight rail modernization, including $12 billion for inner city high speed rail.

$17 billion goes to upgrade our ports, and another $25 billion goes for upgrading airports.

$65 billion goes to our aging power grid to get that more into the 21st century, and yes, Virginia, it will be more like the Green New Deal than the current power grid is.

$55 billion goes to upgrading the water infrastructure. I can tell you, that will be welcome news out here in the desert where we are starting to see all of the water reduction plans that the state is foisting on the public.

Another $50 billion is going toward making our water system more resilient and less prone to terrorist attacks.

Then we get into the area I would call “less than infrastructure stuff”, which includes $65 billion to upgrade internet services.

$7.5 billion will head toward electric busses and ferries, while another $7.5 billion will go to charging stations around the country, which is one of the biggest drawbacks to electric cars today. Well, that and the fact, no one has figured out what to do with old, discarded batteries that will soon be piling up.

$21 billion going to juice up the Superfund, which is used to clean up environmental hazards.

And how to pay for it all? Well, there will be a LOT of tax increases for folks using cryptocurrencies, for businesses (though the increase in corporate tax rates didn’t make the cut). Businesses will see more taxes in the non-revenue sides of their endeavors, and there will start to be a rather large bill sent to businesses that bring in the Superfund to help clean up environmental oopsies. However, according to the Congressional Budget Office, which scores the costs of these programs, it will add about $350 billion in debt to our federal debt. It isn’t a zero cost as the White House explained it would be. And you know as well as I that these things ALWAYS cost more than they originally bargain for. That means that the likelihood that you will see a tax increase coming your way, regardless how much money you make is 100% certain. Chew on that next summer when all of our interstates are torn up and you’re sitting in traffic jams!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Biden’s Numbers Get Any Worse?

The short answer is yes. Actually, they are worse than what’s being reported to you. The latest Quinnipiac poll that was released a couple of weeks ago showed Biden with a 38% approval rating. Now, that’s bad by anybody’s stretch of imagination. You’re not getting your way with anything you want with 38% on your side.

But it gets worse.

When you take the latest poll numbers, and dig down a little deeper you find that the “strongly disapprove” numbers were at 45%. The “strongly approve” numbers were at 20%. And therein lies one of two rubs against the Democrats. The first problem is, if you answer polling at all, and say that you’re “strongly” either for or against someone, the chances of you switching to the other side are practically nil. That means that 45% of respondents in this poll have no chance becoming even a slight fan of Biden’s over the course of the next year. And 20% will never be against him. That’s a major problem for Democrats in Congress who will most likely lose both houses come next November unless there is an historic turnabout.

If you look at Biden’s personality numbers, his “likeability” if you will, it’s the same thing. While 46% deem his personality as “favorable”, and 53% say it’s unfavorable, the “very unfavorable” come in at 40%, while the “very favorable” come in at 26%.

Now, in all fairness, when you look at the latest poll involving Donald Trump (in The Economist, a very liberal publication), HIS “very unfavorable” numbers were as bad if not worse. He was 48% “very unfavorable” and 25% “very favorable. Almost identical to Biden’s. That means if Biden runs in 2024 against Trump, most people will view it as the “lesser of two evils”. Of course, that’s if you believe the Economist poll, and I’m a little skeptical on that one!

The other thing to realize is, and we’ve covered this before, Biden is upside down big time in every single category of policy on the board. Jobs and economy, healthcare, abortion, crime, the border crisis, the shipping fiasco, Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID, and even civil rights are under water. And civil rights is a Democrat issue!

But the biggest problem Democrats have going into 2022 is the lack of enthusiasm. Even the most enthused Biden fan isn’t ready to get off the couch and go and vote. That’s because a majority of Americans now think that government is trying to do too much. They think that government has gotten too bloated, too big, and too intrusive in our lives. And over 50% now say that they are worse off today than they were just one year ago. That’s an incredible turnaround. After all, we should be coming out of COVID, right? We have some ten million jobs available out there. We have an unemployment rate over 5%, and still no one wants to go back to work. Cities like Chicago are starting to consider initiating “universal income” to every citizen (as if Illinois isn’t going bankrupt fast enough?)

People are just not enthused with the way they see the government working. And that’s both parties. Both parties have over 60% of polling respondents saying that they are not happy with Democrats or Republicans. While that should give the Dems’ a little hope for next year, it’s not going to be enough to stem the tide of what could end up being one of the biggest landslides we’ve seen in 40 years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Soaking “The Rich”

Democrats are starting to realize that Joe Biden’s pipedream of a “zero cost” $3.5 trillion spending bill which would be nothing more than a wish list of money-hungry liberal types is going to lead to a huge debt for the United States. As such, Dems’ are floating an idea to soak the rich. Now, considering that more than half the people in Congress are indeed “the rich”, meaning they are millionaires, this is going to be a really interesting situation to watch.

In case you’ve missed it, the idea is to tax “unrealized gain”.

Now, by that, what it means is, say you bought $1,000 worth of stock and you haven’t sold it yet. You still own the stock, but it’s value has gone up to $2,000. You have an unrealized gain of $1,000. Congress is considering charging you a tax on that $1,000 that you haven’t yet realized. This is going to cause all sorts of problems.

First and foremost, it’s going to include a lot more Americans than just those making $400,000 per year. Tons of people have a net worth of over $1,000,000! And Congress is considering charging you that unrealized gain every single year. So, in the stock example above, if you have $1,000 in unrealized gain in 2021, you’ll be charged taxes on it. Then if the stock is worth $2,500 in 2022, you’ll be charged tax on the $1,500. That’s going to cause a firestorm in the populace!

Second, who’s to say what something is worth? When we bought our house out in the desert and moved here from Ohio, I paid the rock bottom price of $130,000. It was back right at the end of the bubble burst in real estate in the AZ. Today, this house is worth about $400,000 because of all of the people fleeing California, selling postage stamp sized houses there for $1.2 million and thinking they’re getting a deal here because we only charge $400,000 for something five times the size as what they had. So, according to the Democrats, I’m going to get charged on $270,000 because of the unrealized gain in the cost of my house every year. Does that seem fair?

Third, let’s talk about something like art. Billionaires make purchases of art for millions of dollars almost every day. And who’s to say what that art is worth until it’s sold? Are you going to trust what the IRS says? And do they even have art experts on staff that can give a fair estimate? I smell major league lawsuits on that one!

Fourth, what happens when the stock market goes down? If I’m going to be charged for an unrealized gain in the stocks I own, do I also get the unrealized loss for stocks I haven’t sold yet but have declined in value? I would think to be fair I should, right?

And I have saved the most cogent argument for last. What about the 16th Amendment? The 16th Amendment gives the federal government the right to “tax income”. Unrealized gains are not income because you haven’t sold them yet. It’s only income when you sell it and actually realize the increase in income because of selling the item. There is nothing in the law that gives Congress the right to tax some unrealized gain. I can see this one heading to the Supreme Court almost immediately.

Here’s the overall reason why this isn’t going to work. The people in Congress are going to have to pay an enormous amount of their unrealized gains, and wealth in taxes. They don’t want to do that. It’s nothing for them to pay taxes of a couple hundred thousand dollars when they’ve got millions in investments of one kind or another. The people that are best suited to fight this money grab are the people that have the most to lose…namely the billionaires. And they have the wherewithal to do it. Can you imagine the number of very involved, drawn out tax audits that are going to have to take place, and the lawsuits that follow those audits regardless what the audit finds, if you’re taking away a billionaire’s money?

In my humble opinion, this money grab could be the final death blow of the Robin Hood rob from the rich and give to the poor wealth redistribution that’s been going on in this country for decades. Only this time, it will have struck a nerve that I don’t think liberals can survive. Not even the most liberal of Democrats that has a billion dollars tucked away someplace is going to go along with it without a major fight.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Well, that’s what happened on Thursday.

The White House sent Joe “Brandon” Biden down to Congress to meet with Democrat House Members and Senators over his now scaled back version of his $3.5 trillion spending bill, along with his $1.75 trillion infrastructure bill. He was there because progressive socialists and moderate Democrats couldn’t agree on when to vote on what, and were committed that if they didn’t get their way, they would vote no on everything.

So, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had to pull the bill from being voted on for a second time. Not at all happy that the spending bill was coming before the infrastructure bill, which Pelosi had promised would be voted on together, progressives said they wouldn’t be backing either at this point in time. So, Pelosi, who only has like a four vote margin, had to pull the vote a second time.

They still don’t have confirmation that even if Pelosi does manage to get things passed in the House that the Senate will follow suit. While Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have been able to whittle the spending bill down from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, along with a $1.9 trillion tax hike (they say it’s mostly on the rich…do you believe that one?), they still are not in the “yes” category when it comes to voting. And without them, Democrats don’t have much of a chance. It has gotten so bad for Biden, he was even talking to Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) about backing him. They, at last report are firmly in the GOP camp. Murkowski is up for reelection next year and is being primaried (again), and Alaskans are pretty much fed up with her shenanigans.

So, while you would think tax and spend would suit the Democrats especially well, this year, not so much. And as Biden said, the future of the Congress, both House and Senate, as well as “my presidency” rest in the balance of this vote. Biden had asked that this be wrapped up by the time he left for his meeting with Pope Francis in Rome, and his climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. He plans to meet with Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, and French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron before heading off to Scotland. Unfortunately, I don’t think Biden’s presidency rests in the balance of passing this bill or not. I think historians will already have written him off as a has-been prior to anything that happens with building anything back better!

And I must admit, this is a rather surprising turn of events for Democrats. Typically you would have expected Nancy Pelosi to wield a heavy baton when it came to getting members in line. But as I’m personally seeing in other areas of my life where strong people have turned weak, that seems to be the case with Pelosi. She can’t seem to bring the two sides together, and the Progressive Caucus in the House has like 95 members. She can’t afford to lose them!

Meanwhile over in the Senate, Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) is displaying a lack of leadership that is incredibly incompetent. Not being able to get even two Senators to go along with his backing a presidential signature agenda item is staggering. And when that didn’t happen, he even tried to cross the aisle, something Schumer is certainly not known for. He was rebuffed with extreme prejudice on that account. Not even Mitt Romney (R-UT) would take up a conversation with him.

So, Democrats are becoming the weakest they’ve been in decades, probably in my lifetime. They have no leader in either house of Congress to bring their members together. The two sides of the faction are miles apart on what needs to be done in order to “move the country forward”. It’s so bad that Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running for the Governor’s mansion in Virginia is pleading with anyone in DC that will listen that he cannot win his race without something happening on this bill! And his campaign seems in tatters after Fox News released an email that was supposed to be sent only to staff members. It was requesting information that was, shall we say, less than flattering for the one time Virginia Governor, and the response that was sent by mistake back to Fox News as, “Is there any way we can kill this?” Not a good look for someone who should be winning the blue state’s top job hands down!

And so it continues for Democrats. One bad thing after another. They can’t walk, chew gun, or tie their shoes while standing still. And yet, they want us to believe all’s right in the White House, and they are the best suited party to run the country. Hell, they can’t even run their own party!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!