Democrats Biggest Fear

The biggest fear Democrats have at this point isn’t that Donald Trump is going to win reelection. I think they have already resigned themselves to that point, and the fact that Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick are going to be entering the race at this late date is evidence of that. There is something even more frightening that they are even more worried about.

It’s RBG.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed an oral argument session at the Supreme Court this week because she was home sick. Oh, we were told it was nothing. She was just feeling a little under the weather. Nothing to see her folks, move along.

The Democrats are worried beyond belief that she isn’t just ailing, but is deathly ill and could die before they regain the White House. The Supreme Court is already 5-4 in favor of the conservatives, and if RBG dies before a Dem can occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they realize their chances of getting hold of the Supreme Court majority die with her for the at least the next 25 or 30 years.

Now the big question in this game of “What If?” is, IF Bader Ginsburg dies, do the Republicans in the Senate treat it differently than Obama’s last term when he was not running for reelection. Remember Merrick Garland? He was appointed by Obama, but never got a confirmation hearing because Republicans said you shouldn’t get to nominate someone in an election year, BEFORE the election…let the American public decide, remember?

So, what happens if Ruthie decides to bite the big one and call it quits between now and next November? I mean, even IF Trump wins reelection, which is widely expected, you’re going to think the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh was a Sunday picnic in the park compared to what’s going to be thrown at the conservative that replaces Bader Ginsburg! They aren’t replacing a moderate with a conservative, they are replacing a rock-ribbed liberal with a conservative and the 5-4 court suddenly becomes 6-3!

But even if RBG does pass away between now and the election, and she isn’t replaced until after the election, the court becomes more conservative because you’d go a year with one less liberal on the bench. That means you’d go from a 5-4 court to a 5-3 court.

Democrats are probably more worried about this scenario than anything Donald Trump could throw at them. And all of a sudden, the big bad wolf isn’t Trump…it’s Mitch McConnell, who would make the decision to either hold the confirmation hearing now, or wait until after the election. And I’ll say this…

There’s nothing more fun to watch than Chuck Schumer with a vain popping out of the side of his head, giving a speech in the Senate!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Day One: Yawn Fest

Look, I’m sure that if Adam Schiff got every thing he wanted during the first day of the impeachment inquiry public hearings, he would have had a really big firecracker waiting for the Republicans. I mean, I would have! So what in hell happened?

It was a snooze fest from the beginning.

Did we learn anything new? No. Did we get a bombshell? No. Was it necessarily damning to Donald Trump and his presidency? No. What we got were a couple of career bureaucrats that really didn’t see or hear much of anything themselves. The only thing they could really bring to the party was, as Jim Jordon (R-OH) put it, “they talked to a guy that knew a guy that overheard a guy that thought he heard the president say…”. And that’s the way it went.

If this was the big bombshell day Adam Schiff was hoping for, it fizzled like the Mueller
Report. Now, somehow I don’t believe that this was the big day. I’m hoping that IF the Democrats really believe that Donald Trump did bad stuff, bad enough to be impeached, they would have a red hot smoking gun sitting somewhere off to the side that they’re going to explode at some point. I’m hoping this hasn’t been the Mueller Report, the insanity accusation, the Russian collusion, the other stuff that’s happened over the last three years which turned out to be a giant waste of time.

It has been.

The Democrats have hinted at the fact they really are stretching things to get to this point. I think they know they don’t have enough to do any damage to Donald Trump. So why on earth are they trying this ploy now? The only plausible answer is that they feel that if Trump wears the mantle of “impeachment” during the 2020 election, it will hurt him enough to allow one of the seven dwarfs to be elected. The fallacy of that thinking is, that’s not what happened in the past, and the seven dwarfs seem to be doing more damage to themselves than Adam Schiff is doing to Donald Trump!

Deval Patrick, the former Democrat governor of Massachusetts has decided to get into the race for the White House. He picked probably the worst news cycle in decades to make his announcement, as it came on the first day of the impeachment inquiry public TV display. But what that tells the world is, Patrick doesn’t think Joe Biden is able to pull off the win, especially in Iowa and New Hampshire, where polls show him as low as fourth, so he’s jumping into the fray, right after Michael Bloomberg announced that HE is going to most likely get in starting in Alabama.

So, the whole “hurt Trump” campaign seems to be blowing up. I say, bring the weiners and marshmallows, and we’ll all have a good time at the bonfire!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is The Ground Shaking?

You know, I’ve always said the wheels of justice grind very slowly, but oh, so fine. And this impeachment hearing in the House of Representatives is proving that adage to be true once again.

We’re told by the convicted liar, Adam Schiff, that there is “irrefutable proof” that US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland had that PROVED there was quid pro quo in that Ukrainian phone call. Oops. It comes out with the transcripts that Sondland “presumed” there was…he never was sure of it.

We heard the damning testimony against President Donald Trump from former Ukrainian ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch that was pretty damning. One interesting thing that happened during that exchange that you didn’t hear about when Democrats leaked the testimony was when she was asked if she had prior contact with Democrat staffers via email. She said she received the email, but testified under oath that she never responded to it. Oops.

It seems that Fox News’, Tucker Carlson got that batch of emails in which Yovanovitch not only responded to the emails from the Democrat staffer, but she said in an August 14th email back to the staffer that she  “would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you.”

So, once again, we’ve got Democrat operatives that are masquerading as something their not, or weren’t, that have lied to Congress about things that may or may not have happened regarding the “Ukraine call”. And, as the umpteen problems that Democrats have fished for in the past that have turned up to be absolutely nothing, it seems that as we get deeper and deeper into this mess, we’re starting to learn that the leaks from Schiff on this matter (because everything to date was done behind closed doors), wasn’t exactly true. You got the side of the story he wanted you to hear, not the truth, the whole truth, so help you God!

Here’s what I expect to happen moving forward. There will be these open hearings starting this week. There will be some repeat witnesses that were behind closed doors, including Sondland and Yovanovitch. They will make their damning remarks, and they will be grilled about their lack of factual statements under oath when they first testified. The House will forget those foibles as they prepare the articles of impeachment and they will vote to impeach Trump, because that’s what they all set out to do the day he was elected.

What will happen then is what did happen during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Robert Byrd, a Democrat, moved on the first day of the trial to dismiss the charges for lack of merit. That was defeated in the Senate and the trial continued for five weeks. I believe this will once again be the first action of the Republicans in the Senate. Since the GOP has a majority of the Senate, they will vote to dismiss the charges and there will, in essence, be no trial. It will be over, and once again, Democrats will have egg all over their face.

Make no mistake, this will indeed gin up the base for both sides. Republicans will want to oust Democrats for this wasted time when nothing of substance got done in Washington. Democrats will be more convinced that Republicans railroaded the trial. And once again, it will be the Independents that will come to the rescue. Most of them believe that there shouldn’t have been an impeachment OR a trial in the first place, so most of them will be more apt to either sit this one out, or vote to replace the Democrats who caused this mess in the first place. Either way, this isn’t going to bode well for Democrats.

My hunch is, they knew they were going to lose the election for president. What they fear today is that they could lose the House, and fall further behind in the Senate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Incrementalism At It’s Finest

The leftist snowflakes out there never cease to amaze me. They go crazy with their incrementalism. The first time I actually remember it was back in the 1960’s. They decided it was a good idea to put seat belts in cars because it would lower traffic accident deaths. Of course, it was a good idea…but they sold it to the American public by saying that it wasn’t going to be a law. They were just going to be in the car as a safety feature. We HOPE you use them, but we’re not going to MAKE you use them.

Then of course, they decided a few years later that they could give you a ticket if they pulled you over for another offense, but they couldn’t pull you over just for not wearing your seat belt. Then they changed the name to “safety belt”. And finally a few years later, they started withholding money to states that didn’t have a seatbelt, er, safety belt law in place. Now, pretty much everywhere it’s against the law to not wear a seat belt.

Well, they’re at it again. This time with Obamacare! Yes…that abortion of a healthcare bill where if you loved your doctor, you probably lost your doctor. And you never saw that $2,500 per family savings you were promised, right? There is a provision in Obamacare called “Section 1332”. It basically says that states have the right to apply for waivers to Obamacare. Twelve states have done so, and not all of them are conservative states either. Colorado, Delaware, and Rhode Island have all applied for and received waivers from the federal government not to enforce certain parts of the Obamacare law.

Because of these waivers, seven states have lowered healthcare premiums under Obamacare by 7.5% since Donald Trump took office. But now Dems want to take that ability of states to ask for waivers away. It won’t pass the Senate, and it won’t be signed by Trump, but it’s amazing that they are out there still fighting for a law that is about to be declared unconstitutional in the next nine months by the US Supreme Court!

I wonder what they’re going to do at that point? If they are too busy impeaching the president, and not doing the public’s work, aren’t they going to be too busy to tackle something so mundane as fixing a healthcare law that is unconstitutional? After all, Congress hasn’t done squat to tackle the opioid crisis. They haven’t done anything to stem the flow of illegal aliens at the southern border. They haven’t fixed the broken down immigration system. They haven’t been able to fix Medicare or Social Security since it’s inception some 80 years ago (for social security). What makes us think they can actually do anything with healthcare?

Until we get rid of liberal snowflakes with socialistic agendas that fly in the face of the Constitution, we are never going to have a Congress that is able to write and pass laws the American people need. Democrats need to be removed from office in any way possible!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here We Go Again!

Think back if you will to 2016. Donald Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate for president. Hillary Clinton was given the nod by Donna Brazile and the DNC (even though Bernie should have gotten it). And the celebrities and well know people of America lined up to tell you they were leaving the United States for good if Donald Trump got elected president.

Not one of them left.

Lena Dunham isn’t living in Vancouver as she said she would. In fact, Vancouver basically told her they didn’t want her. The singer Ne-Yo said he’d be moving to Canada. He still lives here. Chelsea Handler said she had already bought a house in Spain and was going to move there. She hasn’t. Neve Campbell, a Canadian, said she’d be returning home if Trump won. Yeah…that hasn’t happened. Singer Miley Cyrus said she was leaving the country if Trump won, adding, “I don’t say things I don’t mean.” Apparently she lied about that too!

Barbara Streisand, Amy Schumer, Raven-Symone, and Samuel L. Jackson all said they’d leave. None have. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court Justice swore she was moving to either New Zealand or Australia, I can’t remember which. I sent her an email saying I’d pay for her first class ticket on any airline she chose. Never heard back from her. And Cher and Jon Stewart didn’t think leaving the country was enough. They were going to leave “the planet”. Unfortunately, both are still here raising the carbon footprint.

And now, we’re starting to hear from the rich and famous about 2020. This time it’s James Comey! Yup. The former FBI director has said that he’s going to be moving out of the country if Trump wins the presidency in 2020 and is re-elected. Of course, as we’ve learned from the above stars, words apparently don’t mean anything unless they are perceived as being “racist”. Then all hell breaks loose. But if you ask any of the aforementioned people why they haven’t left yet, they’ll shoot you a dirty look, maybe a few choice four letter words, and storm away.

Liberals…you can’t live with them, and they never mean what they say!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No Credit?

I’m really amazed at how little credit Democrats are giving Donald Trump for his killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Let’s go back in time a little bit and compare this episode to another, shall we?

The year was 2011. May 2, 2011 to be more precise. The guy in the White House had given the orders to go in and kill Osama bin Laden where he was hiding out in Pakistan. He was widely credited with bringing down the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks! He did victory lap after victory lap. The people that went after bin Laden were heroes, and had documentaries and movies made about them.

Today, there are crickets when it comes to the death of the man that led ISIS. al-Baghdadi died like a screaming school girl. He was crying, yelling, pleading for the American soldiers that were following him into this entrapment not to kill him… then he blew himself up. That was probably one of the biggest blows in our war in the Middle East against the Islamic extremists. And yet, the credit coming from the left is non-existent. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House is said to be pissed at Trump for not inviting her to the Situation Room to watch the episode.

These guys have the audacity to think that Trump is going to treat them like equals after the way they’ve treated him? Are you kidding me? And what do you think the response would have been from the media had Republicans not said a word of congratulations to Obama and his clan after they got Osama bin Laden? Every one of them would have been called racist and demanded they resign their office.

Speaking of the media, I’m sure by now you’ve heard that the Washington Post, in it’s obituary of al-Baghdadi, called him “an austere religious scholar”. They are catching all sorts of flack for that. Let’s get one thing straight. The leader of ISIS, the guy that has been a pain in the backside of this country for so long was no scholar. He was not austere, and the only word to define him is “terrorist”. If the Washington Post thinks otherwise, maybe we ought to do something about removing them from our shores.

Democrats need to wake up. They are rapidly reaching the point where they think they are bigger than they are. I get it that they don’t like Donald Trump. Well, I didn’t like Bobo Obama, but you live through it. All of the crap that they are displaying now isn’t what you’d expect from leaders. It’s what you’d expect from a very tired two year old who missed it’s nap. And hopefully the voters out there are taking notice, and are at the very least smart enough to realize that this party isn’t the party of the poor and downtrodden anymore…they’re the party of the socialists and communists. If you think for a minute they are going to help keep America great, you really need to do some self evaluation. al-Baghdadi was a terrorist, a murderer, and is burning in hell today. We can thank Donald Trump and the brave special ops forces that were there to make sure that stain on humanity was wiped off the face of the earth forever!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why The Secrecy?

We, as a country, don’t hold many of our official proceedings in secret. Its one of the things that separate the United States from third world, tin horned dictators. We do it in the open. We air all of our dirty laundry. Or so I thought.

Maybe I was wrong.

In an effort to make sure he at least has some semblance of a case when the impeachment vote finally does hit the House floor, Adam Schiff has decided to hold all of the cursory investigation meetings of his committee in secret. You and I can’t watch. What’s really strange, and rather un-American when you think about it, the Republicans that actually belong to that committee can’t get in to see what’s happening either!

And they want to blame Donald Trump for calling this a lynching?

If both sides aren’t able to question witnesses, or even be in the court room when the trial takes place, how fair can that trial be? What judge in this world of ours would allow what’s happening to happen? But, because they haven’t voted on an “official” impeachment inquiry, there are no rules. Schiff makes them up as he goes along and can basically do whatever it is that he wants.

So, the other day, some 30 Republicans decided they’d had enough. They went to the room that the Democrats were holding these hearings in. Oh, it wasn’t a regular hearing room. It was a SCIF. That’s short for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. This is a sound-proof, uber-secure room where no cameras, or recording devices are allowed in. Typically the Congress uses a SCIF when there is a very sensitive document that they want the members to read. They have to go in one at a time, read it, and leave. Most of the time they can’t take notes, they certainly can’t record anything or take pictures or video.

So, why, if Schiff wants us to believe that all of what he’s doing is above board, is he using a SCIF to hold these hearings? If you listen to him, it’s because he doesn’t want the Republicans to be able to get their stories straight. They can’t tell the witnesses to say things to back up Donald Trump. But in the past, who on the Republican side in Congress has been found to be lying? Who on the Democrat side has found to be a convicted liar? Why…it’s Adam Schiff! So, why are we to believe his side of the story?

I believe the reason he’s being so secretive about this is because he’s tired of looking like a fool when things don’t pan out. He’s been burned so many times by so many witnesses, that he decided if the American public can’t hear the questions and answers and know what was said, they can’t call him a liar. So, he does it in secret.

What should be able to happen, if this actually does go to impeachment, and I personally think it will, is that the GOP should ask Chief Justice John Roberts, who would sit as the judge in the Senate trial, to throw out all material that was gathered in secret. It was not obtained in confidence, and should be thrown out. That, of course, ruins any chance (which I have seen put as high as 20%) that Trump would be convicted. And that’s the way it should be.

If Donald Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, he should hang. Period. If he hasn’t, he needs to be left alone. This has all the stench of a lynching, and it’s smelling more and more every day.

Carry on world, you’re dismissed!